Joe Roman's Bio

PORTRAYED BY; Joey Lawrence
(Brotherly Love, Prince For A Day, etc.)

Joe's a gifted singer/musician.
When he was 12, he self-taught
himself to play the guitar.  At 14,
he got his 1st electric guitar.
Joe played rock, jazz (& disco;
using a wah-wah pedal).  He & 
Frank became best friends when
they first jammed.
Joe gave up the guitar for a 
motorcycle & decided to be a
motorcycle racer.  A few years later,
he became a mechanic in Philadelphia.

He got back into his music through
his community service as Super
Cool Joe.  When he won The 
Philadelphia 200, he got a trip
aboard The SS Rosita where he got
reunited with Frank.

When Joe was about to marry 
Lou, Frank advised Joe to pursue
a music career & join TWA.
Joe plays a Washborn brown
suburst electric guitar!  Not
only is he a super guitarist, but also
the lead singer.

The picture you see is Cowboy Joe!