The SCB in Selfish Santa; Starring The 3 Scrooges

Every Thanksgiving Saturday, one of the Nicholson
family traditions is to shop @ Lazy's Downtown
Department Store.  We find Joey driving the
convertible with Blossom on his side, with Matt, Six &
Andy in the back seat going to Lazy's.  Downtown
Lazy's had 12 floors + a basement themed floor. 
Here's what each floor had;
     1st; Shoes, Purses & Wallets, Men's Underwear
                 Typewriters & Cameras
     2nd; Men's Clothes & Sportswear
     3rd; Women's Clothes, Lingerie
     4th; Toys & Games, Children's Clothes &
     5th; Bed Sheets, Towels, Gift Wrap, Photo Shop
     6th; Arts & Crafts, Sporting Goods, Beauty Salon
     7th; Furniture & Major Appliances
     8th; Small Appliances, Books, Glassware
     9th; TV, VCR, Stereos, CDs & Musical Instruments
    10-12; Storage & Employees Only!
     The basement was decorated for Christmas & had
ornaments for sale as well as kids taking pictures
with Santa.
     We find Andy Nicholson on the 2nd floor trying on
shirts to see what would impress Jennifer.
     "Andy use to kick & scream when Mom took him
clothes shopping." teased Joey.
     "Cool it!" said Andy, "I'm a teenager now!  I got
to dress to impress."
     Blossom & Six found the boys.  They wanted their
husbands to come look @ women's clothes they tried
     "Man, we look fruity in a women's department."
groaned Matt.
     So Joey told the girls they could shop & buy some
clothes.  And that they would all have lunch on the
4th floor.
     After Andy bought a shirt & a football jersey, he
went up to the 4th floor to toys & games.  Lazy's had
exclusive rights to Super Cool Brothers merchandise
including action figures, a stage with musical
instruments & their motorcycles.
     One toy that sold for $60 was a remote control
Super Cool 4000 with action figures that can be placed
either driving, holding on or sitting in the sidecar
(batteries not included).  
     "Man," Andy sighed, "All the action figures have
me as a boy super hero.  Wish they had a teen SC Andy
     Moments later, the gang ate @ the restaurant
having various food.  Just then, their long time
friend arrived, Joel Bessemer.  He sat down with him &
chatted for a while.
     "Hi Nicholsons!" saying cheerfully asking,
"Looking forward to Christmas?"
     "I sure am!  It's my silver anniversary as Lazy's
store Santa.  You all sat on my laps." looks @ watch,
"Gotta go eat, nice talking to you."
     Joel Bessemer's been working @ Lazy's for 25
years in the housewares/small appliances department. 
He's also the store Santa & has been on the Lazy's
Thanksgiving Parade telecast every year (except for
1988 when his wife died).  But there's a darkside,
Joel's cousin is Louie (The 3 Scrooges).
     Meanwhile along U.S. 68 West, we find an ice
cream truck pull into a log cabin.  In the cabin,
Louie was reading a book on hypnotism while Noel was
thinking of another Christmas plan.
     "First Hurley's placed in a nuthouse in
Corsicana, next Scamp died in a prison fight." said
Noel, "We can't have a story without a 3rd Scrooge."
     Noel grabs the book from Louie, reads the title &
hits him with the book.
     "A waste of time, hypnotism!"
     "No, it'll work." said Louie, "Let's try it out."
 Louie gets a watch & swings it in front of Noel's
     "You are getting sleepy." Noel dozes, "When you
wake up, you won't be so abusive."
     Louie claps his hands & Noel wakes up.
     "How do you feel?"
     "Fine, there's a fly buzzing around.  I'll get
     Noel gets a magazine & swats Louie over the head!
     "You nitwit!  We got to find a 3rd Scrooge, but
who?  Who?"
     "We don't need an owl." quipped Louie as Noel
poked him in the eyes.  Noel turned on the news & saw
Nancy Kay @ Lazy's talking to Santa.  Louie recognized
him as his cousin Joel & then told Noel his plan by
     "For an intelligent imbecile, you got brains. 
Don't let them get to your head!"
     We find SC Andy driving his teen motorcycle solo
patroling.  Then he went over to AC Lopez's house to
find a moving van & a "FOR SALE" sign in front of his
house.  SC Andy got off & went inside to find him
     "What's going on?" asked SC Andy.
     "I wish you could just one visit me without the
super hero costume." snapped AC, "You're misusing your
powers driving your motorcycle underaged."
     "You live far from me AC, I have to." explained
SC Andy.
     "Since you're a super hero, how about helping me
move furniture."
     So for an hour, SC Andy & AC Lopez started
loading furniture in the van.  Afterwards, they sat
down on the floor having pizza as AC explained,
     "Sorry I got after you, SC Andy, I'm moving away
to attend college @ Purdue.  I quit being an actor,
playing drums/tympani & resign from Bodybuilder Teen. 
It's time I grew up & stop.  I informed David Feagan
Comics to discontinue BB Teen."
     "We had 10 comic book adventures in our SC
Andy/BB Teen series." said SC Andy.
     "Gotta grow up." said AC, "If you want my drums &
tympani, you can have them.  Otherwise, I'll donate
them to Quarter Note Music.  Soon, you & your brothers
will grow up & have normal lives, giving up being
super heroes."
     "Not me," cried SC Andy, "I'll stay a super hero
until I go to college."
