JR & TWA @ Walt Disney World

Christmas Day @ Lafayette, Indiana, Cody
Mitchell's visiting his family for Christmas.  Cody
had a nerdy brother named Brendan who's a computer
geek.  We find them watching the Disney World
Christmas Parade  while Brendan taped it.
     "Why do you have to tape the parade?" groaned
Cody, "It's almost the same thing every year!"
     "I like to keep a scrapbook." said Brendan, "Have
past highlights of those parades, the Thanksgiving Day
Parade & the New Year's Eve telecasts."
     "Get a life." said Cody, "You need to get out
     "Mom & Dad always threaten me that they'll lock
the door & never let me in if I ever go out with them,
except for school."
     Cody sighed as Brendan set up his Web-TV to make
vidcaps of the parade.  Brendan rewinded back to the
start, then played the tape.  The show opened with the
Disney World Marching Band playing the first few bars
of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah".  Then they showed a girl
playing a tympani drumroll that caught Cody's eyes.
     "Pause!" he commanded, "Make vidcaps of her!"
     "You in love!" kidded Brendan as he made vidcaps
of her for his brother.
     That afternoon, the family had Christmas dinner. 
Mom & Dad were disappointed that Cody threw away a
secure future for playing the drums in a hot band. 
But Cody had his moments with The White Angels.  Then
the telephone rang as Cody went to answer it.
     About 10 minutes later, Cody went back to the
dinner table saying,
     "I just got off the phone with my manager, Ray
Walters."  then he kidded, "Cody Mitchell, you just
threw away a secure job in Philadelphia.  What are you
going to do next?"
     "You're going to the unemployment line!" quipped
     "You're moving back with us until you're 40!"
kidded Mom.
     "I'm going to Disney World!" exclaimed Cody, they
didn't believe that terrible pun.  Then he explained,
     "Ray got us a gig to play @ Disney World & to be
musical guests along with The Stratler Brothers on Rob
Parker's New Year's Eve!"
     "Cool!" said Brendan, "The Stratler Brothers!"
(The Stratler Brothers; Christian & Josh, who both
play black Strat electric guitars & sing lite rock).
     The day after Christmas (Boxing Day in Australia
& Canada), Cody left to head back to Philadelphia.  As
he did, Brendan asked Cody to get him an autograph pic
of the Stratlers.
     The nest day as the band was packing, they find
Eric & Cody fighting like WWF stars.
     "Stop it!" said Frank, "You guys are friends! 
Why are you doing this?  Fighting over the tympani
solo again?"
     Eric then laid Cody down on the ground & pinned
him with a 1-2-3 count (fight bell rings).
     "Yesterday was Boxing Day in Canada.  Today in
Mexico, they celebrate Wrestling Day!"
     The band groaned over that terrible pun!
     Scott was taking Matty over to Eric's house. 
Everyone was going to Disney World, except Tina who
had a bad cold.  Mrs. Enid was willing to stay with
Tina & baby Derek.
     "Hello Mrs. Enid." Scott greeted asking, "Will
you take care of my baby puppy?"
     "I can never handle dogs to be honest." said Mrs.
     "Please," begged Matty, "I'll be a good baby
     "You must be Brian's baby clone!' said Mrs. Enid,
"How cute wearing the diaper.  I guess there's room
for one more." baby puppy went inside.
     Walt Disney World, December 28th.  Along the Main
Street parade route, TWA participated riding on floats
waving to their fans.  Frank, Vicki, Joe, Eric & Cody
were on one float with Mickey & Minnie while Ben,
Fred, Jason, David & Bart were on another float with
     Near the end of the parade route, Cody spotted
the Disney World Marching Band playing "It's A Small
World".  Sure enough, Cody spotted the same girl
tympani player.  So Cody got off a moving float.
     "You're ruining the parade!" said Frank.
     "I think Cody's in love." said Vicki, "I read
ahead of the script."
     Cody rushed over to the marching band.  They
started moving back to the start of the parade getting
ready for the next parade in an hour.  Cody saw his
dream girl packing her mallets in her case.
