Forgive me for sounding like Mr. Rogers, but now it's time for some Make Believe! (Trolley dings) NOW CUT THAT OUT!

Here's my idea of a game show lineup & how I would change some games as I'm the President of QBC (Quality Broadcasting Company). All times are in Texas time (Central).

DAYTIME (MONDAY-FRIDAY) 7:00-9:00; America's Wake Up Call (not a game, but a morning show IE GMA, Today)

9:00-9:30; SPIN-OFF (Al Michaels) I always liked this 1975 bomb because it resembled Yahtzee. This version would use the Blockbusters idea of pitting a single contestant vs a family pair. Payouts would remain the same with $400 needed for a win. Super Spin-Off would offer $20,000 for a BIG STRAIGHT ($50,000 if done on 1 try). Contestants stay on until defeated, won 5 games or $100,000. Al Michaels would make a perfect host because of his Olympic hockey call (Do you believe in miracles? YES!)

9:30-10:00 CARD SHARKS (Bob Eubanks) Keep the CBS format by having 10 people poll & educated guesses as well as the Jokers round. Contestants stays up to 7 matches (ala NBC's Perry version).

10:00-10:30 THE PRICE IS RIGHT (Bob Barker) No changes needed EXCEPT; Offer a $100,000 Bonus if the SAME contestant gets a BI-SLAM, $1,000,000 for a GRAND SLAM! (Go to the Classics section to understand that rule). Along with that famous siren, add Curly's woo woos & scream of Moe, Larry, The Cheese!

11:00-11:30: CLASSIC CONCENTRATION (Alex Trebek) Keep the 2/3 match to try to win the car. Have a progressive WILD CARD jackpot ($5,000 + $250) for the player who finds 2 Wild Cards. Finding all 3 pays TRIPLE & muse solve the puzzle to claim the jackpot.

11:30-12:00: Local News

12:00-12:30: THE JOKER'S WILD (Peter Tomarken) Have the 70's rules back with double the value (100-200-400; Mystery Category doubled) with $1,000 needed for the win. The Devil round needs $2,500 to win. If the devil is hit, a cartoon's played to torment the player (ala Press Your Luck). If someone wins the Devil or wins 5 games for a car, (forgive me Senor Wood), the "Goofy Win" theme's played with 4 Russian dancers kicking their legs & shouting "HEY!"

12:30-1:00; LET'S MAKE A DEAL (Monty Hall) Some shows would have the Super Deal, others would have Door #4, NEVER BOTH! "Sexy" would be used as one of teh Big Deal cues & the ZONK theme would be the duck call followed by wah-wah-wah-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

1:00-2:00; THE TREASURE HUNT/JUST MEN! HOUR (Geoff Edwards; TH/Jane Kaczmarek; JM) In military time, 1:00 = 13:00. So it's "The Bewitching Hour" for The Game Show Witch (CACKLING!).

TH: 70's play with 30 boxes & flat grand prize check for $25,000. $25,000 winner would automatically play Just Men!

If JM has a returning champion, the two TH winners (except for $25K win) have a final pop-up surprise box to see which lady plays JM!

If JM doesn't have a returning champion, both TH winners play JM & the woman with the most wealth would sit in the champion's chair.

If BOTH ladies win $25,000, the returning JM champ sits out that episode & both ladies will go for the $1,000,000 QUEST!

JM: 9 celebrities, not 7! Women would still win keys like always but in 3 different rounds. Round 1: Loaded question. Round 2: Stunt. Round 3: General Questions (women guess true or false). The woman with the most keys wins & starts the car.

If the $25,000 Treasure Hunt winner earns all 9 keys on JM, she only picks ONE KEY! If the key starts the car, she wins $25,000 + a Car & $1,000,000!

2:00-3:00; Days With Our Wives (SOAP) Roles are reversed on QBC, all games, one soap!

3:00-4:00; Local programming (QBC needs a rest)

4:00-4:30; JEOPARDY (Alex Trebek) No changes necessary.

4:30-5:00; BREAK THE BANK (Vicki Lawrence) Same play as Tom Kennedy version with returning champion. Players who missed a question would give that box to their opponent unless that would give them the game by default. Bank starts @ $10,000 + $500 up to $40,000. $100/$200/$300 boxes are replaced by $250/$500/$750.

5:00-6:30; Local/QBC News

6:30-7:00; WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Pat Sajak & Vanna White) Returning champions would be back with a 3 day limit. Special events would run the same with a Friday Finals.


In prime time, games would be on during the "Family Hour" (7:00-8:00 PM) 3/7 days. Here's my ideas.

MONDAY TWENTY ONE (Bob Costas) Would've been better than Maury Povich. Eliminate the $25,000 first win & have this new stepladder. ($50,000/$100,000/$150,000/ $250,000/$500,000/$750,000/ $1,000,000).

WEDNESDAY GREED (Chuck Woolery) Bring back the Progressive Jackpot, the Qualifying Question & have Super Greed for $4,000,000 every sweeps month.

FRIDAY MUSICAL SHOWDOWN (Brian Austin Green) First game show for musicians where contestants have to play instruments (singing optional). Four categories; Rock & Pop/Country/Jazz/Potpourri IE: Jazz pits a guitarist vs a vibist.


By law of the FCC, network/local stations must air 3 hours of programming that are educational & informative (The E/I Rule). QBC would oblige

9:00-10:00; The Super Cool Brothers The hit fanfic series becones a cartoon starring the voices of Joseph, Matthew & Andrew Lawrence.

10:00-10:30; WHEEL 2000 (Tanika Ray with Cyber David) Roles are reversed in this version with Tanika (Cyber Lucy) hosting! Game's played the same except the big winner would get 10% of the points converted into cash (10,000 points = $1,000).

10:30-11:00; JEP! (Will Friedle) Points earned by winner would be 10% in cash as well.

11:00-12:00: GO TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS (Josh Byrne) Based on the Milton Bradley board game, 4 kids would compete for $10,000 ($5,000 + $5,000 College fund) by going from desk 1-100. The game would include the Luck & Examination cards that can have a kid move up 12 spaces, skipping a grade. There are 8 categories; English, Math, History, Science, Sports, Geography, Music & Wild Card. In music category, Josh would get to play the guitar & sing (cool!). Josh WHO? The misfit Brendan Lambert from Step By Step! He got bumped for no reason @ all, he deserves another chance hosting this kids game.


12:30-1:00; PRO-FAN (Ahmad Rashad) The Game Show Witch would throw a fit because this games for male contestants only! The game would be played like the 1977 version except scoring would be 10X the value. And the bonus stunt would be the $25,000 Grand Slam. To read about this show, click the 70's section. Ahmad Rashad made a great host during his Caesar's Challenge stint.

1:30-3:00; THE BOWLING SHOOT-OUT (Marshall Holman) Bowling returns to free-tv! This was bowling's answer to the Skins Game which was annualy held from 1988-90 on NBC's Sports World. 4 bowlers (3 pros & an amatuer) compete. To win a frame, you must be the only bowler to strike (or spare; like Brian Voss once did) on that frame. If two bowlers strike, the money's carried over to the next frame. Each frame has a value (1-$2,000/2; $3,000/3-6; $5,000   7; $10,000/8; $15,000/9; $25,000 10; $75,000) The bowler with the most strikes also wins a new car. Any ties after the 10th frame, a 1 ball roll-off's necessary.

This series would air from January-April just like ABC's Professional Bowlers Tour did. (DING-DING! Trolly approaching),

Well boys & girls, that was Make Believe. Like Mr McFeely would say, "Have a Speedy Delivery!"