The SCB In Scents of A Horse

Joe Roman & The White Angels at the Superbowl

Bart Smith in Showtime at Mowtown

Vermont Valentine

S.C. Joe & S.C. Matt in Sunrise Strip

Joe Roman & The White Angels at the U.S. Music Awards

The SCB In; Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

The SCB In Guitar Teen

Eric Hunter's Big Break

SCB in Back @ The Ranch (Part 2)

The Sanders (Ben & Fred); Seduction Island

Cody Mitchell's Amazing Orlando Adventure

Eric Hunter's Acting Debut in a TV-Movie

JR & TWA in Twist of Fate

JR & TWA @ The Quahog Jazz Fest
(Guest Starring the Family Guy Gang)

Scott Roman: Into the Future

JR & TWA In Rose Bowl Reunion

JR & TWA In Meet Your Idol

The SCB in Bowl 'em Over

The 100th fanfic

SCB: Escape to Vampire Island
co-written by Diana-Michelle Valverde & Larry J. Hall

Baby Puppy Matty

JR & TWA Thanksgiving

Matty's Christmas or Santa Dog