     "Has anyone ever told you you're beautiful when
you play the tympani?" asked Cody explaining, "I saw
you on tv @ the start of the Christmas parade.  What's
your name?"
     "Melissa." she said then snapped, "Stranger, if
you're trying to hit on me, Disney World rules states
that no musician can date tourists.  I don't know who
you think you are, but if you don't stop, I'll call
     "Look, I only want to ask you out on a date."
pleaded Cody.  Then security arrived to escort him
away from the band.  A couple of her girl friends came
by & asked,
     "Was he trying to ask you out on a date?"
     Melissa nodded & the girls were shocked.
     "Do you know who you just rejected?" asked one
girl, "He's Cody Mitchell, TWA's newest
drummer/tympanist!  You could've met the guy you got a
crush on, Eric Hunter!"
     "Spiky hair, cool moustache & beard, a super
tympanist & a He-Man body!" the other girl sighed.
     "I got to get to Cody." said Melissa, "I could
use him to date Eric Hunter."
     The band got to spend a day @ Disney World
checking out all the attractions & rides before going
to band practice.  All that time, Cody was trying to
find Melissa to where she's working.  Cody took a rest
on a park bench sighing,
     "It's no use, I'll never find Melissa."
     "Keep a stiff upper lip, son." said a voice.  He
turned around & saw,
     "Mary Poppins!" Cody said in surprise, "Great! 
On Blossom, Joey talked to Sleeping Beauty @
Disneyland & I get Mary Poppins.  Look, I'm in love
with this girl who plays tympani like I do.  How can I
win her heart?"
     "The first thing is to be like a gentlemen, treat
her nice.  I'm sure she'll think you're
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!"  then she
whispered in his ear, "She's a vendor @ the beach
     "Cool, thanks!"
     Back in Philadelphia, Tina was relaxing on the
sofa recovering as she saw Derek & Matty playing in
the playpen.  Mrs. Enid was finishing the dishes as
she came in & picked Matty up from the playpen.
     "This is no place for a dog." said Mrs. Enid as
Matty cried,
     "Baby puppy wanna play in playpen!"
     But Mrs. Enid didn't listen.  She picked up
Derek, fed him, then rocked him to sleep for his nap
in the playpen.
     An hour later, Mrs. Enid was in her bedroom
watching a game show not to disturb Tina or Derek. 
But then, a rat sneaked into the house & headed for
the crib.  Tina woke up screaming.  Matty rushed into
the living room, started acting like a normal dog,
barking loud & chasing the rat away.  The baby woke up
crying while Matty barked.
     "What's going on?" asked Mrs. Enid, coming out of
her room.  She saw the dog chasing all over the house
& into the kitchen.
     "You're a very bad puppy, Matty!" she scolded,
"Waking up Mrs. Hunter, the baby & making me miss my
favorite game show.  What's going on?"
     "Mrs. Enid," Tina said in a sickly voice, "That
baby puppy's a hero.  He saw a rat approaching the
playpen & started chasing it."  Tina then saw the dead
rat that Matty killed with his baby paws.  Mrs. Enid
was shocked!
     After disposing the rat, Mrs. Enid allowed Matty
to stay in the playpen with Derek since he saved his
life.  But Tina was concerned that Derek might get
attached to Matty before Scott comes home.  Mrs. Enid
had a late Christmas gift for Derek, a stuffed puppy
that looked like Matty.
     At the Disney World Beach resort, Cody was in the
muscle beach section lifting weights with other dudes,
sporting some Guts Swim Briefs.  Then @ a snack bar,
he spots Melissa working the counter taking orders. 
So Cody leaves the gym to hit the snack bar.  Cody
comes up to her & starts flexing his muscles.
     "Are you going to order something or you're just
wasting my time?" she asked.
     Cody grabber a mike & started rappin,
     "Yo!  Melissa, my name is Cody.
      The newest White Angel who plays drums &
      I love you girl, will you go on a date?
      I'll pick you up @ precisely 8:00!"
     Melissa then grabbed a squeeze jar of mustard &
splurted Cody's body all over with.  Then she blew a
whistle & security arrived.  They inform him that this
is a family beach & only swim trunks are allowed. 
