The motorcycle band continued along I-35 South in Texas. When they reached Denton, Eric pulled over & took a pic of the highway signs I-35E & I-35W together (I-35E going to Dallas, I-35W to Fort Worth). "What a coincidence! Just like Minnesota!" exclaimed Eric. The band went down I-35E to Dallas. They took the downtown exit & headed to The Rudolphus, the red brick hotel. Parking was a problem though Ray had to park in a lot & the band parked their motorcycles in the hotel parking garage. When they looked @ the hotel, Jason quipped, "I bet they'll be holly jolly generous & give us The Burl Ives Suite! The room's worth it's weight in silver & gold!" The band groaned over those terrible puns! Inside the hotel, they saw a very fussy desk clerk , with an uppity additude,talking to his new employee. "Remember," pointed the clerk who had a British accent, "When you're here, never leave your post for any reason! And never ring the bell for any assisstance whatsoever. Use mental telephaty!" "Why that strange rule?" asked the new employee. "To get you framed & fired!" he said laughing! Then he saw the band. "Motorcycle hoodlums @ my hotel? What nonsense! I don't know why a gang like you would stay @ a sophisticated classy hotel like The Rudolphus. Yesterday, I had to get rid of teenage girls waiting for Matt to arrive. Is he the next Elvis?" "My record company booked us here!" explained Ray. The desk clerk verified it & was embarrassed indeed. Then after he gave them keys to their rooms, the desk clerk said, "Mr. Walters, telegram!" Ray read it to himself; "HOUSTON CONCERT POSTPONED! HURRICANE BEVERLY THREATENS HOUSTON AREA, STOP! CONCERT RE-SCHEDULED FOR OCTOBER 2. SPEND EXTRA FEW DAYS IN DALLAS ON US!" PACIFIC RECORDS Ray told the band about the situation as the bellboys got their luggage. The band had rooms on the 16th floor. Ben & Velma were celebrating their wedding anniversary that week. The bellboy brought their luggage to their room & was amazed. "You're Ben Sanders, The White Angels' vibist!" he said, "My name's Eddie. Come check me out down @ the lobby tonight." "I'll do that." said Ben as Eddie unloaded their luggage. Ben gave him a $5 tip. "Ben, let's have a romantic time here in Big D." said Velma as they kissed. The next day, Ray let the band tour Dallas with their families. The Romans saw the sites of Downtown Dallas including Reunion Tower looking @ the view of the city. When they left, Liz & Scott saw city trains @ Union Station. "I'm hungry!" cried Scott. "I wanna ride a train!" whined Liz. "Can I help?" I asked. "What are you doing in the Dallas fanfic Larry?" asked Joe. "Evacuating from Beverly." I explained, "May I suggest an idea that will make both kids happy?" The Roman Family & I boarded the green train over to Irving. Then @ the end of the line, we caught a bus to a nice restaurant called Bristol's, a family pizza parlour. At Bristol's, we had a buffet of pizza, pasta & salad. Liz & Scott loved the games, Lou liked the decor & Joe liked the guitar music performed who played the same guitar Matt has, he also had a good voice. Liz, Scott & I had fun making our own ice cream sundaes. As we were about to leave, Joe met with the guitarist & gave him an autograph. The guitarist then played a Joe Roman guitar solo. Then we rode the same bus to green train back to Downtown Dallas. Joe asked me if there's a zoo, so I told them to take the red train going south. Joe gave me a backstage pass for their Hurricane Harpoon concert. That night, Ben & Velma had a romantic candlelight dinner @ a fancy restaurant. Afterwards, they boarded a horse & carriage going back to the hotel. "Remember you had the hots for me?" asked Ben, "You wouldn't leave me alone until I started dating you." "Yeah," sighed Velma, "That was a magical moment. But I'll never forget you surprised me @ Club Philly when you got to sing! You were the first member to sing outside of Joe." "Velma," Ben said, "Before we leave Dallas, you & I are going to have a baby." "Remember your promise." sighed Velma. The carriage arrived @ The Rudolphus. Ben & Velma got off & entered the hotel lobby. Then they heard vibes music going & saw Eddie playing an expensive golden vibraphone & had another vibes set next to him. Eddie played a slow romantic tune with Ben & Velma dancing. When the song's done, "Cool vibes work, Eddie." said Ben. "Hey Ben, how about a jam session?" asked Eddie, "I got my other vibes out." "I don't think so." Ben said. But Velma urged him to jam with Eddie. So Ben grabbed some mallets & got to play on the golden vibes while Eddie had the spare vibes. Eddie played "Tropical Breezes" & Ben jammed along. Ben played vibes solo #1 & Eddie played solo #2. After the jam, Eddie handed a pic of Ben on his vibes for Ben to autograph. Eddie