The 100th Fanfic

          I found myself @ an old tv show set. It's Cory & Topanga's little dorm apartment used on "Boy Meets World." At their apartment, I saw some college books & notes on their table from their studies as well as sheet music for marimba.

          "This couldn't be!" I said, "Cory Matthews really plays the marimba?"

          Then on the wall there was a picture of Eric Matthews playing tympani, a pic of Shaun Hunter playing the sax with Jack Hunter on guitar.

          Just then, I heard some spooky noises coming from their closet. So I went to investigate & found the same time continuum vortex that Topanga went through. So I opened the vent & was vacuumed into the portal.

          While I was twirling through the vortex, an evil magician appeared & said,

          "Ho-ho! Once you land in my turf, you'll be my prisoner you spy!"

          "Not Hoo-Doo from Lidsville!" I said, "Go back to Match Game where you belong & zap Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly!"

          "Oh no!" he cried, "He found out my secret!" & Hoo Doo disappears.

          I suddenly landed back in the land of Shangrila where the scene turned to black & white. There I got up & went over to Rory's. I got myself some coffee & doughnuts while sitting by the piano player.

          The detective was figuring out where the strange mysterious girl came from. Then he thought that he was the only one who thought this dame's about to run amok. The pianist shouted,

          "That's it!"

     The detective then snapped,

          "No singing, piano player! Rory's rules!" shows a sign that reads what he just said.

          "I can sing if I want to! Rory's just jealous!"     The pianist & detective got into a fight! I had to step in & break it up. The pianist spotted me saying,

          "There's the troublemaker that wanted me to sing! Get him!"

          "That's not how the scene went!"

          "It could've if we didn't listen to Larry J. Hall!" said the pianist, "Police!"

          The police arrived blowing their French whistles. One cop grabbed me while other cops broke up the fight. The cop asked who I was & what was I doing here. I explained that I just wanted to relax @ Rory's until that fight broke.

          The cop took off his moustache disguise to reveal he's...

          "Allen Trick!"

          "This was all a set-up to get you here, Larry!"     The scene was now back to color. Allen escorted me from that scene to a stage with a throne. He told me to sit down. Then he grabbed a book & said,

          "Today, we honor one of the truest Lawrence Brothers webmasters on the internet. Larry J. Hall, This Is Your 100th Fanfic!"

          The studio audience applauded me. Now this story goes into script form.

ALAN: When did Larry became a Lawrence fan? It started in 1983 when Join joined Gimme A Break. And in 1986, his little brother Matthew joined the cast. They even appeared singing together @ the 1986 Macy's Parade. Then came the Lawrence combo of Johnny B. Goode. However, Larry didn't know that Matt performed for a 2nd time because the local affiliate passed that episode up. In 1994, Larry felt he was stung by Super Human Samurai Syber Squad. Look @ this clip.

SAM COLLINS: Let's rock, 1-2-3-...


SAM: Not again! (I'm watching the show)

LARRY: You got that right! DIC won't ever let Matt play the guitar & sing. I've had it, I'm switching to... (TV remote clicks & Jeopardy! theme's heard)

ALLEN: In 1995, after many "Whoas!" on Blossom, all 3 Lawrences starred on Brotherly Love. (Shows BL clip)

JOE: Hay Matt, you know a burger place?

MATT: Yeah.

JOE: Hop on!

(Matt hops on Joe's motorcycle with Joe driving off) LARRY: Cool! That gives me an idea!

ALLEN: So Larry started using his noodle writing ideas. It's a fact that union rules prohibits taking unsolicited story ideas from the viewers. So what's the next big thing? The internet.

LARRY: When I first surfed the web, I liked looking @ entertainment webpages for photos, guestbooks & links. Then I discovered "Fan Fiction" where webmasters &/or fans can write their own story based on the theme of the webpage. In fact, my 1st fanfic ever written wasn't about the Lawrences, it was The Power Rangers.

ALLEN: So in 1998, Larry wrote his 1st Lawrence fanfic based on Brotherly Love. But he also met somebody through the internet who would become his partner & e-mail pal. Ladies & gentleman, David Fagin!

(Audience applauds as David enters. He shakes Allen's hand & I hug David.)

ALLEN: These two are more like Hanna-Barbera.

LARRY: I prefer Filmation better.

ALLEN: David's been a Lawrence fan longer than Larry.  What do you do David?

