Joe Roman & The White Angels; Band On The Go

At PU, we find Frank Brandis & Fred Sanders attending a graduation ceremony. Frank cheered when Victoria got her diploma & Fred did the same when Danielle got hers. Afterwards, Frank met her parents. After taking pics, Victoria told her parents she's joining The White Angels. "You mae me waste $30,000 in tuition fees?" asked dad, "Now you anna waste your life blowin a trumpet." "Chill honey," said her mother, "That's the boy who proposed on Arthur McRyan." "Mr. & Mrs. Lufkin, I'll take good care of your daughter." said Frank as he & Vicki kissed. The White Angels were now a famous band. Ray had the band moved their families to houses on a private street where they were neighbors. There were 8 houses in a cul-de-sac. In Joe Roman's house, we find him & his family finishing a movie on the vcr. When he rewinded the tape, he had the tv on ROCK-TV & found a surprise! He saw a Phoebe Dee music video, but then he saw his brother Matt play guitar & sing with Phoebe. "He looks different!" said Lou. Indeed he did. Matt had Joe's muscles, an iguana tattoo on his left arm, tight pants, a beard & a Strat electric guitar. Joe was shocked! The next day, Joe saw Matt driving an electra glide motorcycle as he came to visit his brother & family. He went to his saddlebags & gave Liz a doll & Scott a poster. "Cool!" said Scott, "Uncle Matt's on a motorcycle!" Scott showed the poster of him on his bike with Strat in hand. In the living room, Lou & Joe talked to Matt about the changes. Matt explained, "My band walked out on me because of disagreements over music. I wanted to play rock & lite rock, they wanted to do heavy metal. So I was depressed. Phoebe asked me if I wanted to be her partner & I did. I'm lead singer/guitarist. Phoebe likes to see me with a guitar because it turns her on!" "It's cool you're teaming with Phoebe." said Joe. "Joe," Matt asked, "Were both recording artists of Pacific Records. I want to do our hit song we had from Triple Pepperoni, Motorcycle Brothers." "Matt, you & I live in 2 different worlds. You rock, me, jazz & rock." said Joe, "No, you got Phoebe & I got the band." Days later, Ray Walters asked the band to visit Pacific Records offices. When they arrived, they were in a press conference with the media. Danielle sat on Fred's lap. Ray entered & announced, "Hello press, thanks for coming. I'm Ray Walters, the White Angels' manager. Pacific Records is putting a tour together for the main act & their warm-up act, Phoebe Dee & Matt Roman." Joe was surprised as Matt & Phoebe entered with arms around each other. Ray continued, "Mexico Wet Soda & Guts Swimwear will sponsor The Phoebe-Matt/White Angels 2000 Tour. Half the concerts will be @ waterparks." Then Ray got a USA map out pointing the stops. "The tour starts @ Cincinnati, then Lafayette, Indiana, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix & finally Los Angeles for two concerts. One @ a waterpark, the other @ The Hollywood Bowl. Any questions?" "Lafayette, Indiana?" asked a reporter. "A friend of mine named Billy Tremain asked us to visit him." explained Joe. "Which are waterpark concerts?" asked another. "Lafayette, Oklahoma City, Dallas, San Antonio & LA." "Will the band wear Guts playing @ waterparks?" asked a female reporter as girls scream. Ray nodded. "You're fired, Eric!" yelled Frank, "You got us into this mess making us the spokesband for Guts!" "Fine!" said Eric, "Let me say something. On Babe Watch, the guys always look dumpy & the babes are sexy. There's been a female band in bikinis. It's about time the tables are turned & let babes scream over us. Whether were in our Guts or our white tuxes, what makes our band popular is the music!" reporters clapped. "Eric Hunter may be crazy, but he's the person who holds the glue together for the band." said a reporter, "You fire Eric, it'll be a mistake." Frank humbly apologized to Eric. Then another reporter asked, "Will Frank & Vicki get married?" "Vicki & I are getting married @ The Hollywood Bowl." Then Fred asked Danielle to get up as he & Matt got out wedding rings & asked their girls, "Will you marry me?" Their girls kissed them. The reporters were excited for a triple wedding. "I've followed Joe & Matt since Triple Pepperoni." said a reporter full of trivia, "Is there a chance they'll re-record their hit, Motorcycle Brothers?" "We'd like to, but Joe & I are in two different music worlds." said Matt. "Matt , it would be cool to re-release our song agin." said Joe as they slapped hands. At Frank's house, he was playing his trumpet in Guts in the bedroom. He stopped & said, "Maybe I'll get Andy Roman in." "Frank Brandis, you won't do that!" snapped Victoria in the bathroom. "I'm the leader." he said, "It's embarrassing enough we did two songs on ROCK-TV's Spring Break in that swimwear, but a concert's ridiculous!" "You think I look ridiculous?" asked Vicki. She came out in a two-piece bikini swimwear. Frank drooled. "It's normal for you, not for men." said Frank. Victoria showed Frank on the computer that Guts swimwear sales were soaring because of the band. "Frank, if I could look cool & sexy, you can too." said Victoria, "Let's finish packing." "Later." said Frank as they kissed. Then Michael entered the bedroom exclaiming, "Dad, Vicki! We got a motorcycle in our driveway!" Michael left as they dressed themselves. Out in theri driveway was a motorcycle-sidecar. There were 3 ninja bikes on Bart, Jason & Ralph's driveway. Then another ninja motorcycle zoomed on the street escorting a tour bus. "Is this going to be a cool tour or what!" said a voice in his helmet. He took off the helmet & Eric Hunter had a motorcycle. Driving the bus was Ray. Ray told the band that they will drive motorcycles on the tour while he takes the wives & children via tour bus with luggage. Ray also hired tour roadies to handle their musical equipment. But Joe wanted his guitar with him & Velma & Danielle wanted to ride along with Ben & Fred. The day came when along I-76 West leaving Philly that there were 9 motorcycles crusin (Matt drove with Phoebe behind + The White Angels) & a tour bus rolling along as they headed to Cincinnati, Ohio.