by Larry J. Hall

          In the middle of December in the Roman yard, we find Liz & Scott Roman shoveling snow off the walkway.

  When they nearly finished, out came kid dog Matty wearing a little dog coat.

          "I just love snow!" cried Matty, "Looks like a big snow cone!"

          Matty went into the snow & started eating the snow off the walkway. Buttercup saw what Matty did & told her son,

          "You shouldn't eat snow, why not play in it. Have some fun."

          So Liz & Scott helped Matty make a snowdog that looked like his Uncle Brian.

          That afternoon, Matty was reading up on Christmas books looking @ all the pictures. Then he got an idea. He got some spare paper & some of Liz's crayons along with an envelope. Matty started writing,

          "Dear Santa Dog, I've been a good little puppy. Please send me some dog treats along with some snow cones. Love Matty."

          Scott grabbed the letter, read it & started laughing!

          "Matty, there's no such thing as Santa Dog! Santa's for humans, not dogs!"

          "Santa's for all animals!" cried Matty.

          "Forget it, there's no way Santa will fulfill that wish."

          Matty started crying & went to his dog bed. Buttercup came growling @ Scott & asked,

          "How can you do that to your best friend? Always putting him down, discouraging him from being like his Uncle Brian, a human dog. Maybe you should switch places with Matty in a dream!"

          That afternoon, Scott took a small nap & had that dream. He woke up to find he was a dog!

          "Man, Buttercup wasn't kidding!" said Scott, "I look like Matty."

          Just then, he saw himself coming into his bedroom.

          "There you are Scotty!" he said, "You messed with Matt's guitar again didn't you?"

          "I just wanted to be like my Uncle Brian." said Scotty in disbelief, "I'm a talented little puppy!"

          "Well as long as I'm your master, you'll be an ordinary dog!"

          Scotty started to cry like Lucy until Scott woke up when Matty licked his face.

          "What a weird dream!" said Scott, "We switched roles. I was a dog & you were me."

          "Maybe you'll be a little kinder to me. After all, it's Christmas Eve." said Matty.

          Scott hugged his little dog while Buttercup was happy with them.

          That night, the Roman family (with Buttercup & Matty) were watching Christmas specials on tv. First, they saw a missing Boy Meets World Christmas where Eric Matthews was dressed as Santa & Jack Hunter was his little elf. A gentleman with a guitar case comes to Santa.

          "Aren't you a little old to be sitting on Santa's lap?" asked Eric.

          "I don't want to sit on your lap, I want your elf to croon a tune. That's my Christmas wish!" I said while I got out my guitar.

          Jack started playing my guitar & sang "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree". Afterwards, I gave him a $100 tip. Eric thought I was too much generous.

          "You must be Bob Barker!" quipped Eric.

          "No," I said, "But have your pets spayed or neutered!"

          Then a girl comes up to Jack saying,

          "My name's Diana Michelle Valverde! You're not only good looking, but you have a great romantic singing voice just like Matthew Lawrence! Would you give me a Christmas gift?"

          Matt went over to her & standing underneath the mistletoe, gave her a romantic kiss. Diana was in heaven!

          After a few tv shows, Joe gets out his electric guitar & starts playing Christmas carols with the family singing. Even Matty gets to sing.

          Around 9:30, Lou sent the kids up to bed while Buttercup had Matty go to sleep. But Matty rushed into the kitchen, got some snack crackers & a martini glass.

          "Matty!" Buttercup said, "You're too young to drink!"

          "No, Momma. This is for Santa Dog." explained Matty, "Can't wait to see what Santa Dog brings me."

          Around Midnight, we find the children safely tucked in bed while Matty's still stirring over seeing Santa Dog. So he got up off his dog bed, went downstairs to find Joe dressed as Santa assembling a toy for Liz while Lou brought him milk & cookies.

          "What a silly dog." said Lou, "Matty thinks there's a Santa Dog."

          "There is a Santa Dog!" cried Matty.

          "What next, the Great Pumpkin!" teased Joe.     Just as Matty's about to cry, the chimney started to drop soot down the fireplace. Joe & Lou couldn't believe that Santa Claus arrived along with a dog. The dog also wore a Santa suit & looked exactly like Brian the dog.

          "Uncle Bri, I mean Santa Dog!" cried Matty as he went over to hug him, then licking his face.

          "Stop it, little boy!" said Santa Dog asking, "Hope you haven't been crying. You probably have with Scott teasing you all the time."

          "Santa Dog, I've been a nice little dog."     "Probably nutty, instead of naughty! Go get your momma dog."

          As Matty went to get Buttercup, Santa Dog laid down some presents while Santa did the same for the humans. Buttercup was thrilled that there is a Santa Dog.

          "Merry Christmas, Buttercup & Matty!"

          Santa Dog brought them a cannister full of dog bones. Then he told Matty to look in his cooler & he saw,

          "Peppermint flavored snow cone! Yum!"

          Matty started licking his treat while Santa Dog had some crackers & a martini. Buttercup was thrilled when she got a dog coat for Christmas & Matty got a few books to read.

          "Well," Santa Dog said, "Gotta go. My next stop's East Westerland to give presents to a blue talking dog along with an sensitive orange cat & a loudmouth green bird. Merry Christmas!"

          Santa & Santa Dog left the house.