got his own photo out & autographed it. "Nice jammin with you." said Ben as he & Velma headed to the elevator to their hotel room. The next morning, the band drove their motorcycles south down I-35E to take U.S. 67 South to I-20 West going to Hurricane Harpoon, a waterpark between Dallas/Fort Worth. They arrived early around 9:30 am because Ray had another surprise for the band. Copper Hunk Suntan Lotion honored the band (except Victoria) as Summer Hunks of 2000! The PR wanted the band to have a photo shoot before opening the place to the public. Then he had brought out the Copper Hunk Bikini Babes as the guys howled! "No!" Frank said firmly, "We don't want strange babes, I want Victoria & the band's spouses or fiances!" The band took off their muscle shirts as the girls howled! The girls spread some Copper Hunk Suntan Oil on their hunk bodies & the photos started flying. Other pics included Victoria lying on a beach towel watching Frank serenading her playing his trumpet. Ralph in an outdoor shower washing off chlorine, Jason boogieboarding, Ben & Fred going down water slides, Joe & Bart pumpin iron with dumbbells & Eric playing a tympani solo with the Bikini Babes watching him. "Eric! Do you always have to play the tympani?" asked Frank. "Hey, it's Eric's trademark." said Ray, "Since that ROCK-TV appearance, the band's been skyrocketed to stardom. Eric's personality is what the girls like. After all, he did arrange for your ROCK-TV gig & made you popular in Guts." Frank went over to Eric to shake his hand. "This must be a trick." Eric quipped. "Relax Eric," said Frank, "I'm sorry for dissin you about the swimwear. You really had guts to make us wear Guts & our music's hot, thanks to you." After the group pic, the band left because the park opened for the public. Why wasn't Matt involved? Matt, Phoebe & I were @ the famous PBL Lanes in Grand Prairie. Matt always liked to go bowling & had his own bowling shoes. We had a good match with strikes, spares, even a 7-10 split converted. It came down to the 10th frame & I needed 15 pins to beat Matt. But then I choked when I threw a gutterball, the same way Del Ballard Jr. lost a bowling tournament. That afternoon @ Hurricane Harpoon, I got a backstage pass to TWA concert. I even got to do soundcheck messing on Ben's vibes. Then Joe & Bart played guitar soloes, Eric a drum & tympani solo & the other band members having mike check. Ben told me I was a very gifted vibist for someone who plays by ear. I got to see the show backstage watching Matt & Phoebe performing. Then Joe would join Matt doing "Motorcycle Brothers". Then TWA rocked DFW with their music as girls screamed over them wearing their Guts. That night in Ben Sanders' hotel room, Velma was in a bikini waiting for her husband. Ben came out of the bathroom wearing his Vibes Man super hero outfit he last wore on "Will You Be My Daddy?". "You look handsome as Hanson!" sighed Velma. "I'm only doing this for you, Velma." complained Ben asking, "Can I @ least take off the boots?" Velma nodded & Ben took off his boots. Then he played a vcr tape of him (as Vibes Man) playing a slow romantic tune on the vibes as they danced. After the song, Ben & Velma jumped into bed. They started making out to a fast upbeat vibes solo Vibes Man played on the vcr. The next day, the gang checked out of The Rudolphus & saw that new desk clerk who was there. "What happened to Mr. Fussy?" asked Joe. "The old guy got arrested for parading around in a clown costume! I took the pic & showed it to the police." Eric lead the way on his motorcycle & took the wrong road down I-45 South. The motorcycle band & van followed Eric, then suddenly, thunder & lightning happened along the road. "Do not travel down this road!" said a mysterious voice. "Oh no!" cried Joe & Matt, "The Interstate 45 Curse!" "You got that right!" yelled the voice as the band saw me, "Pay no attention to that man behind the box on the display floor!" The box went away revealing 10 chickens in Monty's Hen House. Then a duck call was heard, followed by wah, wah, wah, WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! "A Let's Make A Deal gag." sighed Ray. Then it started raining! Eric finally came to his senses as he took the green signed Business Loop 45 exit to Corsicana. When they did, the clouds & bad weather turned into sunshine! Eric had to visit the famous fruitcake factory/bakery. The employees were thrilled to see Matt, Phoebe & the band as they bought various pastries. Joe & Matt saw me with a chocolate meringue pie I just bought. I told them it's a very cool place to visit & as Hurley (3 Scrooges) would say, "Being from Corsicana, I'm sort of a fruitcake myself!" Joe slammed a pie on my face & Matt put a pie over my head! "The I-45 gag's not funny!" they said!