JR & TWA in Bart's New Addition

One Saturday morning, we find Michael Brandis
watching (ahem) "One Saturday Morning" (terrible pun).
 Michael's favorite shows were "Teacher's Pet"
featuring Nathan Lane playing Spot/Scott, the talking
dog & "Recess" because TJ's his favorite & his voice
sounds the same as Super Cool Andy off The Super Cool
Brothers cartoon series.  Then, he suddenly heard
Frank playing "Happy Birthday" on his trumpet coming
>from the kitchen.  Mike got up & went to the kitchen. 
He saw that his mother & father made him some pancakes
for breakfast.
     "What's the occasion?" asked Michael, "My
birthday's not until a few months.  Why did you play
the trumpet?" 
     "To get your attention." said Frank, "Son, it's
the anniversary that I adopted you."
     "I'm so proud that we have raised a good child
like you." said Victoria, kissing Michael.
     "I thought we could do a few things together,
just you & I." said Frank.
     "Will you drive the motorcycle/sidecar?" asked
     "Sure, as soon as we finish washing & waxing it."
said Frank.
     Frank & Michael were wearing rags in the driveway
washing the bike.  Frank had covered the sidecar seat
so it wouldn't get wet.  Then after washing & drying
it, they started waxing the bike up to look sparkling.
     "Good job son." said Frank, "Let's change
     "Please wear your Trumpet Dude outfit." pleaded
Michael, "You'd look cool wearing a super hero outfit
driving a motorcycle."
     Frank relented in doing it, but he did.  So he
changed into that super hero outfit & took Michael on
a motorcycle around the neighborhood.  Michael sat in
the sidecar watching his dad driving even though he
felt humiliated wearing that outfit.  Then 15 minutes
later, they arrived home & Frank went back to his
bedroom to change clothes.  Then they were off again.
     The first place they went was the orphanage where
Frank adopted Michael.  Michael saw a lot of kids
playing & remembered his childhood @ the orphanage.
     "Welcome back, Mr. Brandis." said Mr. Bonner, the
head of the orphanage, "I see Michael's back.  Did you
come here to adopt another child or perhaps trade
Michael for another child or what's behind Door #2!"
     "Very funny." said Frank, "It's the anniversary
that I adopted Michael.  Now he's got a mother & lives
in a nice neighborhood."
     "Give you a cookie!" quipped Mr. Bonner.
     As they were about to leave, they heard guitar
music.  Michael looked in & saw a black 14-year old
teenager playing guitar.  Frank told Michael not to
snoop, but then he snooped when three bullies came to
     "I thought we told you no musical instruments
allowed!" said Bully #1 in a harsh tone.
     "Singing & dancing's cool, along with rapping. 
But playing any instrument stinks!" snapped Bully #2.
     "I'm going to make it with this guitar someday!"
said the kid.
     "Not in this century!" said Bully #3, "You'll
never get adopted since you're a teenager!"
     The three bullies grabbed his guitar as they were
playing keep away with it.  Then one of them had some
wire cutters & cut his guitar strings up.  Then they
beated the crap out of them & yelled,
     They were the Melson Gang!
     Mr. Bonner rushed over to break it up, then the
teen went to his bed headquarters.
     "Who's the teen?" asked Frank.
     "His name is Homer."
     Frank started laughing a little, then told Mr.
Bonner that he might have an idea for someone to adopt
     Later that day @ Buck E. Beaver's Pizza, the
band's families celebrated Frank's adoption of Michael
with a little party.  The children got to play video
games, skee ball & play in the jungle gym.  Even Eric
played in the jungle gym.
     "Hey doofus!" said an employee addressing Eric,
"No one over 12 allowed in the jungle gym!  Out!"
     Eric got out as Frank was ashamed.
     "What can I tell you?  Eric's the kid @ heart."
said Bart coming from the salad bar.  Bart sat down
eating his salad, then Frank told him about that teen
@ the orphanage.
     "Think about it Bart, Jean could have a big
brother around.  His name is Homer & he can play the
guitar.  Michael & I heard him."
     Just then, Joe & Jason had arrived with the
pizzas for the party.  The children sat down to eat
along with their parents.  Moments later, mascot Buck
E. Beaver brought a cake out that Victoria bought
which read "Happy Adoption Anniversary Michael".  Then
Michael got some gifts which were mostly clothes &
     "Michael, I meant to save this as a Christmas
gift, here." said Frank as Michael closed his eyes. 
Frank told him to open his eyes & he saw...
     "Cool!" exclaimed Michael, "A real junior sized
white trumpet!"
     Michael picked it up & played some sour notes,
but he knew with lots of practice, he could play like
his parents.
     At Bart's house, the Smiths were relaxing in the
living room.  Bart talked to his wife & daughter.
     "Remember you always wanted to do something with
that spare bedroom?  Frank met a teenaged boy @ the
orphanage, I thought we could adopt him."
     "You're not going to push him into playing the
sax or guitar?" groaned Lashandra.
     "His name is Homer & he does play the guitar."
explained Bart.
     "There's a twist, Bart's the dad & Homer's the
son!" quipped Jean laughing.
     "I think it would be best if Jean had a big
brother." said Bart.
     "And perhaps he could join the next generation of
White Angels along with Michael & Scott." kidded
     "At least give the kid a try." pleaded Bart.
     Monday @ the Adoption Center, Bart & Lashandra
met with Mr. Bonner to check out Homer.  After filling
out forms, they went to the playground & found Homer
crying & very upset when the Melson Gang broke his
guitar, along with his spirits.
     "I wish I could get out of this orphanage!" he
cried, "The Melson Gang's driving me crazy
discouraging my musical talent."
