1st Christmas

by Larry J. Hall

It's a cold December and Christmas was a few weeks away. In the sewer hideout, we find the Turtles decorating the Christmas tree. Every turtle pitched in, except Leonardo. Leo was busy playing Christmas music on the chimes & vibraphone.

"I love Christmas!" exclaimed Leo, "Christmas bells are totally awesome!" Leo grabbed two chime hammers & played a chimes solo he wrote.

"This is very exciting," said Venus decorating, "My 1st Christmas in America. When do we hide the eggs & shoot the fireworks?"

They all groaned.

"OK!" said Leo, "I like to dedicate this next tune to Raphael."

Leo grabbed a pair of mallets & played the vibes. He played soft chord progressions as he sings "White Christmas."

"He's got a good voice!" said Michaelangelo decorating.

"Show-off!" complained Raphael, "I'm the jazz freak!"

Leo stopped singing & started playing a vibraphone solo. When Leo jammed, Raph tapped his foot to the music.

"Raph likes Leo's music!" teased Donatello as Raph punched him.

Just then, his best friend/guitarist, Alan Campbell arrived.

"Merry Christmas, Turtles!" he said, "Cool vibes music, Leo."

"Thanks." as he stops playing.

"Gang!" said Don, "We're ready to light the tree. Here's the switch, Venus. Mikey, snare drum."

Mikey played a snare drum roll as Venus flicked the switch. The Christmas tree looked lovely.

"Awesome!" they all said.

"Hey Raph!" Alan said, "There's a cool place where average musicians can rent a recording studio & make a CD. Maybe you & I could cut a CD with our electric guitar music."

"How much does this cost?"

"$500-$2,000." said Alan, "Nothing a Star 5 ticket couldn't handle."

"You play the lottery?" asked Mikey as Alan nodded, showing his ticket.

Alan turned on the Channel 3 News. When they saw April O'Neill doing the news, the 4 turtles flexed their muscles to the tv. Venus groaned. When it went to commercial, the Star 5 drawing was held.

"You don't stand a chance, even with 35 numbers." dissed Raph as the announcer said, "Welcome to the New York state lottery game, Star 5. Tonight's Star 5 jackpot's $146,345. Here are tonight's winning numbers. The 1st Star 5 number's 13, the next, 18, the next, 4, the next, 12 & our final Star 5 number's 22. Those numbers again are 13-18-4-12-22! Good luck from the New York Lottery!"

"I won!" exclaimed Alan, jumping up & down like a game show contestant & hugged each Turtle.

"How did you come up with those numbers?" asked Venus.

When Alan calmed down, he said, "I used the alphabet-number code & took each Turtle's name; 4-Donny, 12-Leo, 13-Mikey, 22-Venus & 18 for my guitar friend, Raph!"

Mikey had an unplugged microphone in his hand, put his arm around Alan & said, "Alan Campbell, you just won the lottery! What are you going to do next?"

"We're cutting an album!" exclaimed Alan.

The next day, Raph followed Alan around on his motorcycle when he went to collect his winnings. After taxes, Alan still had $90,210 left. He thought about going to Beverly Hills, but didn't because of this bad pun. So he opened a bank account.

When Alan headed to the music studio, he was jumped by two thugs who kidnapped him. Raph knew it was Silver's thugs. So he raced on his motorcycle to catch up to the van they were driving. When he caught up, the van rammed his motorcycle off & it was totaled. Raph was ticked off!

When Raph came home, he went to the punching bag & gruffed, "Man, I'm not a bodyguard! Alan got kidnapped by that overgown monkey's thugs! They broke & destroyed my motorcycle!" punching the crap out of his bag, "Let's rescue my friend, Turtles!"

The Turtles went to their jeep. Raph had a water ski attachment & tied it to the jeep. Then he grabbed his skateboard, got on & held on to the bar as Mikey drove the jeep. Raph thought it was a cool ride!

"Just like 'Back to The Future'." said Mikey, seeing Raph on the skateboard.

Meanwhile, Silver was holding Alan hostage at his hideout.

"What do you want from me, greasy monkey?" he asked.

"Since that guitar playing mutant freak & his team are your friends, they are going to see you transformed from a human to a gorilla!" explained Silver, "With an army of gorillas, I'll take over the world!"

"That's another show with the 2 mice!" said Mikey as the Turtles arrived. Silver pointed a big needle at Alan until Raph kicked the needle away from Silver. The Turtles started fighting the gang as Alan escaped. But Venus gave him a plan.

Minutes later as the battle continued, another gorilla entered. The Turtles figured that Alan had turned into a gorilla. He turned to Silver saying, "Ooh-ohh-ohh! Cool serum! Now I'm the strongest gorilla! You don't mess with my friends!"

