Motorcycle Brothers; The Music Video

South of Philadelphia along U.S. 1 South, two motorcycles cruise the highway. Joe's driving the ninja bike & Matt's driving an electra glide bike. Both had guitar cases strapped to their backs, both wore leather jackets & helmets. Joe started doing a wheelie & then speeding fast. Matt had to drive fast to catch up to his brother. The boys spotted a biker bar full of motorcycles. So they decided to rest a while, parked their bikes & enter the bar. They undid their straps & carried their guitar cases by hand. At the bar, they saw gang members drinking & playing cards. The jukebox played "Tequila" as a nerdy guy in a suit & tie was dancing to the song on top of a table. They approached the bar & the bartender. "What'll it be dudes?" Joe ordered a root beer & Matt ordered an orange soda. As they drank their drinks, a gang member approaches them & says, "Don't you drink wine or tequila or rum?" "We don't wanna be booze bums." said Matt. "If I were you, you better not mess with us." said Joe flexing his muscles as Matt did too. Then Joe & Matt head to the stage where a bassist & drummer wait. They unzipped their cases & got out their electric guitars. Matt had his red hollowed-bodied & Joe had his Washborn brown sunburst. "Those guitars belong in country & western or jazz!" yelled a heckler. "We can kick rock on these guitars!" said Joe. The boys then attached their guitar cords to amplifiers. Joe & Matt started tapping their right foot & said, "1-2-3-4!" Joe & Matt played rhythm together then the bassist & drummer joins in. Then Joe & Matt sing; We have some Kawasakis & we drive so cool, Always wear our helmets,were not no fool. We speed along the freeway going 65, Never do drink, but we love to drive. (CHORUS) Yeah yeah, think what you like. Were two guys who drive a bike. Yeah yeah, tell all the others, Don't you mess with, The Motorcycle Brothers. MATT: People think were rebels & a big disgrace. We like to psych each other in a motorcycle race. JOE: I like to show off in a wheelie I pop, Don't want to get arrested by a biker cop. (Joe & Matt sing Chorus) Then Matt breaks in on his guitar solo playing awesome. Then Joe plays his guitar solo super fast. Then they sing the chorus again & put a guitar finish to the song. The gang members liked their song! When they left the bar, they saw two biker chicks hanging around their motorcycles (Lou & Phoebe Dee). "How about a lift?" they asked. Lou rode behind Joe & Phoebe rode behind Matt as they drove back to Philadelphia.