Joe Roman & The White Angels Hit It Big!

Pacific recording star Ray Walters had The White Angels work in a recording studio to cut their 1st national CD. Ray also made some changes. Ralph got a pair of keyboards so he could stand as he played, but also liked his organ. "What's the big idea?" asked Ben when he saw some congas next to his vibes & a tambourine on top of Fred's marimba. "Vibes & marimba stink in a pop band!" said Ray, "You boys are playing those instruments & only one song on marimba & vibes." "Ray," Fred said, "Ben & I write our own arrangements & soloes. We really work hard on our instruments so we can play full time." "Fine!" said Ray in disgust, "You want music critics compare you as another Tijuana Brass, play those bells." "I may not be Herb Alpert," Frank interrupted, "Ben & Fred are very gifted on their instruments." Eric was shocked when he saw that Ray got him a bigger set of drums with roto-toms, more crash cymbals & two bass drums. One bass drum head had written "ERIC HUNTER; THE WHITE ANGELS". The other head had a pic of Eric playing tympani. Then Eric saw two new white tympanis, he played a fanfare/drum roll saying, "Cool gift, Ray!" For hours, the band worked on their album playing songs they wrote. Each band member got to sing & solo. During one song, Frank & Victoria were going to sing, but Victoria was shy. "Frank, I won't sing." "Why?" "You guys got great voices. I'd rather play a trumpet duet." "Vicki, you're a part of this band. Each member plays & sings. Vicki walked out in disgust. Frank wanted to follow her, but Jason told him he'll talk to her. Jason caught up to Vicki near the elevator hall. "Vicki," said Jason, "Look, when I was in the band, Frank expected me to sing as well. But I can't sing good, so I sing bass to keep Frank happy & my job." Jason sings a song with his bass voice. "I'd rather rap than sing." said Jason, "Frank thinks you're a bodacious babe who plays trumpet. Please come back to the studio." "I'll do if for him." she sighed, "Thanks Jason." So Vicki came back & the band did the song featuring Frank & Vicki on trumpet & vocals. She had a good singing voice. When they were through recording, Ray talked to the band. "Dudes, your 1st album's gonna be out in a few weeks. But we need some photos for the CD pamphlet. Put on your formal wear, we got a photo session." The band wore their white tuxedoes (Vicki had a ladies tux with women's shoes) in the photo session. Each band member posed with their instruments. Dual pics had Frank & Vicki with their trumpets, Bart & Joe on guitars. Others were individual pics of Bart, Jason, Ralph, Ben, Fred & Eric (who posed with his snare drum & tympani). After the session, Vicki told Frank, "I like to hang out with the band, but I have to go back to college to finish my senior term." "I understand." said Frank. "No I don't," interrupted Ray, "You're either in or out of the band. There has to be 9 White Angels, not 8!" "Fine! I quit the band!" exclaimed Victoria walking out. Frank was angry @ Ray. "You may want Ben & Fred to quit playing vibes & marimba, but you don't mess with my girl! She wants a college education to fall back on in case this band's a flop! She'll be back after graduation & you can't accept that, fine!" Ray wanted to tear up their contract, but changed his mind. At the Roman apartment, Joe was watching Scott playing guitar scales by note. Scott's playing was improving. Then he tried to teach him barred chords. However, Scott had little hands for a 7 year old boy. The notes were muffled when he strummed. "I can't do it, Daddy!" "Scott Roman, you'll learn this even if it kills you!" said Joe, "There's more to the guitar than basic chords. If you want to play like Ray Walters or me, it takes practice!" Scott unstrapped his baby electric guitar as he ran to his bedroom. Joe chased after him & Lou got in his way. "Joe Roman, let the kid be!" shouted Lou, "Scott's not ready for that & you're pushing him. Maybe he's not a prodigy. You always made guitar lessons fun & now you're threatening him." "He's gotta grow up!" said Joe. Just then the