Most game shows are remembered for their theme music (IE Jeopardy!) Here are some of my favorite game show music heard.

THE MATCH GAME (NBC 1962-69 Only) German composer Bert Kaempfert wrote "A Swingin' Safari" which was the original Match Game tune. Bert made a recording of it & Billy Vaughn made it a hit. Bill Justis also covered the song on the "Alley Cat/Green Onions" album.

NOW YOU SEE IT (CBS 1974-75/1989) On both versions (Jack Narz/Chuck Henry), "Chunp Change" was used. This song was co-written by Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby (YES YOU READ RIGHT!). Quincy's famous for many TV & movie compositions including Sanford & Son (The Streetbeater).

LET'S MAKE A DEAL (Synd 1980-81 Only) After a 13 years network run, the series went syndicated & moved to Vancouver, British Columbia.

One of the Big Deal music cues used during the run was "Sexy", recorded by MFSB (Mother Father Sister Brother). The same band that also did TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia; aka Soul Train).

TIC TAC DOUGH (Synd 1990-91 Only) Even though this version was a turkey with a rappin dragon & rappin dragon slayer, the theme music & cues were written by Henry Mancini. Mancini's famous for movie soundtracks (Breakfast @ Tiffany's, The Pink Panther) & TV themes (Peter Gunn, Newhart).

THE DATING GAME (ABC 1965-73) Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass provided all the themes for these cues.

"Whipped Cream": When Jim Lange introduced the lovely young lady about to question the 3 bachelors.

"Spanish Flea": When Jim Lange introduced the handome young man about to quiz the 3 backelorettes (which rarely happened). (GAME SHOW WITCH: Tee hee hee!)

"Lollipops & Roses": When Jim introduced the date the contestant choosed.

The next section deals with game show composers.

BOB COBERT He wrote the 80's Pyramid theme, the second Password theme (1963-67), Go, Chain Reaction. Also wrote the theme to the gothic soap, Dark Shadows & the mini-series, The Winds of War.

Some of his music was heard on two different shows. The one on the left is what it's first used on.

Personality/3 On A Match
Blankety Blanks/Double Talk
Shoot For The Stars/Jackpot (USA/Synd)

EDD KALEHOFF 1986 Nick Double Dare/CBS Card Sharks

Other works of Edd; Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour (This theme's also used as a TPIR NEW CAR Cue & was formerly the Superball theme). Finders Keepers Make The Grade

The Bean Stalker; A NEW CAR! (TPIR) It was also used in 1983 on an NBC Sports promo for The Arlington Million (horse racing).

ALAN THICKE Dr. Jason Seaver (Growing Pains) writes tv songs (Diff'rent Strokes/Facts of Life). Here's his game show works.

Wizard of Odds & Animal Crack-Ups (not only wrote the music, but sung the lyrics). Wheel of Fortune (1975-83) Stumpers! The Diamond Head Game WHEW!


Tommy Oliver (NO! Not the character Jason David Frank played on Power Rangers, but the bandleader for Name That Tune & Face The Music)

Milton DeLugg (The Gong Show/$1.98 Beauty Show)

Rockapella (Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?)

Lisa Donovan (Face The Music's singer)

NAME THAT TUNE SINGERS Monica Brown Steve March ($64,000 Question's host is father Hal) Kathie Lee Johnson (Gifford)