Cody was broken-hearted.
     Moments later, Cody's in the shower cleaning off
the mustard he was splattered with.  Then she spots
him as Cody asks,
     "You forgot the ketchup?"
     "Cody, I'll go on a date with you." said Melissa,
"You got to introduce me to the band, especially
dreamy Eric Hunter.  Maybe Eric & I could do
     "What?!" yelled Cody, "You're using me to get to
Eric!  Eric happens to have a wife, child & domestic
helping out.  You won't date me because of park rules,
I'm a very nice guy myself!  I wanted to fall in love
with a girl tympani player &..."
     "First off Cody," she snapped, "I'm a part-time
musician!  I don't intend to play for the rest of my
life like you are.  You're using me because I play
     "And you're using me to get to Eric!" snapped
     Cody & Melissa started kissing each other
passionately.  They were in love.
     That night, Melissa took Cody to a very private
room full of band instruments.
     "This is where I store my tympanis @ night." she
said, "Sometimes, I practice for an hour."
     Melissa uncovered 4 tympanis & then handed some
mallets to Cody.  Melissa played a fanfare solo first,
then Cody played a hard rock fanfare solo that turned
Melissa on.  Then they both played hard drum rolls! 
They dropped the mallets & started kissing!
     Pleasure Island, New Year's Eve finds not only
The Stratler Brothers, but TWA getting ready for their
telecast.  The telecast had the band do three numbers
while the Stratlers had two songs.  Cody managed to
get an autographed picture of the Stratlers to send to
his dorky brother.
     Back in Philadelphia @ 11:33 pm, Tina was feeling
better as she & Mrs. Enid tuned into the telecast on
QBC.  Even baby puppy Matty got to watch tv while
Derek was sleeping.  At 11:35, the show started.  We
find Rob Parker up in Times Square starting the
     "Hello folks, I'm Rob Parker of The Prize Is
Priced.  Here I am again @ Times Square freezing my
head off with thousands waiting for the ball to come
down.  We're live on the air waiting to bring good
music to you.  From Las Vegas @ the Carnival Casino,
Fig Newton!  From Houston, Texas, Q-Crew!  From
Nashville, Dolly Pardo.  And from Walt Disney World in
Orlando, The Stratler Brothers & The White Angels.  So
relax & enjoy our telecast."
     The show opened with TWA doing "Tropical Breezes"
that featured Ben & Fred.  The telecast had TWA, Fig
Newton & Dolly Pardo performing live while Q-Crew &
The Stratler Brothers performed on taped coverage.
     Around 11:55, after commercials, Rob Parker told
the viewers what happened that past year including his
Daytime Emmy win for Best Game Show Host.  Then @
11:59, the ball came down & the crowd cheered when it
reached the bottom.  20 wonderful had arrived!
     People celebrated all over Times Square as
confetti came down.  Except for Eric, the band members
had their families on stage to celebrate the new year.
 Even Melissa went up & started kissing Cody.  Tina &
Mrs. Enid threw confetti & hugged.  They laughed @
Matty as he's chasing confetti all over the living
     Around 12:07, Rob Parker wrapped up his coverage
     "Have a happy new year.  This is Rob Parker
reminding you to take your dog & cat for it's yearly
check-up @ the veterinarians."
     Matty got scared, he zoomed out of the living
room, up the stairs & headed to Mrs. Enid's room,
jumped on her bed & fell fast asleep shivering!
     The second number the band did featured Frank &
Victoria.  Their third number's "City Cowboy" that Joe
sings & features him & Bart playing guitar soloes.
     When the band was @ the airport about to go back
to Philadelphia, Melissa came by & spotted Cody.
     "I think you're very handsome on stage playing
the tympani."
     Cody blushed.
     "Sorry I have to go Melissa." said Cody, "But I
will e-mail you.  Just don't give out my personal
e-mail to strangers.  I'll come back to Orlando &
sweep you off your feet."
     "I'm doing fine the way I am." she said, "But it
would be romantic."
     Cody & Melissa started kissing.  Then Eric had to
break it up by grabbing Cody so they could make the
plane back to Philadelphia.