Eric Hunter's Acting Debut in a TV-Movie

          Malibu, California. The Hunter family & Mrs. Enid moved into a cool beach house Zack Roberts provided for them. Eric had his own padded room to keep his drums & tympani in so he could practice anytime he wished without disturbing others. Eric's going to portray his Beach Dudes hero, Zack Roberts, in the tv-movie.

          Before Eric began doing the Beach Dudes tv-movie, he had to shoot a music video that was part of The Beach Dudes concert.

          The Beach Dudes is a legendary band whose members are dressed for the beach. The band consists of Jesse (beach comber; lead singer/guitarist), Dalton (surfer in trunks; lead guitar), Dillon (wetsuit; bass guitar), Brandon (lifeguard; keys) & Zack (muscleman in Guts; drums/tympani) with their manager Scooter.

          The band's playing their hit songs while fans enjoyed the gnarly sounds. When the song was over & fans cheered. Jesse says,

          "Thanks, dudes & babes. The next number's a song the Romans & Jerichos wrote. But before we do it, Zack Roberts brought a friend to jam with us."

          Suddenly, when Zack played tympani music, Eric came out in his Guts, flexing his muscles like a bodybuilder. Then Eric started playing as Zack flexed. Then they played a hard drum roll together as fans cheered. When they stopped, they shook hands. Then The Beach Dudes performed the song with Zack on drums & Eric on tympani.

          Here in Malibu @ the beach.
     Surfing the waves is the thing to do.
          Put on your wetsuit or your cool swimwear.
    You can have fun with your boogie boards too.

    You can be happy riding the waves,
          Surfing will give you a natural high.
          Or gliding a skateboard, so don't take drugs.
    Cause that will hurt you & you won't fly.

    Going to school can be cool too.
          Learning's a thing that can be fun.
     A good education's the key to success,
          Without it, you won't have a place in the sun.

          The band performs on various instruments & then they put a finish with Eric playing tympani.

          When the video was done, Eric followed Zack into his dressing room & said,

          "Man, you are my hero! You look so cool wearing the Guts playing the drums & tympani! You really inspired me!"

          "Glad I can inspire a fan." said Zack, "When I joined The Beach Dudes, I was a real bully to start with. No one ever gave me a chance because of this body. You're a true friend, Eric. Sorry I was a little rough @ the Hottie Hunk Pageant."

          "It's cool." said Eric, "Can't wait to shoot the movie. Anything I can do to prepare to be you?"

          "Yeah, get rid of the beard & moustache. Shave it off. I didn't have facial hair @ 18."

          A few days later, a clean-shaven Eric Hunter reported to the movie studio to film The Beach Dudes tv-movie.

          Eric faced long days of filming the movie, it took six weeks to film the project. The movie dealt with how the band started & their ups & downs.

          The first scene with Eric (as Zack) occurred @ the beach. Jesse & his girlfriend, Wendy, were soaking up rays lying in the sun over beach.

          "Watch your language!" warned the censor.     "I said sun over beach, not..."

          "Never mind, my error. You heard that on a Benny Hill game show sketch!"

          Anyway, Jesse talked to Wendy saying,

          "Too bad my cousin had to quit the band. Now I'm out a drummer."

          "Maybe it's a sign." said Wendy, "Why not get a job & quit your hopes of ever making it in music."

          "I like doing music!" said Jesse, "It's in my blood. I just know that The Beach Dudes will make it someday. All it takes is another drummer."

          While they were relaxing & soaking rays, they heard a snare drum roll & cymbal crash, followed by a drum solo. Jesse & Wendy got up & saw from a distance, a musclebound dude in swim briefs playing the drums while other musclemen flexed their bodies or worked out on the weights.

          "Aww man." groaned Jesse, "That's Zack Roberts, the high school bully. I wouldn't hire him if he's the only drummer in California."

          "Maybe he's your bottom of the barrel." explained Wendy, "But he's your only hope if you want to keep The Beach Dudes alive."

          So as Jesse got up to go over there, another muscleman went over to Zack, grabbed his sticks & tore em in half.

          "You're a freak!" he yelled, "Musclemen can't be musical & you're not so hot playing the drums!"

          "Yeah!" yelled Zack, "I like my body & playing the drums! Got a problem?"

        The two musclemen started fighting each other. When he knocked Zack down, he went over & punched out his drum set tearing his drum heads. Zack got up & beat the crap out of him for what he did. The beach police arrived & arrested both of them for disturbing the peace.