doorbell rang as Joe answered the door. It was his manager, Ray Walters. Lou was surprised, "You're Ray Walters of Florida Beach 35410! What are you doing here?" "I'm managing your husband's band." said Ray as he entered with his guitar case. Lou came to Ray as she kissed him. Then she told Ray about Scott's problem. "Ray didn't come here to listen about our untalented kid." said Joe, "He can't play barred chords." Ray opened his guitar case & got something out. Then he went to Scott's bedroom. "Go away Daddy!" said Scott crying. "Scott," he said, "I'm a friend of Joe's." Scott opened the door & was surprised to see Ray Walters. Ray sat down & gave Scott a handball. "Scott," said Ray, "If you want to develop a hand for barred chords, squeeze this ball for 5 minutes a day on your left hand. You'll have a stronger & nimbled hand to play barred chords. My teacher told me to do that same exercise when I was 9." Scott started squeezing the handball as Joe looked on. "Can you forgive me Scott?" asked Joe, "I'm sorry I yelled @ you. Daddy's got a lot on his mind." Scott hugged Joe & thanked Ray for the tip. After dinner, Joe & Ray jammed out. Ray played a black hollowed-bodied electric guitar. Ray sang his hit songs as Lou, Liz & Scott watched. Lou loved it. Ray noticed that Joe's wearing red sneakers tapping his foot. "Cool sneakers." said Ray asking, "Why do you have a 5:00 shadow beard?" "Frank likes it & makes me look cool. He calls me a rebel." "Lose the white shoes & wear the red sneakers." said Ray, "You're the band's star rebel. Speaking of which, I'm sending the band to New York City to appear on Authur McRyan." "Not that late night loser show." groaned Lou. "His show always has a new music band of the week." explained Ray, "And this will start their popularity before being on Keno or Numberman. The show's next Wednesday." Back @ Philadelphia University (or PU), we find Victoria & her roommates, Stephanie & Danielle @ the library. Victoria's wrapping up her studies. "Vicki, wanna go grab a pizza?" asked Stephanie. "Sure, where's Danielle?" asked Vicki. "Where else?" The girls found Danielle on a computer. She was surfing the Guts website printing pics of The White Angels in their swim wear playing instruments. "These guys are hot!" she said drooling. "And they're all married." said Stephanie, "Except him." She clicked on Fred's pic. "The marimba player? What a hottie!" "Frank's not married either." said Victoria. "Come on Vicki, he loves you! You & him play trumpet & sing, he's got you on their upcoming album." explained Stephanie. When the girls drove over to the pizza parlour, Victoria was excited to hear a White Angels tune on the radio. The other band members heard it & was excited as well. That Wednesday, the band arrived in New York City to appear on Arthur McRyan on QBC. While having sound check & rehearsal, Ben couldn't believe his eyes. Guest Fred Savage was watching the band practice. "You guys sound great!" said Fred Savage. Then he went to the percussion & met his lookalike, Ben Sanders. "Fred Savage!" said Ben asking, "Wanna play my vibes?" "I can't play vibes." said Fred, "But I'll watch you." "Please let me teach you." asked Ben as he handed some mallets to Fred Savage. Ben taught him chord progressions. Fred played two notes in rhythm while Ben played a solo. "Awesome!" said Fred Savage. "Hit it!" said Ben as he stopped. So he watched Fred Savage mess on the vibes playing a solo. Then when he was done, Ben slapped hands with Fred. "Don't tell anyone I can play." said Fred Savage, "It will ruin my image." Then to his dismay, he met Fred Sanders. "Ben Savage?" "No, this is my cousin & marimba player, Fred Sanders." Fred Savage fainted over confusion! That evening, QBC taped Arthur McRyan, a Scottish comic. Other than the owned major network affiliates, few QBC affiliates aired his show @ his natural time (11:35 CST) like Fargo, North Dakota & Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Some QBC affiliates aired his show later or much later (from 12:05 am to 2:10 am), San Antonio, Texas & Bangor, Maine, for example. Houston & Dallas passed on the series, the Interstate 45 Curse! "Shut up, we have his show!" I beg to differ, his show was seen along I-45. On his show, announcer/sidekick Randy Richmond participated in the lame comedy sketch. Arthur's guests that night; Mr. & Mrs. Van Nearing, a couple that's been married 50 years! They have been game show contestants on various game shows once in every decade from the 50's to the 90's; Fred Savage; & finally, "Lads & lasses." said Arthur, "Tonight's band of the week hails from Philadelphia. They are very talented musicians. Give it up for The White Angels!" The band did a swing tune with all the guys singing. Then Joe sang solo. After singing, Joe played his guitar solo, Frank's trumpet solo, Bart's sax solo, Ralph's organ solo, Ben's vibes solo, Fred's marimba solo, Jason's bass solo & Eric's drum solo, each lasting 15 seconds. The band put a finish with Eric playing a tympani drum roll! The crowd cheered as Arthur intervied them. First, Frank introduced the band members to the audience. ART: Why the formal wear? FRANK: I liked the idea of wearing a white tux @ my prom. ART: Why do Ben & Fred play vibes & marimba on all songs? BEN: We're very gifted musicians. FRED: Ben & I write our own music to fit the band's arrangement. ART: Do Bart & Joe ever fight over guitar soloes? BART: I respect Joe Roman's playing. When I play guitar, I chunk chords. JOE: I let Bart play one guitar solo to please his fans. ART: Anything interesting about Jason & Ralph? JASON: I once was a rapper. RALPH: I got to play the house organ @ a hockey game. ART: (Looks @ CD) Lots of cool songs, "Eric's Power"? ERIC: My tympani piece with Joe backing me up. ART: Who's the female? FRANK: That's Victoria Lufkin, trumpet player. She's in college right now. I got something to do. Frank attaches a mute on his trumpet & plays a blues tune solo. Then he sings... "Vicki honey, music is my very thing (solo) We both play trumpets & can sing (solo) So I'm asking you on QBC is, Will you marry me? (Trumpet finish)." The audience howls & cheers over Frank's proposal. The next morning @ the sorority home, Danielle was watching Arthur McRyan on vcr to see the White Angels perform. She was thrilled to see Fred playing a marimba solo. Then she was startled to when Frank proposed on national tv. "VICKI!" she screamed. "Downstairs having coffee." said Stephanie in the bathroom. Danielle quickly went downstairs to get Vicki & wanted to show her the tape. "I'm not in the mood to watch you drool over Fred." she snapped. "It's not that, come!" she said. So Vicki went up & Danielle played that part of the tape for her. She couldn't believe Frank sang & propose to her on national tv, she fainted! Hours later @ the airport, the band got off the plane from New York City & were greeted by fans & reporters. Vicki saw Frank & rushed over to him saying, "Frank Brandis, I'll marry you!" The crowd cheered & pics were snapped with Frank & Vicki kissing. Fred got acquainted with Danielle. After taking her to a Mexican restaurant, Fred drove his motorcycle (with Danielle hanging on) going to Frank's studio. Fred sand & played her a love song on the marimba. "You're so cool Fred!" said Danielle. "You remind me of Topanga." said Fred. "Funny, you look like Cory on Boy Meets World." said Danielle." Back @ Joe's apartment, Joe was resting from his trip when he heard guitar chords. He got up & went to Scott's room. "Scott, Daddy's trying to rest." "Look Daddy!" Scott strummed a barred chord perfectly. "That's great son!" said Joe, "Keep practicing & you'll be like me. But have fun being a kid too." That night @ Eric's pad, Tina came out of the bathroom & went to bed. Then she saw her husband enter wearing a cowboy hat, a cape, a Zorro mask & Guts swim briefs. "Who are you tying to be?" she asked. "I am Tympano!" he said in a deep voice, "Tympano wants to make love & have a baby." Eric grabbed a vcr tape, inserted in & played it. It had Eric (as Tympano) playing a series of tympani soloes. Eric then took off the cape & the hat, jumped into bed & made out with his wife to tympani music!