by David Fagin

With guest stars Bryton McClure as Ricky Crawford and Telma Hopkins as Ricky's Mom.

Claire answers the doorbell at the Roman apartment; a chubby, balding late-middle-aged man with his pants up really high and his necktie inside his belt tells her he's Ned Nertz, the new landlord, and that she'd know his friends Ruthie Ricardo, that loony redheaded babysitter she hired a few weeks ago, and her husband Mickey, the band leader at the Tropicalo. Then he tells her he was giving some new tenants their key to Harry Gibbs' old apartment and he thought he'd introduce himself to everybody. Claire asks Ned what the new tenants are like; he says, "They're three brothers named Jericho...and here they are coming down the hall!" Claire says, "Andy, come quick! There's somebody here you'll be really happy to see!" Andy comes, wearing his Young Pioneers uniform, and sees Jake; he says, "Hey, Jake, it's great to see ya, what are you doing here?" Jake answers that he and his brothers just moved in across the hall; Andy joyfully exclaims, "Cool!" and they high-five each other. Jake says he can't believe Andy lives across the hall from his new apartment--what a coincidence! Andy says he's going on a campout with his Young Pioneer troop this weekend and asks if he can come along--since he's already in the Young Pioneers. Jake says he'll have to ask his big brother but he probably can. (Author's note--I had to put Ned Nertz in, I was afraid he'd send me a pair of the infamous "pants that ate Ned Nertz" if I didn't!)

In the garage a good-looking motorcycle racer in a leather jacket enters the garage and says in a French accent, "Bonjour! I am Edouard Dupree, is my motorcycle ready?" Joe says it is, and tells Edouard he's done some racing himself; he was a AAA Jr. national finalist. Edouard says, "Oh, oui, ze pee wee circus. Joe says, "Aren't you from little bitty France?" Then Edouard sees Lou in the garage and say's, "That girl, she is tre beautiful, yes? Who is she?" Joe says, "That's Lou, she's a mechanic here, and you won't get anywhere with her, buddy, she doesn't like motorcycle racers." Edouard says, "Tell me, Joe, the story of Lou. Is there amour between ze two of you?" Joe says no, there definitely isn't; so Edouard says to Lou, "Let me introduce myself, I am Edouard Dupree; I do not usually do this, but on Sunday I must go; so would you consider going out with me tonight and attending my race on Saturday?" Lou answers, "Yes, I'd love to, thank you." and they make a date. Edouard says at the race he'll be the one in the black helmet; Lou says, "To match your raven-black hair." and Eduard says, "You noticed! I am tre proud of my hair!"

Joe says he can't believe it; Lou's going out with another one of those conceited bike racers! He also can't believe he just had a conversation exactly like the one he had with Edouardo last year! Lou says, "Give him a chance--he might be different from those two Edouardos.

Later Claire remarks to Joe that Lou seems to have taken quite a shine to that French racer; Joe says he doesn't know what she sees in those European bikers--they're the most conceited guys he's ever met. Claire says, "Do I detect a note of jealousy?" Joe says, "Jealousy? No way Claire, I don't care who Lou goes out with!" Claire says she just thinks he cares more about Lou than he lets on. Joe says he doesn't need to hear any more of that and rides off on his motorcycle.

Meanwhile Matt, Kristen and Silent Jim are at Super Music looking at merchandise to buy with their $10,000 gift certificate. Super Music is having a Joey Lawrence week; Nothin' My Love Can't Fix is being played and Matt and his friends watch a cute 10-year-old boy with long jheri curls and a silver jacket dancing and lip-synching like a miniature black Joey. Kristen says the boy lives next door to her; his name is Ricky Crawford and he's always singing and dancing and wants to become a rock star. Then Johnny Jeremy and the other two members of his band The Pimples enter the store. Johnny says, "Hey, Matt, my man," and introduces his friends Viper and Skate. Matt asks Skate if he likes to skate; he says no, his last name is Skatowski. Then Johnny tries to get a date with Kristen again; he tells her the way he acted at the Tropicalo is just something he does to be cool, and he really likes her and does she think she could give him another chance? Kristen makes a date with him; they decide to make it a double date with Skate and his girlfriend Heather. After Johnny and his friends leave Matt says he doesn't know what she sees in that loser, and they seem like those wild kids she used to hang out with; besides he's always wearing that silly-looking hat! Kristen complains that Matt thinks every boy she goes out with is a loser and says Johnny seems like a nice boy, and maybe his friends aren't as wild as they seem.

Back at the Roman apartment Andy and Lloyd are getting ready for their campout. Jake comes and says his brother said he can go with Andy; Andy asks Lloyd if that would be alright; Lloyd says, "You know our motto, we're ready for anything." Andy says to Jake, "We're going to Camp Blossom and there's this cool mountain there called Mt. Whoa; it's called that because it has this rock formation and when the sunlight strikes it in the morning it makes a noise just like that guy on Blossom saying 'Whoa!'" Lloyd's wife Sheila comes with donuts for Lloyd; they hug and kiss and she says she'll miss him over the weekend; Andy and Jake say, "Yuck." Lloyd tells her to have a good time watching romance movies with Claire and Lou.