DAVID: I'm the one behind the drawings of the fanfic characters. I also have my on fanfic webpage as well. Larry's very clever with his writing making such terrible puns & names like Okra Wimpy.

LARRY: I'm a terrible artist myself. I once submitted some work & it turned out ugly. So David did a better job. The only drawing I have on the web is off my game show page, The Game Show Witch!

ALLEN: Larry began submitting stories through Lori's Brothers Lawrence. When Lori limited him to a fanfic a month, he had to find another webpage. He found Marquarita's site. Then on Lori's Message Board, he discovered a fan who liked his stories & has his own Joey Lawrence fanpage, Ingo Meyer. Then Ingo became his new submitter until he couldn't handle it after the Community section was shut down. That's when David Fagin picked up the pieces for him.

DAVID: I'm proud to be part of the partnership that Larry's built over the years.

ALLEN: Ingo also encouraged Larry to start a newsletter he puts out monthly. And with 25+ members, the club is going strong. So Larry, this is your moment. Anything you like to say?

LARRY: Yes. (Getting off the throne) I hate to do like Carol Burnett, any questions from the audience?

MAN: Have you ever been embarrassed after writing a fanfic?

LARRY: In my SCB California fanfic, I wrote Marquarita into the story as a fan going to the Denver concert. I found out later she's a he!

LADY: Do you write other real people into your fanfics?

LARRY: Lori, David, Ingo, Diana. And I do like to write myself into the stories.

PETER: What made you put Brian the Dog in your fanfics?

LARRY: I like Family Guy that once it was gone, I kept the Brian spirit alive by putting him into a few fanfics. Then I gave him a nephew, baby puppy Matty, a tamed version of Brian.

JAN: In your White Angels, why do you have Fred Savage playing the vibes?

LARRY: Because Fred fitted the part.

GIRL: What about Will Friedle? I don't picture him playing the drums & tympani.

LARRY: When I was putting TWA together, the band would have an airhead for a drummer. So Will Friedle's my choice for Eric. I even gave him a new hair look & He-Man body to get girls sighing.

MAN: I don't picture Cindy Crawford playing trumpet. Who's idea was that?

LARRY: David gave me the idea for Victoria.

TJ: What made you decide to have Super Cool Andy go from a kid to a teenager?

LARRY: To make it more inetresting. And yes, I gave Andy a girlfriend.

MAN: Do you have any lost fanfics?

LARRY: As a matter of fact I do. Back in 1999, I wrote two fanfics & couldn't decide which to post as my 47th story.

ALLEN: Interesting. You had 2 stories, one would be your 47th. How did you decide?

DAVID: Larry decided after the outcome of the BMW wedding episode. If Matt would've played the guitar & sang @ the wedding, fanfic 47A would be posted. The story had Super Cool Matt going to Chrysler Town facing Cobra in a showdown. When Larry visited me in Lafayette, he handed me that story.

ALLEN: But since Matt didn't & you were disappointed, fanfic 47B was posted, The Lawrence Brothers Variety Christmas Show.

LARRY: Correct! Question?

LADY: You promised to write only 50 fanfics. Why did you break that promise?

LARRY: I was sort of scared by the Y2K bug. I wanted to accomplish something before that virus hitted.

SAM: Why do you prefer Matt singing over Joey Lawrence?

LARRY: Because Matt got robbed too many times.

MAN: Why do your fanfics involve motorcycles & music?  You must have a one track mind!

LARRY: Just call me a monorail! (Audience laughs)

          Allen escorted me back to the throne where I sat & he said,

          "Question time is over. Now Larry since you wrote this story on your birthday, we got a surprise for you. Listen."

          Electric guitar music's heard, then I saw Matthew Lawrence on a stool playing his guitar & singing,

          "Happy birthday Larry, the inetrnet author.     You reached 100 stories, here's a song for you.

            Looks like he's got all of the luck.

            And we will never be the same a-a-a-gain!"

    I was so thrilled & overwhelmed! The other Lawrence Brothers entered along with the actors who play TWA. A cake rolled in that read "Happy Birthday/100th Fanfic, Larry!" After blowing out the candles, Matty came up to me & licked my face!

          "Before we leave," Allen said, "We would like to present this plaque to Larry for his achievement of his writings over the years."

          I got the award & started crying.

          "Don't cry," said Matty, "You'll dehydrate!", licking my tears.

          We all had cake & punch which ended the show.