Along the streets of Philadelphia, we find Liz Roman taking momma dog Buttercup out for a walk.

"I just hope he's there." cried Buttercup, "Taffy's a good dog, why would he be in the dog pound?"

"Maybe a stray dog." said Liz.

Who's Taffy? That's Matty's poppa dog. But since this story's about Buttercup, let's focus the story on her.

Buttercup was born of the same litter with Brian the dog. Unfortunately, she never got acquainted with the runt when he was taken away as a puppy. How did she get her name? When the humans took her to have her bathe, along the way she started sniffing the flowers, especially the buttercups. One of the humans said this puppy sure likes buttercups that they named her Buttercup. When she went back to Biscuit's pen, she spoke her first word, "But-ter-cup!"

"You can talk too!" said Biscuit, "Don't let anyone know or you'll be taken away as well like Brian was." Months past & a couple from Austin who visited that puppy mill decide to adopt Buttercup. She was thrilled to have a family.

Three years later, the husband told his wife that they're moving to Philadelphia for a better job. But the wife didn't want to leave Buttercup behind. The husband told her that the apartment complex doesn't allow any pets. So what's to become of Buttercup? The wife told her husband about a puppy mill/miniature golf course & that her cousin Jeb's a hired hand.

When they arrived in Philadelphia, they first went to Grandpa Dewey's Puppy Mill/Miniature Golf course outside the Philadelphia city limits. Cousin Jeb was thrilled to meet his cousin. Then Buttercup came out of the car. She saw that it's a puppy mill & didn't want to be locked up in a cage. Grandpa Dewey came over to examine her to see if this is a female dog. But Grandma Daisy tells him,

"Let's keep this dog as our own house pet."

So Buttercup became their house pet dog. She loved keeping Grandma company or playing with Jeb. And when Grandpa saw Jeb & Buttercup playing around, he knew he had a special dog.

"You know, we could enter Buttercup in the dog show @ the county fair next month! She could win a ribbon."

So, Jeb started preparing her to do tricks for the fair while Daisy gave Buttercup a bath to look attractive. The day of the county fair arrives & Buttercup's in her stable while the humans enjoy the fair. Then she saw a very handsome dog.

"Hello, my name is Taffy! Who are you?"


"Pretty name for a pretty dog."

Buttercup blushes.

"How about after the fair you & me make beautiful music together?"

Buttercup was in love. But the humans came back from their enjoyment & got ready for the dog show. Taffy went back to his stable, dreaming about Buttercup.

At the dog show, each dog was judged on appearance & grooming. Then they were trotted along the arena for a walk (Jeb handled Buttercup). After that, each dog did some tricks. Buttercup really put on a show when it came to doing tricks.

The judges awards the blue ribbon to Buttercup! Grandpa Dewey's so proud that he always boasted about his prize winning dog.

Days later @ the puppy mill, Buttercup's playing in the meadow until she got a surprise! Taffy came along.

"Oh Buttercup, I can't live without you! Will you be my girl?"

"I love to, Taffy!" she sighed. Then they started making love along the meadow. However, Grandpa Dewey saw what was going on & fired his shotgun up in the air!

"You leave my prize winning dog, alone!" he yelled.

A month later, Grandpa saw that Buttercup was expecting puppies. So he took his dog & locked her in one of the stables. She was very sad that she went from a house dog to a slave.

Back to the present. Just as they were going over to the dog pound, they saw a dog catcher going by. What was he doing there. Then Buttercup heard a dog howling in the alley.

"Is that you, Taffy?"

Liz took Buttercup into the alley & sure enough hiding behind trash cans was Taffy. Buttercup was so thrilled to finally found Matty's poppa dog.

"Does this girl know we can talk?" asked Taffy. Buttercup nods, "You gotta help me get away from that dog catcher! Please, I'll do anything!"

"How about visiting my son?" suggested Buttercup, "I remember you came by the stable to see my children. But I also have a runt & he lives with me."

"Too insecure?"

"I'll forget you said that!" snapped Buttercup, "I got a plan."

Along the street, Liz is walking her dog until the dog catcher arrived & netted her dog!

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked, "This is my dog, Buttercup! She's got a license."

"Sorry little girl." he said, "I was looking for a stray named Taffy! Looked just liked your dog."

At the Roman yard, Scott & Matty were playing fetch with a frisbee. Matty would catch it with his mouth & then throw it with his paw. Then he saw Liz coming home with Buttercup.

"Momma!" cried Matty, "You're back!"

"You must be kid dog Matty!" said Taffy. Matty was surprised & scared!

"You're not my momma dog, you're a stranger!" cried Matty.

"Matty get a grip! I'm Taffy, you're poppa dog!"

"Really?" asked Matty getting mad, "How come you weren't there for my momma, her children & me? I had to be raised by Grandma Daisy!"

"Matty, there's a reason for everything!" explained Taffy, "Please forgive me."

"I want my momma dog!" cried Matty & started crying like Lucy!

Just then, Matty spotted Buttercup running for her life trying to avoid the dog catcher. As she made it to the yard, the dog catcher got her in his net! Then he realises that he had the wrong dog because Buttercup gave Taffy her dog tag!

Lou comes out to find out what's going on. The dog catcher tells her that this dog's a stray & is going to the pound. Buttercup cries, "That's Matty's poppa dog! I wanted to try to find him so that my child would know who his poppa dog is."

So Lou agrees to buy a license for Taffy & to adopt Taffy as well.

That night in Scott's bedroom, Matty felt very lucky to have his momma & poppa dog around. After having a orange snow cone, Matty hugged Buttercup & Taffy before going to his dog bed.

"Good night, poppa & momma dog. Woof!" Matty goes to sleep!