A little later Lou comes back to the garage with Edouard to pick up her jacket which she'd left there; she sees the Romans rushing to Claire's car looking very distressed, with Andy and Lloyd still in their Young Pioneer uniforms, and Lou asks what's going on. Claire tells her they just got word that Joe was in an accident riding his motorcycle and they're going to the hospital. Lou asks if Joe was seriously hurt; Claire answers that they don't know, they'll have to go to the hospital to find out. Lou tells Edouard she's sorry, she'll have to cancel their date, and she goes with the Romans and Lloyd.

At the hospital a doctor tells them that Joe had a head injury and he's in a coma, and he doesn't know when he'll regain consciousness. They wait in the lounge. Andy is crying and asks his Mom if she thinks Joe will be alright; Claire says she's sure he'll be fine. Lou tells Claire that she's beginning to realize how much she really cares about Joe, now that this has happened; maybe she was right all those times she suggested that Joe might be the right man for her.

The clock is shown at 11;00, and we see Andy sleeping with Claire's arm around him while Matt paces the floor; then the clock is shown at 2;00, and we see Andy sleeping with Matt's arm around him and Claire and Lou are getting coffee and Lloyd is sleeping and snoring. The clock is seen at 4;00 and we see Lou sleeping; she dreams that it's 50 years later ans she's an old woman with gray hair sitting by Joe's bed, still waiting for him to come out of his coma. (And Joe is still young!) Finally at 6:00 the doctor tells everyone that Joe has regained consciousness and it looks like he'll be alright, but he'll have to stay the rest of the day for observation. They're all very happy and joyfully hug each other. The doctor says they can go see Joe; they go to his room and Andy asks him how he feels; Joe says he has a really bad headache but "you know me, it takes more than a little bump on the head to put Joe Roman out of business!" Claire says they should give Joe and Lou some time alone. When they're alone Joe says, "Well, Lou, how's my bike?" Lou says, "I stayed up all night worrying about you and I told Claire I think she's right and I love you, and all you have to say is "How's my bike?" Your bike is fine, and I hope the two of you have a great relationship, you bike lover!" She leaves the room and Joe says to himself, "She said she loves me!"

Andy and Lloyd leave to pick up Jake and go to Camp Blossom for the rest of the campout. Claire, Matt and Lou are about to leave too when they see paramedics and policemen taking people to the emergency room; Kristen and Johnny Jeremy are with them. Kristen sees Matt and runs to him; he says, "Kristen, what happened?", and Kristen, crying on his shoulder, says, "Oh, Matt, it was terrible, Johnny's friend Skate drank too much and got in an accident. You remember Ricky Crawford at Super Music? He's been hurt!"

Kristen and the Romans ask the nurses about Ricky's condition; they won't tell them anything because they aren't relatives. Then they see Ricky's Mom and she tells them he has a broken arm and leg and he had a concussion but otherwise he'll be alright. They're relieved about that but Ricky's Mom says he'll be very disappointed that he won't get to meet Joey Lawrence when he appears at Super Music that day. The Kristen tells Matt he was right, she shouldn't be hanging out with Johnny and his friends--they are like the wild friends she used to have, and her life's been so much better with him and Jim for friends. Then she asks him what he and his family were doing at the hospital; he tells her Joe was in a motorcycle accident but he's alright now. Matt also asks Kristen how she'd feel if he told her he thinks he's in love with her now; she says she'd still be scared by that and they're doing so well as best friends she thinks it would be better to stay like that. Matt says he doesn't think love is something to be afraid of but he reluctantly agrees with her.

Later Saturday morning Kristen is at Super Music waiting in line to meet Joey Lawrence; when she meets him she tells him she has a little friend who is a really big fan of him, but he couldn't be here to meet him because he's in the hospital--and it would give him the thrill of his life if he'd go visit him. She gives him a paper with Ricky's name and the address of the hospital; Joey says he's really sorry to hear about that and he'll swing by the hospital after the autograph session; and he thanks Kristen for telling him about this.

That afternoon Joey Lawrence goes to the pediatric ward with his bodyguard Lou Palumbo carrying a keyboard; he asks a young nurse if he can see Ricky Crawford. The nurse looks like she's going to faint, so an older nurse shows Joey to the room and says, "Ricky, you have a visitor." Ricky is in bed with his arm in a cast and his Mom is sitting by him. He says, "Joey Lawrence! I can't believe you're here!" His Mom tells Joey that he's her son's idpl and he's always dancing and lip-synching to his music and sometimes singing it. Joey asks Ricky how he'd like a little private concert; Ricky says, "Cool!" Joey and Lou Palumbo set up the keyboard and Joey sings "Don't Lose Heart" from Prince For a Day. Then Ricky says, "That was awesome!" and Joey says he'll be back in Philly for a benefit concert in two months, and he'll be doing a song with kids as backup singers and dancers and maybe he can be in it, if he's out of his casts by then. Ricky's Mom says the casts will be off in six weeks.

The scene changes to a concert hall two months later; the Romans, Lou, Kristen and Ricky's Mom are in the audience. On stage Joey Lawrence announces that his first song will be "In These Times," and his partner will be a little buddy he met in the hospital a couple of months ago. Joey and Ricky sing and dance with a chorus of singing and dancing children (including Andy Roman). Later, after the concert, Ricky's Mom says to Joe, "You know, I just noticed that you look exactly like Joey Lawrence." Joe says he doesn't see any resemblance and he thinks he's better looking than Joey! But he says it just occurred to him that she looks exactly like Addy from Gimme a Break!