The gorilla with Alan's voice picked up Silver & threw him into a pile of boxes.

"Back to the monkey brain!" moaned Silver.

The Turtles were outa there as the gorilla followed them home.

Back home, Donatello tried to make an antedote to return Alan back to normal. The gorilla forced Raph to fight him.

"I don't want to fight you Alan." said Raph. But the gorilla pushed Raph around. So they had a boxing fight, turtle vs. gorilla. Raph & the gorilla exchanged blows. But Raph's pride was hurt when the gorilla lifted him! When he put him down, the gorilla took off his mask. Alan was in a gorilla suit.

"You made a monkey out of me!" yelled Raph knocking Alan out.

"Raph, it was my plan!" Venus said, "I had Alan put a gorilla suit on & gave him a dose of my super strength drink so he could fool & beat Silver."

"Raph," Alan said taking off the monkey suit, "I meant no harm. But I wanted to fight you for my super strength. Now my powers are gone."

"Never misuse powers." said Splinter, "Everyone has a gift. Leonardo leads, Venus uses her magic, Donatello knows computers, Michaelangelo partys, Raphael's strong & you Alan, have music."

"You don't have to have super powers to be cool." said Raph, "You and I are equally good guitarists, but you have a better singing voice. You wanna make that CD?"

"Cool!" said Alan shaking his hand, "How about if all of us do it together!" and they all agreed.

The next day, Alan drove a rented moving truck loaded with their musical instruments going to the studio. As the Turtles unloaded their equipment, Raph & Alan went to the office. They were shocked that in a few days, the studio would go out of business.

"Can I still record my CD?" asked Alan to the owner.

"Yeah, if you can do it quick! We're behind on rent and bills, so were forced to go out of business." explained the owner.

"Will this help?" asked Alan opening his briefcase full of money, "I got $10,000 to spend. I want your biggest studio, photo session & 50 copies of our CD!"

The owner was delighted, he took the out of business signs. "Kid, do you live on 34th St.?"

"No, 43rd."

"Then I got a 'Miracle on 43rd St.!"

Alan filled out a form & then got his studio. The owner was surprised to the the other Turtles setting up equipment.

"Who are the guys in Ninja Turtle costumes?" asked the owner.

"That's my band, Alan Campbell & The Ninja Turtles. My friends wear the outfits when playing music." explained Alan, "Meet Don on bass, Leo on vibes, Venus on keys, Mikey on drums/timpani. Raph & I play electric guitars & we all sing."

So for 7 hours, Alan & the Turtles recorded 12 songs (rock, hip hop & jazz) for the album. Each member took turns being the lead singer, Alan & Raph sang one song together, the gang sang in unison on one song. Then they did 4 instrumentals, one song with everyone soloing, another featuring Leo on the vibes, another having Mikey play a timpani solo & the last song had Alan and Raph dueling it out on their electric guitars.

Then they had a photo session. They took a group pic, followed by each member playing their respective instrument (Mikey posed with his timpani).

Christmas Eve came & the Turtles were relaxing. Then they heard a noise in the sewer. It was Santa Alan Claus!

"Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas Turtles! Have you been good Turtles?" he asked.

"We have Santa. But Raph's a so-so." said Mikey.MO< "I know it's you, Alan!" said Raph taking off his beard & cap.

Then Alan handed the new CD to each Turtle. They were impressed. Alan kept the remaining copies.

"Santa's got a few more surprises." said Alan as he left. Then he told the Turtles to close their eyes.

"Hi, Turtles." said a female voice. They were surprised that April O'Neill visited them. April was impressed that Venus joined them. The Turtles impressed April showing their biceps. Alan gave her a CD.

"Gotta go, cool cameo!" she said.

Alan handed presents to the Turtles. Leo got 10 pairs of vibraphone mallets & polish to polish his metal bars with. Don got a new computer game. Venus got a China doll. Mikey got a pizza maker.

"Cool! The same one I saw featured on The Prize Is Priced." said Mikey.

Then Alan took Raph to where the vehicles were. Raph was surprised & flabbergasted seeing a new motorcycle.

"I always wanted a ninja-styled bike! Thanks, Alan!"

"I'm handling my lottery winnings responibly!" said Alan.

The motorcycle was pine green & had Raphael's name on the side.

"Let's go for a ride!" said Raph. "Come back for Christmas dinner, spaghetti with all the trimmings!" said Mikey.

Alan & Raph grabbed helmets & rode behind Raph driving his new motorcycle. Raph was impressed with the speed and engine sound. An hour later, he let Alan drive for a while headed for home.