     SC Andy shook AC's hand, then hugged him
     At Lazy's, Noel & Louie sneaked into an employee
locker room & tied up some employees playing Santa's
elves.  They took their costumes & dressed themselves
up as elves.  Then they go down to the basement to
find Santa (Joel) taking pictures with kids.
     When Joel took a break to use the gentlemen's
room, Noel grabbed his hands while Louie waved the
watch @ his face saying,
     "You are getting very sleepy.  Very sleepy!  When
you wake up, you'll be a selfish, greedy Santa. 
You'll return to normal when you get hit with a pie in
the face!"
     Louie snapped his hands & Joel was in a trance.
     When Santa got back on the throne, he started
feeling the effect.  A little girl got on his lap.
     "Santa," she said, "I'd like a dolly, some
building blocks & a train."
     "I'd like to have a train set too.  But mother
got me some coloring books instead." said Joel.
     "Can I have some candy?" she asked.
     "No, they're all mine!"
     Santa Joel got up & took all the candy.  Then he
started going all over Lazy's taking everything his
little heart desired, except for ladies clothing
because he wasn't that fruity!  Then he went to the
restaurant & barged in on a birthday party.
     "What's the meaning of this?" asked David Fagin,
the birthday dude.
     "I'm taking the cake!" explained Santa Joel, "And
all your presents too!"
     David was heartbroken to lose his birthday
someone meaner than the Grinch!
     People were horrified as he left the store & saw
him shoplifting!  Then he got away & even stole the
Scrooges' ice cream truck.
     "We created a Frankenstein!" said Louie looking @
     "Speak for yourself!" snapped Noel slapping his
forehead!  Then they hailed a cab to follow that ice
cream truck.
     At the penthouse, when Andy heard the news, he
changed into his SC Andy costume.  Joey & Matt didn't.
     "Come on, we got crime to fight!" said SC Andy,
but they refused, "I get it, you don't like fighting
The 3 Scrooges."
     "Andy, Joey said, "Matt & I are quitting the
super hero biz.  You should too & live a normal
teenagers life."
     "I'm giving up the guitar, driving a car &
getting a real office job downtown." said Matt.
     "First AC quits Bodybuilder Teen, now you two
flake out!  Fine!  I'm a solo.  But I still drive the
SC 4000!  From now on, I play a drum/tympani solo."
     SC Andy stormed off & drove the SC 4000.  Then he
spotted a taxi following an ice cream truck.  SC Andy
chased them all over Metropolitan City until Joel
crashed into a delivery truck full of pies.
     "Not again!" groaned the driver.  Then he saw
Joel steal some creme pies.  Noel & Louie got out of
the cab (after paying $20 fare) & went towards Joel.
     "Stand back or I'll let you have it!" Joel
threatened.  Louie stuck his tongue out & got
splattered with a pie.  
     SC Andy got into it & started throwing pies.
     "Quick!  Protect Joel or the spell will be
broken!" ordered Noel.  Noel & Louie took pies in
faces for Joel.
     SC Andy was all alone until his brothers arrived
unexpectingly.  Super Cool Joe & Super Cool Matt
started throwing pies as well.  When SC Matt threw a
pie, Louie slipped down & Joel got hit with it.
     "What happened?  Where am I?" he asked.
     Noel & Louie got scared & ran off.  When SC Andy
talked to Joel, SC Joe & SC Matt chased & caught Noel
& Louie.
     Moments later, Sarge O'Ryan arrived & took Noel,
Louie & Joel away.
     "Wait, Joel was hypnotized!" said SC Andy.
     "You got no proof." said Louie.
     SC Andy grabbed Sarge O'Ryan's pocket watch.  he
swung it & said,
     "You are getting sleepy," they dozed, "When you
wake up, you'll confess your crime.  You'll return to
normal when you're placed in jail."
     He snapped his fingers & those Scrooges
     Joel was released & brought all the items back to
Lazy's including David Fagin's birthday cake &
     "Thanks for supporting me." said SC Andy to his
     "I guess we could be super heroes for a few more
years." said SC Matt.
     "How about we gleam the cube?" asked SC Joe.
     "Awesome!" cried SC Andy as they drove their
motorcycles & headed to a place Andy liked going,
Skateboard City.
     Skateboard City's an awesome place for skateboard
fanatics with ramps, downhill runway courses & much
more that was tubular!
     Teens were excited that the SC Bros. performed a
very special skateboard program.  SC Joe glided on his
skateboard doing some tricks, SC Matt glided on his
skateboard doing some awesome gliding & SC Andy glided
on his skateboard.  They all wore protective gear
while skateboarding.
     Christmas Day @ the penthouse.  The gang
exchanged gifts by the tree.  Andy saw a box with a
tag saying TO; Andrew FROM; Santa.  Andy opened it &
it was a remote control SC 4000 with SC Joe & SC Matt
     "I'm not a child." said Andy.  Then he saw
another gift in that box.  So he unwrapped it & found
an action figure of SC Andy as a teenager.
     In the stockings, Andy looked @ his & found a
video tape that read "PLAY ME"
     So he went into his bedroom, played the tape &
found a surprise.
     "Merry Christmas, SC Andy!" it was Bodybuilder
Teen, "Even though you'll miss me, hope you enjoy this
awesome tape I made."
     AC Lopez (Bodybuilder Teen) made a video of him
working out on the weights, him driving his motorcycle
in a music video he sang, him playing a solo on the
drums, then a tympani solo.  There were some earlier
Bodybuilder Teen adventures in the video.