We find our trip going down I-95 South on an electra-glide motorcycle/sidecar (aka The SC 4000). Joey drove, Matt held on & Andy was in the sidecar. They were going to take a small vacation to Daytona, before starting their super summer tour @ Orlando. Sarge O'Ryan arranged to let the trio stay @ a nice hotel. Super Cool Joe & Super Cool Matt were invited to compete in The Daytona Motorcycle Police 100 Challenge.
At the hotel pool, Andy played in the water while Joey & Matt were sun bathing wearing Guts Swim Briefs. As tropical music played, 2 gorgeous babes passed by. They got up & tried to get acquainted with them.
"Wanna dance?" asked Joey & Matt.
"We wanna dance with them! They got The Super Cool look!" said the babes. The boys couldn't believe the other guys had on striped swim briefs just like their super hero outfits while Joey & Matt had solids (blue & green).
Matt tried to impress her by goin down a slide while Joey dived off the diving board. But they were all wet as the babes danced with the other hunks.

"Dissed again!" laughed Andy as Joey & Matt chased Andy all over the swimming pool.
Andy got out of the pool & toweled himself off. Then he saw the tropical band played pool side. The band consisted of 3 black teenagers. One played electric guitar, another played tambourine & marimba, the 3rd played the drums. Andy watched as the guitarist sang in a Jamaican voice.
After the song, the guitarist said,
"Looks like we have a fan, man! What's your name?"
"Andy Nicholson. Who are you?"
"We are Jamaican Paradise! I'm Jamal on guitar, Rahsaan on percussion & the youngest, Kwame on drums. Any request?"
Andy thought & said, "How about a song with Rahsaan playing a marimba solo?"
"Pay the kitty!" said Jamal pointing to the guitar case. Andy went to his swim trunks pocket & placed a wet $5 bill. Then Andy saw the band play as Rahsaan played a marimba solo. And as Jamal played a guitar solo, Andy saw Kwame playing drums. On his tom-toms, he had Super Cool Andy stickers.
After they finished, Andy went over to Kwame helping him put his drum set up.
"You got a cool set of drums!" said Andy asking, "You're hero's SC Andy?"
"Yeah, man!" said Kwame, "He's the coolest boy drummer! Like those drum soloes, cymbal crashes, snare & tympani drum rolls!"
"What about you?" he asked.
"Me, I play my bass, snare & hi-hat." said Kwame softly, "I hardly crash cymbals or play my tom-toms, just for decoration."
"Can you play like SC Andy?" he asked.
"Yeah! You wanna hear me!"
Andy & Kwame were in a hotel storage room where the instruments are kept. Kwame played a snare drum roll, crashed a cymbal & played a drum solo. Playing a tribal beat pounding the bass drum, drumming on his snare & tom-toms, crashing cymbals left & right. Just then, Jamal walked in & the drumming stopped.
"You better leave, little boy!"
When Andy left, he heard Jamal yelling @ Kwame!
"This looks like a case for SC Andy" he said. Later.
The next day @ Daytona Speedway, we find SC Joe & Matt getting registered for the Daytona Motorcycle Police 100 Challenge. 50 motorcycle cops all over the USA competed.
"I'm sorry, no super heroes allowed." said the commissioner.
"We were invited to compete to represent Metropolitan City! We're full fledged officers of the law." said SC Joe showing the badges.
"They must be kidding." said the commissioner, looking @ the entries, "Looks like you're representing Metropolitan City. Go ahead, draw a post position!"
SC Matt drew from a bowl & got position #34.
Some cops didn't like the super heroes while other cops liked having them motorcycle racing.
As the boys waxed & tuned up the SC 4000, a black motorcycle cop approached them & was surprised.
"Joe Roman, I didn't know you're in the race." shaking SC Joe's hand.
"You must be mistaken!" said SC Joe. However, SC Matt recognized him.
"You're Jamal Burton, the first motorcycle cop profiled on 'Policemen', Philadelphia's finest! Cool pleasure to meet you!"
shaking hands.
Let's flashback to Jamal's appearance on "Policemen". We find him sitting on his motorcycle, talking to the camera.
"I'm Jamal Burton, one of Philadelphia's finest." Jamal starts his motorcycle up & drives.
"Although I catch speeders, I love to patrol & fight crime. I see a drug dealer poisoning kids."
Jamal talks on the police band radio, reporting the drug dealer.
Then he speeds as the drug dealer runs. A few minutes later, he had him cornered.
Jamal battled the drug dealer placing him under arrest as a car cop took him away.
We find Jamal driving again.
"Not only am I a cop, but I also have a hobby."
Jamal plays a tympani drum roll. Then he sits down on his set of drums & plays a drum solo.
"I've been playing the drums since I was 13. Drumming relieves tension & is relaxing. In 1992, I met Mark, a fellow motorcycle cop who played the guitar in the police band. I asked him & a few other cops if we could start a band? So they agreed & we became The Biker Dudes. We go around schools, performing to kids singing about being drug free, cops are friends, positive influential tunes."
Jamal's band plays as Jamal raps & plays drums.
