Bart Smith's Bio

INSTRUMENTS; Tenor Sax & Guitar
PORTRAYED BY; Jason George
(Sunset Beach, Titans)

Bart grew up in the ghetto side
of Philadelphia.  He's played
the sax since he was 10 years
old.  Music was his ticket out
of the ghetto.

His older brother taught 
him to play the guitar to
prepare him for high school
jazz band (some band members
doubled on 2 instruments).

He got married after graduating
high school.  So he gave up
the sax for the real world,
sometimes playing for fun & in
small combos.

When Bart played in the park,
Frank discovered him & asked
him to join TWA.

When Bart messed on a guitar for
Joe, Frank insisted that he also
playd the guitar.  Bart plays a
solid white Washborn, however
he likes playing rhythm & gets
few guitar soloes.  He respects
Joe Roman's playing.