The SCB in Super Cool Scott

That night @ Joey's penthouse, we find Joey & Blossom in bed discussing something very important. "Joey," said Blossom, "I think it's time we had a baby." "What?" asked Joey, "And have a pregnant super heroine?" "Joey, I think we should hang up the super hero outfits." said Blossom, "Matt & 6 could have lives & Andy could be a normal teenager. You can't be Super Cool Joe for the rest of your life." "Let me sleep on it." said Joey as he slept. Blossom sighed. Then Joey had a dream. It was @ City Hall where fans gathered to see an erect statue of The Super Cool Brothers. They were being honored by the mayor as well. The mayor made a speech, then SC Joe told the fans, "My brothers & I have discussed something very important. We decided to go back to having a normal life & quit being crimefighting super hero rock stars." Fans were shocked. Wonder Babe & Warrior Girl retired because they were both pregnant. Joey & Blossom had a baby boy named Scott. In a few years, David Feagan comics discontinued the SC Bros & Friends comic book series. They were finally forgotten. When Scott was 14, his dad pushed him into keeping his body well built & playing the guitar. Two years later, Scott got his driver's license to drive a motorcycle. Now we pick up the story when Scott Nicholson's 16 years old. Scott's in a leather jacket driving a ninja motorcycle along I-44 West/U.S. 57 South. Suddenly he hears a police siren & a motorcycle cop tells him to pull over. Scott was angry because it was his dad, Joey Nicholson. Joey's a motorcycle cop for the Metropolitan City Police & he grew a full beard. "Where do you think you're going without a license?" asked Joey. "Dad, I got my license a few days ago." said Scott, "I wanna spend time with my friends. They also drive bikes & were gonna start a band." "No Scott." said Joey, "Go back home where you belong. Or I'll take your license away & never have one until you're 32." "All you ever do is push me around, I hate you Dad!" said Scott zooming off. Joey was hurt. Scott arrived @ his friend's garage. His friends were glad to see him. "I'm glad to see you got away from the long arm of the law of dad." said a friend. "Guys, I'm ready to rock!" said Scott strapping his guitar & playing a killer solo. Then one unplugged his amp. "Whoa Scott," said one, "If you wanna be in my band, you have to pass our test. Get high with us." A band member had some cocaine & wanted Scott to get high. Then Scott was thinking when he was a kid that his dad made him watch SCB music videos about the dangers of doing drugs. "Put those away, I don't need that to make me play the guitar!" yelled Scott. His friends starting beating up on him & then Scott escaped & took off driving his motorcycle as his friends shouted "LOSER!" to him. Scott was really hurt. When Scott arrived @ the penthouse, Mom Blossom gave him a slice of cake she just baked. After eating it, Joey arrived home from work, went over to his son saying, "Don't you ever drive off when I pull you over! You got too much of a future to lose. You're grounded from ever seeing your friends again!" "Fine Dad!" yelled Scott, "I don't need anybody! Especially when they wanted me to do drugs." "What?!" asked Joey, "And did you go along?" "No!" said Scott, "I remember those stupid songs those has-been heroes, The SC Bros. did." Joey was proud of his son. then he told him to go to his bedroom. "Blossom, I think it's time Scott knew." "You don't mean?" she asked as Joey nodded. The next morning, Joey went to talk to Scott in his bedroom. Joey told Scott, "Scott, about 20 years ago, Uncle Matt, Uncle Andy & I lived in this penthouse. We also had secret lives as The SC Bros. Your dad's SC Joe." "Dad," he said in shock, "You use to dress up as him when I had a birthday when I was a kid. Why did you quit dad? I don't believe you!" "Don't believe me," asked Joey, "Let's go for a ride. Grab your helmet." Joey & Scott drove their motorcycles. First, they arrived @ the practice facility of The Metropolitan City Hammers football team. They saw #8, quarterback Andrew Nicholson in football gear, throwing a few passes. After practice, a camera crew was waiting for him to get on his set of drums. Andy took off his helmet, grabbed his sticks, played a snare drum roll & cymbal crash. Then he played a rap beat rapping, "My name's Andrew, the quarterback. I like to pass or run the attack. Wouldn't do drugs with any chums, Replace the G with an M & play the drums!" Andy then played a super drum solo. When he was through shooting his public service commercial, Andy met with his brother & Scott & took them in the locker room. "Andy, tell Scott about your past life." said Joey. "Scott, I was Super Cool Andy; boy, then teen super hero. I got to drive a motorcycle when I was 11, but was restricted to drive as SC Andy. I also played the drums in the band as well as the tympani." "Why did you quit Uncle Andy?" asked Scott. "I only play the tympani privately." explained Andy, "Oh, you mean why I quit SC Andy. Joey wanted me to have a teenage normal life. Jennifer & I attended college & later got married. I played football in college. Now I play for the Hammers & won a Super Bowl trophy. Coach Neon Sampson, a former Hammer, got me into the band @ Club Neon where he still plays the guitar. Hey Joe, how about a jam session with the police band? Maybe we could get Matt to join." "No way that would happen." said Joey, "Scott & I are gonna visit Matt." When they left, they drove down U.S. 287 South & saw a police car pull over a person & arrested him. Joey saw that it was Matt's friend, Marcos. Joey asked the cop about him & told him he was arrested for holding up a liquor store. So Joey & Scott