Ralph Andretti's Bio

BAND MEMBER; Ralph Andretti 
PORTRAYED BY; Ralph Macchio 
(Karate Kid)

When Ralph was 8, he got into
trouble for playing the church 
organ.  So he decided to learn
how to play the organ.

Five years later, the pastor 
was impressed of his talents
that he got to play a solo @
the Christmas Eve service.

On that same Christmas, the
family surprised Ralph when the
family got a double keyboard
organ for Christmas.

Every Halloween, Ralph would
play eerie tunes for trick 
or treaters.  He would also
play & sing pop tunes for his

Ralph then worked @ Super Music
where he'd meet his wife.  The
best moment was when the Flyers'
owner asked Ralph to play an
intermission set @ a hockey game.

Frank discovered Ralph @ the
store & asked him to join TWA.

After the tour was over, Ralph
took a job offer to be the
stadium organist for The Mighty
Ducks hockey games.