          A few hours @ the station, Zack was in jail for not having a license to play music on the street & disturbing the peace. The bailiff came over & told Zack he had a visitor. Zack was surprised to find it was Jesse.

          "What do you want?" he asked, "I always beated the crap out of you."

          "Zack," Jesse explained, "We can forget our high school differences & be friends. I need your help bad. Will you be in The Beach Dudes? My rock band."

          "Don't toy with my emotions." said Zack.     "Look!" Jesse snapped, "You can either rot in jail or be part of my band. I'm willing to bail you out, get you some new drum heads & some drumsticks. Is it a deal?"

          Zack agreed. Jesse kept his word releasing Zack & bought him some new drumsticks & drum heads to repair his drum set.

          Days later @ Jesse's garage, the other band members weren't too thrilled of Jesse's choice.

          "You got the high school bully as our drummer?" asked Dalton.

          "Man, we're doomed!" said Brandon.

          "He's not wearing swim briefs on stage!" said Dillon, "We don't need a freak in the band."

          "Swim briefs," said Scooter thinking, "That's what we need exactly! You guys dress for the beach. You got a lifeguard, beach comber, a gnarly surfer dude, a wet suit snorkeler, now we got a muscleman. Let's keep him."

          "All right, but you'll be the only member who doesn't get to sing or get a solo." said Brandon.

          Zack started fighting Brandon! Then Jesse & the guys had to break up the fight. Jesse told Brandon that Zack's an equal part of the band.

          That summer, The Beach Dudes got many local gigs & performances. They weren't too bad of a band.

          But it was @ an empty church that when they practiced up for the upcoming 4th of July gig, fate would change. During practice, Zack uncovered a pair of tympanis. And when they were doing a song, Zack got off the drums & played a tympani fanfare/drumroll.

  The other band members were ticked off.

          "Zack!" yelled Brandon, "Get off the tympanis! That's the church's property. Just be glad my dad let us use this place to practice."

          "The tympani's awesome!" said Zack, "I want to include it with my drum set."

          "Chill!" said Jesse, "I think Zack's tympani piece works with the song."

          "No!" said Brandon, "If Zack wants tympanis, he has to pay for them! And we certainly can't afford that kind of money for them in our budget."

          Weeks later, Zack decided to try to earn those drums. How? By dressing himself as Super Hunk to appear on the classic game show, "Let's Win A Bundle!" hosted by Pat Ajax.

          The game show opens with the announcer bringing a display along the aisle of the Lucky Players Floor. There were three keys that could open a safe containing a trip to Hawaii. Pat went down the Lucky Players Floor, he picked Zack & two female contestants (one was a witch, the other Raggedy Ann). They each got to pick a key. The other band members were in the audience watching Zack play.

          "He's doomed!" snickered Brandon, "My mother watches that show & male contestants always get stinged! Once every four episodes do men come atop."

          First, Pat dealed with the witch offering her $500 for the key, or keep the key & try it in the safe or take what's behind the curtain. The witch took the curtain. Pat tried her key & it opened the safe! And behind the curtain, Pat's Chicken Coop with 10 live chickens inside! Then he turned to Zack & felt his muscles saying,

          "My my! You must really be a super hero with all those muscles. These are real! What do you do for a living, Zack?"

          "I play drums in a band. I use to be a muscleman on the beach. This body's drug free!" flexes his muscles & girls scream.

          "OK OK, this is Let's Win A Bundle, not Chippendale's!" quipped Pat Ajax, "You have a key that could be your ticket to Hawaii. It may be a winning key or a dud. So I'll also offer you $500 for the key or you can keep the key or you can take what's behind the big box Cheryl Merrill's standing next to. Which do you want?"

          The audience yelled advice to him & Zack decides to keep the key. But behind the box was a new dishwasher! Then Pat tried the key in the lock & it opened the safe! Zack won his Hawaiian holiday!

          Next Pat dealed with Raggedy Ann offering her $500, the key or the curtain. She decided to take the curtain & ended up winning a grandfather clock. Good thing, her key didn't open the Hawaii trip.

          Near the end of the show, it came time for The Big Payout! Pat asked contestants he made deals with whether they wanted to keep their winnings or go for a door with a possible chance @ the Super Door. A married couple declined after winning a new car, an old man wanted to keep his trip to Dallas, Texas. Pat finally had some players when Zack traded his Hawaii trip & Raggedy Ann traded her grandfather clock for The Big Payout.

          The Big Payout had 3 doors. Zack picked Door #3 while the lady picked Door #2. Pat shows Raggedy Ann that behind Door #2's a home entertainment system complete with cd player, tv-vcr valued about $4,000. After the hugs & kisses, he turns to Zack saying,

          "You chose Door #3 & we'll take a look @ Door #3 after revealing Door #1!"