left & headed downtown to an office building. Then they took an elevator up to the 44th floor. The receptionist instructed them to the office number & went to #4489, Matt Nicholson's office. Matt Nicholson was working in an office wearing a suit & tie. He even grew a beard like Joey & would have his radio set on AM for news (sometimes an occasional day baseball game) & refused to listen to music. Matt was glad to see Joey & Scott visit him. Scott saw a pic of him, wife 6 & his son Jack & daughter April. "Matt, why not tell Scott about your past life." "No." said Matt, "I refuse to. I'm a mature dude who has a sensible job & am a family man. Never go out @ nights & the only sports I watch on tv is The professional Bowling League." Then Matt sighed & said, "I was Super Cool Matt. It was a disgusting life dressing up as a green super hero, playing guitar & singing. The only difference I ever made on anybody was a little boy named Marcos." "Uncle Matt," said Scott, "I always thought you were the coolest of the group. I'd asked my dad if I could have SC Matt sing & play for my birthday, but he would never show. So I had my Dad as SC Joe. I guess you were too busy starting a new life with this job of yours." "We all gotta grow up sometimes." said Matt as he went back to work. "Matt, I think you need to come down to the station with us." said Joey. "You're arresting me for breaking you son's heart?" asked Matt. Matt went to his private washroom for 10 minutes. When the work day was done, Matt drove a car following Joe & Scott to the police station. Joey had Matt go over to the jail cells & there he saw 26 year old Marcos in jail. The officer explained that he held up a liquor store with a water pistol. So Matt went into the gentlemen's room, stripped off his suit & tie to become SC Matt. Then he went to visit Marcos. "Remember me?" "Yeah you has-been!" he said crying, "Why did you quit being a super hero? I always liked you so very much & then you flaked out!" "Grow up, Marcos!" said SC Matt, "I had my reasons to quit. I didn't wanna be a rock star anymore." "Life's been rough since you quit!" explained Marcos, "My mom died, I had to drop out of school & get a job @ a factory. I lost my job due to cut-backs & had to give up my dreams of music. So I robbed a liquor store. Go ahead, punch me!" SC Matt didn't have the heart to do it. Instead, as Matt, he bailed Marcos out & let him live with him until he got back on his feet again. That night, Joey was in Scott's bedroom handing him a department store box. As he opened it, he said, "I've saved this for 16 years & I think the time is right." Scott saw a SC Joe outfit, except it had S-COOL-S on it. "You're going to be Super Cool Scott. Carry the tradition of fighting crime & rockin kids with positive messages." Scott puts on his outfit & says, "Cool! I'm SC Scott!" Then he took his son down to the secret floor to a covered motorcycle. Joey took off the cover & Scott's amazed to see the famous Super Cool 4000! "Awesome!" said SC Scott as he got behind the wheel. "Scott," Joe explained, "You'll have to learn how to drive this bike. Let's go for a father & son ride." Joey stripped off his clothes to reveal his SC Joe costume. "Super Cool Dad & Super Cool Son together!" said SC Scott looking @ each other. Then SC Scott drove the SC 4000 with SC Joe in the sidecar. They headed outside Metropolitan City down I-44 East/U.S. 57 North & continued down U.S. 57 North to Chrysler Town. SC Scott speeded the bike 200 mph. Then his dad taught him the jet motorcycle mode as they flew back to Metropolitan City. A month later, Scott was practicing his guitar when he heard his mother crying. Scott got up & went to his mother. She was watching the QBC News & learned that there's a hostage crisis occuring @ the building Matt worked @ & that Joey's being held hostage. "I think it's time Metropolitan City knew SC Joe has a son." said Scott as he stripped to his SC Scott outfit. Then he drove the SC 4000 to the scene of the crime. When he arrived, he went via jet motorcycle mode up to the top of the building to park the bike. Then he entered going down the stairs to the 44th floor. When he arrived, he sneaked along the hallway. Then he heard shouting, "You'll pay for firing me, George Jensen!" he said, "Someone framed me & made me lose my job." When SC Scott saw him pointing a gun @ Matt, he raced in, tackled him & fought him off. "Who are you & how did you pass security?" he asked. "I'm SC Scott!" SC Scott grabbed the gun & knocked him out. Security arrived & arrested him. SC Scott left the scene. SC Scott was driving his motorcycle home until his dad drove next to him. He told his son to follow him to police headquarters. At police headquarters, Joey took his super son to see Chief Bethany Knight (Sarge O'Ryan's daughter). "So you're the guy who saved the hostages." asked Chief Knight, "Thanks for saving people & your Super Cool Father." "How did you know?" asked SC Scott. Bethany explained that she knew Joey & his brothers were the SCB. Then Chief Knight made SC Scott a deputized officer of the law & gave him a badge. His father had another idea. Joey also played in a police band where they would perform for kids. During the middle of the show, Joey said, "Super Cool Joe has a son. And now he's a rock star super hero, meet Super Cool Scott!" SC Scott played a Strat electric guitar & sang safety songs like his dad did with his dad's band. Then Joey woke up. Joey told his brothers & wives his dream. Andy though it was cool that he would become a football player, but Matt was worried about Marcos. So he changed in SC Matt, went over to the diner where he met Marcos. SC Matt explained the dream & Marcos was shocked.