Eric Hunter's Bio

BAND MEMBER; Eric Hunter
INSTRUMENTS; Drums & Tympani
PORTRAYED BY; Will Friedle
(Boy Meets World, Batman Beyond)

The youngest member of TWA, Eric
started playing drums @ 10.

While on Spring Break, Eric
particpated in ROCK-TV's
Hottie Hunk!  Girls screamed
when they saw him in Guts Swim
Briefs & cheered Eric on when he
borrowed The Beach Dudes'
drums/tympani to show off 
his musical talents as a drummer
& tympanist.

Even though he won the contest,
his parents grounded him for
wearing that swimwear on tv.
So he ran away & lived with his friend.

After high school, Eric became 
a fashion model.  When he
wasn't modeling, he would play
the drums @ the park.
Frank discovered him & helped 
Eric get back on his feet as
TWA's new drummer/tympanist.

Eric likes playing the tympani
because it has a powerful sound.
Eric gets to play his tympani a lot!
He also liked to drum roll!

Around Christmas, Eric met Tina
(The Coolest Babe winner when he
won The Hottie Hunk contest).  
Tina proposed marraige to Eric as
he accepted.

Eric's parents visited Channel 44
that day before the Christmas
His Dad gave him back the trophy (with
$2,000) & they buried the hatchet.

Check out this hot pic of He-Man Eric playing tympani!
It's also has Eric's new facial look!