"I like to rap & play the drums. Over the years, I've got new members for The Biker Dudes. I encouraged a cop to stop smoking just to join the band & play the vibes. The best thing that happened to The Biker Dudes was when a dude dressed in a super hero outfit, driving his bike on I-287 taking his birthday brother for a ride. I gave him community service & was known as Super Cool Joe!"
"Hold it!" said SC Joe, "I'm that same SC Joe. Don't confuse the fanfic readers."
"I dig." said Jamal, "Joey Lawrence was Joe Roman who dressed as SC Joe. Larry spun-off the SC Joe character to have him team up with SC Matt & SC Andy, The SC Bros. Joey Lawrence likes playing the role of SC Joe because his character's a role model. I love all your adventures, except for one thing."
"Our music." they guessed.
"No. It would've been cool if SC Matt married SC Bethany.
Would've made a fine female heroine/singer/bass guitarist. Good luck, SC Joe & Matt."
Meanwhile, back @ the hotel storage, Kwame sneaked over to his drum set & played a drum solo. Again, Jamal got ticked off as he grabbed his brother by the shirt collar saying,
"No drum solos! You let that sissy pink super hero brainwash you!"
"Sissy!" said a voiced coming from behind the boxes, "My outfit's red, not pink!"
"SC Andy!" exclaimed Kwame as Jamal let go of him & approached him saying,
"Well, man! If it isn't the boy super hero. I'll teach you to brainwash my little brother. Let's take off your shades!"
Now SC Andy would talk, before fighting. In this case, taking off the shades would mean revealing his secret identity. So our boy super hero used his karate on Jamal. Kwame couldn't take it anymore.
"Stop it!" he yelled, "Keep the peace! No violence!"
"He's right!" said SC Andy, "What's with you Jamal?"
Jamal confessed, "Kwame doesn't look up to me anymore since you came along. In fact, his drumming's got better. But there's no room in tropical music for a drum solo."
"You never told me you liked my drumming." said Kwame as they shook hands.
"You know what makes our band successful? Equality! SC Joe, Matt & I either sing in unison or take turns lead singing on a song. SC Joe & Matt each get to guitar solo & I play my drum solo. Sometimes, I would roll on my tympani. Maybe Jamaican Paradise could follow our formula for success." reasoned SC Andy.
At pool side, Rahsaan played a marimba solo, then Jamal played a guitar solo & for the first time in public, Kwame palyed a cool drum solo. Afterwards, Kwame went to SC Andy saying,
"Don't mention it. We drummers stick together."
The day of the race arrived. SC Andy watched from the pit area seeing 49 motorcycle cops & the SC 4000 on the track. The motorcycle race lasted 100 laps. SC Matt drove & SC Joe sat in the sidecar.
"Officers & super heroes, start your engines!"
The motorcycles were revved & the green light came on. The 50 motorcycles zoomed along the track. SC Joe cheered his brother driving ability as SC Matt drove hard.
On the 50th lap, SC Matt pulled over to the empty pit area. Why?
The boys switched places. SC Matt was in the sidecar, SC Joe driving to catch up.
In the 99th lap, they were in 4th place. SC Joe pushed his adrenaline to the limit. They passed a Chicago cop, then a Houston cop. But they couldn't catch the leader. Philadelphia's Jamal Burton won the Daytona Motorcycle Police 100 Challenge!
Jamal won a big trophy & $50,000, SC Joe & Matt won a small trophy & $20,000.
"Looks like I did a better job than you!" bragged SC Joe.
"I have driving talent too!" whined SC Matt.
As they usually argued, SC Andy got on, pushed the buttons to get the foot rest & handlebars to his reach & revved up the SC 4000!
"Stop quarreling!" he shouted, "We got to go to Disney World!"
SC Andy drove while SC Joe held on & SC Matt sat in the sidecar going down I-4 West.
Meanwhile @ a concert stage in Disney World, Kevin Matthews played his final song on the vibes as "Boy Conquers America" fans cheered!
Then it took 10 minutes for stage hands to set up for our heroes.
Then, SC Andy raced on stage playing a tympani drum roll. Fans screamed as SC Joe & Matt raced on stage, strapping their electric guitars.
"Hello Disney World!" yelled SC Joe, "Hope you enjoy our concert!"
SC Andy played his drums while SC Joe & Matt played electric guitars. They opened the show with their theme song.
"We're The Super Cool Brothers, were from the hood.
We drive our motorcycles fighting crime for good.
Why are we super & cool as can be?
cause drug free's the way to be!"
SC Joe played guitar solo #1, SC Matt did guitar solo #2 & SC Andy played a drum solo. Fans screamed & cheered when it was done.
An hour later, Mickey Mouse appeared on stage palling around with SC Joe, shook hands with SC Matt & SC Andy.
"Hi everybody!" exclaimed Mickey, "The gang & I want you to know that we like your message driven songs The Super Cool Brothers sing & play. Even Minnie has a crush on SC Joe!"
SC Joe blushed.
"Just kidding!" laughing, "Before you go to Boston, take a few days to visit Walt Disney World on us!"
Of course, they took that offer as their secret identities. As I said in my BL Christmas story, you readers have good imaginations.
Picture their vacation adventure, I must close this fanfic!