Our story picks up @ the sewer as The Ninja Turtles go through a workout together. Every Turtle lifted weights to their own beat. Venus liked pumping iron to classical music on the radio, Michaelengelo & Donatello pumped to Leonardo's vibraphone playing, Leo pumped to Mikey's tympani music & Raphael pumped to his electric guitar music.

When Raph got through, he turned on the radio & was surprised to hear his own electric guitar music on the radio. It was off the CD they made. When Alan entered to visit his friend, Raph got after him.

"Who authorized you to put our music on the radio?" gruffed Raph.

"I didn't do it." said Alan, "The only copies I gave was to each Turtle &..."


It was April O'Neill.

"You put us on the radio?" asked Raph.

"I think you Turtles ought to go on tour again." said April.

"Been there, done that." said Mikey.

"Raph," Alan asked, "Haven't you ever thought of going out on your own & get away from the Turtles?"

"Yeah!" said Raph.

"This is your big chance!" exclaimed Alan, "You & I are best friends that we could play the guitar together. We'll be the first human/mutant musical team."

"But I'm afraid that laboratory doctors will examine me & have me under glass." explained Raph, "You're much better as a solo anyway."

"No!" said Alan, "I won't jam without you! You're my friend. What do you say, leave the Ninja Turtles & become a cool jazz guitarist like me?"

Raph shook Alan's hand.

So The Ninja Turtles were 4 again as Raph left his mutant friends to jam with his human friend, Alan Campbell. Their music got famous, they formed their own jazz band. They're the coolest friends playing electric guitar.