          The band was thrilled that Zack would get The Big Payout! For the record, Door #1 had a pizza maker, a refrigerator/freezer, a stove & a trip to Italy!

          Then behind Door #3, Zack won an ice cream soda fountain, a jukebox, an electric guitar & a ninja-styled motorcycle; retail value of The Big Payout: $25,287!

          "Zack's not through yet!" said Pat, "Now we got the Super Door. Behind one door, $3,000, another has $7,500 & another has $20,000! If he chooses the $3,000 or $7,500 door, that's his consolation prize. But if he chooses the right door, he keeps his Big Payout prizes + $20,000 for a grand total of $45,287! What will you do Zack?"

          Zack decided to go for it! Pat asked which door he wanted & chose Door #1. Pat revealed Door #2 had $7,500, then built up the suspense revealing Door #3 had $3,000, that Door #1 had the $20,000! Zack won his prizes back + $20,000 for a grand total of $45,287! Zack jumped up & down & then yelled,

          "For you men out there, THE STREAK IS OVER!"     Surrounding female contestants whacked Zack with their purses for making a chauvinistic statement on tv!

          A month later, Zack got his prizes. He donated the jukebox to his favorite hamburger joint, kept the soda fountain & gave his guitar to Jesse (which he still uses).

          Zack arrived @ Jesse's garage driving his motorcycle with a small U-Hall trailer he's pulling behind the bike. Zack got off the bike, opened the trailer & got out a pair of tympanis he placed next to his set of drums.

          "I did it!" said Zack, then playing a drumroll. Brandon was defeated.

          The movie continued to document the lives of the band. One scene dealt with Brandon's addiction to drugs & how they helped him stay drug free. Their first album was a hit. The band took turns singing & Zack got one song plus he got a chance to play a tympani solo.

          In a later scene of the movie, the band's appearing on ROCK-TV's Spring Break @ Beach City, New Jersey. The guys were waiting to go on after the Hottie Hunk contest. Zack's relaxing in a tent until he heard somebody playing his drums, then his tympani.

  Zack rushed out & saw a teen bodybuilder wearing Guts, showing off on his drums. After the contest, Zack learned that the teen beat the college dudes. He goes over to him saying,

          "Dude, I'd smack you for playing my drums. You're a totally gnarly drummer & tympani player! You should play in a band. What's your name?"

          "Eric Hunter." he shakes Zack's hand, "You're my idol! That's why I have this bod, also to impress the babes! I'm gonna be the next Zack Roberts!"

          "CUT!" yelled the director, "Print it!"

     The actor who portrayed Eric said,      "I'm going to be the next Eric Hunter!"      "Deja vu!" quipped Eric.

          After filming, Eric finally got to relax with his family in California playing with Derek, taking his wife out to eat & treating Mrs. Enid to a shopping spree. Eric grew his facial hair back as well.

          A week later, Eric got a visit from television producer named Mick Eisner. Mick's known to create a few action shows.

          "I saw you shoot that tv-movie." said Mick asking, "How would you like to be on the hottest action show girls drool over?"

          "Not DAP (Dudes Action Patrol)?" asked Mrs. Enid, "My heart swoons when I watch that show."

          "You mean the show about 3 former motorcycle cops who form their own agency & help out the weak?" asked Tina.

          "That show gets criticize of having a black, white & Mexican working together despite the color of their skin." said Eric.

          "Look Eric," Mick reasoned, "The white actor left the show to do a sitcom. And with your body & personality, you can make it. You'll work with Quick Baskin & Mario Slater. Please sign the contract."

          As Eric's about to sign, he asked if he could play the drums on the show as well as sing. Mick didn't feel comfortable of having a musical episode.

          "What about Quick Baskin & his jazz guitar?" asked Mrs. Enid.

          Mick agreed to his terms just to keep him happy & for him to join DAP.

          While watching summer reruns, the family saw a new promo for DAP. The three dudes are driving motorcycles together, then they show them in an action fighting scene. Then Quick plays his electric guitar & sings while Mario plays the drums with brushes. Then Eric & Mario pump iron, show off their bodies & play tympanis.

          "Former White Angel Eric Hunter joins the cast of DAP this fall! Your tv will heat up!" said the voiceover.

          "Dada!" cried Derek. The family started to cry, then he cried,


          The family cried for joy. Mrs. Enid left the living room & went into the kitchen telling me,

          "Thanks for fitting that part into the story, Larry!"