     "Homer!" Mr. Bonner called, "Looks like we might
have some parents for you.  
     Homer was surprised that it was Bart Smith of TWA
& his wife Lashandra, adopting him.  He gave his new
parents a hug.
     "Remember this is a temporary basis & we'll check
up on you to see how you adjust with your new family."
     As they left, Mr. Bonner wondered,
     "Who's next?  Joe, Jason, Ben, Fred, Eric, David,
     Weeks went by.  Homer got use to living with the
Smiths & adjusted to his new surroundings.  He helped
Jean to understand how a computer works & showed his
favorite websites to help with homework, along with a
Bart Smith Webpage he made himself.
     Then he showed his new mother what a cook he is
helping her bake a chocolate cake while she made
dinner.  They were impressed.
     In Bart's den, Homer walked in & saw him
practicing playing his black acoustic guitar.
     "Where's your electric, Dad?" asked Homer.
     "I keep it in the studio." said Bart.  Then he
grabbed another guitar case & told Homer to open it. 
Homer saw his white Washborn.
     "I thought it was in the studio." said Homer.
     "That's my new guitar, this is my first." said
Bart, "I want you to have it."
     "Cool!" said Homer, "Let's jam."
     So Bart strummed while his new son played a
guitar solo.
     One night, Bart took Homer to the studio where
they have band practice.  Homer thought it was real
cool to meet the rest of the band.  He saw Ben & Fred
messing on vibes & marimba, Frank & Victoria playing
trumpet, Joe on guitar, Jason on bass, David on keys,
Eric & Cody on drums & his dad blowing sax.  After a
song, Bart instructed Eric & Cody to play a powerful
tympani drum roll together.  Bart took off his sax &
strapped his guitar on & said as Eric & Cody played,
     "Band, I want you to meet my new adopted son,
Homer Smith!"
     Homer came out as Eric & Cody stopped.  Bart
instructed his son to get out his electric guitar.
     "Bart," Frank said, "A White Angel has to be @
least 18 years old to join."
     "Chill Frank," said Bart, "This is only a jam
     Bart told the band to play his song where he lead
sings & plays guitar.  But instead of Bart, Homer sang
lead & got to play his guitar solo.  The band was
impressed with Bart's new son, Homer.  After the song,
Homer went to his guitar case & got out a wah-wah
pedal.  He then plugged it to his amp & guitar.  He
noticed that Joe & Bart also had pedals too.
     "How about a hip-hop jam session?" asked Homer,
"Eric & Cody can play a disco beat on the drums, Jason
can pop his bass while Joe, Dad & I play our electric
guitars with our wah-wah pedals."
     So David, Frank, Victoria, Ben & Fred took a
break while the others played.  Frank even taped the
jam session with his camcorder.
     The three guitarists played together on their
wah-wah pedals, strumming rhythm.  Then Homer played
guitar solo #1 with his pedal going.  Bart played
guitar solo #2 using his pedal, then Joe turned off
the pedal playing guitar solo #3 sounding like a jazz
guitar.  Then they put a finish on it as Cody played a
tympani drumroll.  The band was very impressed.
     On a school day @ Ben Franklin Jr. High, Bart
arrives on his motorcycle waiting for his son to come
out.  Unfortunately, one of the Melson Gang saw him
>from a classroom window.  He asked to be excuse so he
could use the boys room, but instead, went straight to
the principal's office & told him that the dude on the
motorcycle's a teen molester.
     Just as the bell rang, school security went over
to Bart & told him to get off the campus or they'll
call the police!
     "Look, I came over to pick up my son!" explained
     "No you're not, you pervert!" said one of the
security crew.
     Homer saw what was going on & as he was racing
towards him, the Melson Gang started beating the crap
out of him!  Bart went over despite being held by
security to break it up!
     The principal came by & saw what happened.  Homer
explained that Bart's his adopted Dad.  But The Melson
Gang insisted that he wasn't.
     "So why did you frame him?  Because music stinks
& he's a White Angel so you could get a big lawsuit &
hit the tabloids?" asked a voice.
     "Yeah!  We can get $1,000,000 out of the band!"
said the dumbest member.
     "Busted!" he said.  The voice turned out to be
Brian, wearing a trench coat, "Book em, Dan Hoe!  I
always wanted to say that line."
     "Foiled by a talking dog!" said the leader as the
principal sent them to detention.
     "You saved us Brian." said Bart asking "Why?"
     Brian explained, "First, you two make a pretty
good team of guitarists.  Second, my contract insists
that I appear on every episode for @ least 60 seconds
on the clock, not like Josh Byrne or sometimes Matthew
Lawrence.  If you'll excuse me, I got to go."
     Bart & Homer gave Brian a lift home on his
     "Cool!  Joe would never give me a ride!" quipped
Brian hanging on.
     Days later @ Bart's house, they received a visit
>from Mr. Bonner.  As they sat down in the living room,
Mr. Bonner asked some questions to them about their
home life.  Homer told Mr. Bonner all his experiences
& how The Melson Gang tried to frame Dad.
     "Sorry about that misunderstanding." said Mr.
Bonner, "Those troublemakers hate musicians & have
been shipped off to military school where Malcolm's
stationed.  Anyway, I'm please to announce that
Homer's a legal Smith."
     Mr. Bonner gave the certificate of adoption to
Bart & Lashandra, they were happy they now have a
teenage son to be a big brother to Jean.
     That night on the computer, Bart watched him
working on his webpage.  The webpage had pics of Bart
& downloads of Bart's sax/guitar soloes.  Then he
downloaded a pic of him & his dad playing their white
electric guitars together & wrote as a caption,
     "Like father, like son!"