Part 1
It was the night that Andy just celebrated his 9th birthday. Just as he was about to change into his pajamas, his mom, Claire, came into the bedroom.
"How did you like your birthday?" she asked.
"It was fine." he said, "But I wish Joe had been there, instead of working on a car."
"Joe's not too busy." she said, "Why don't you go down and talk to him." Andy grabbed his camera and rushed down to the garage as he saw Joe wearing some cool shades and a trench coat.
"Happy birthday, Andy!" he said as he pulled off the trench coat to reveal a super hero outfit as Andy took a pic of him. Andy looked at his Superman-type outfit and saw the S-Cool-J on his chest.
"S-Cool-J?" asked Andy as Joe then got on his electric guitar & played as he tapped his right foot activating his wah-wah pedal as he sang, "Happy birthday to my brother, who's so fine.
Who today, had birthday #9.
May all your wishes all come true & fro, From your brother, Super Cool Joe!"
Joe started playing a guitar solo as Andy snapped a picture. Joe got off the guitar and had a talk with Andy.
"You're growing up." he said, "This is the last year you'll see me wearing a super hero outfit, except for costume parties. Any requests?"
Andy had Joe pose by his motorcycle. Then he got on & gave a thumbs up. Then Andy put down his camera, put on his helmet & said, "Let's roll!"
Joe then took Andy on a motorcycle ride around the neighborhood. As they approached Interstate 287, Joe speeded down I-287 North as Andy said, "Awesome!"
Then a gang of teens in a convertible spritz some beer on Joe as they laughed at his costume.
They weren't watching the road as they skidded off the freeway.
Joe got off his bike as he fought those punks. Just then, a motorcycle cop & a car cop came by to break it up. Andy was scared that Joe was going to be arrested. The bike cop asked Joe to ride escort to the police station with him.
At the police station, Andy was scared & crying as Joe scolded, "No more motorcycle rides, ever!"
Joe then talked to the sargeant as he explained what happened along I-287. "You broke the law!" said the sarge, "Disturbing the peace on the road's a $250 fine! Next time, send him a Hallmark!"
"Sarge!" as the car cop approached, "That super hero's a real hero! We found drugs in the trunk of the convertible & beer cans from those underage kids."
"A $500 reward, now you have $250." the sarge pointed out.
"I want Joe Roman's charge dropped." said the biker cop, "I recommend 200 hours of community service under my supervision."
"Very well." he said, "Collect your $500 reward & you'll serve your 200 hours of community service as long as you don't darken this precinct again. You and the kid are free to go!"
As they left, the biker cop told his plan to the sarge, "He's going to make a good role model!"
The next day at the garage, Joe was working on a car when that same motorcycle cop visited the garage.
"So, this is the Bat-Cave." joked the cop as Joe stopped working as he went to him. Then he noticed his guitar & guitar case full of sheet music.
"You play?" he asked.
"Just as a hobby." Joe said, "And not in my Super Cool Joe outfit." "I'm Jamal Burton." he said as he shook Joe's hands, "I play the drums in a band with three other motorcycle cops. We call ourselves The Biker Dudes. We play rock music for kids.
Our songs deal about being drug free, saving our planet, positive influential songs."
"You're trying to knock McGruff off the top 10?" kid Joe.
"Yeah." Jamal said, "And our band's going to have a guitar playing, singing super hero!"
"No!" exclaimed Joe, "I'm through with the costume!"
Jamal got some handcuffs as he was about to arrest Joe.
"Joe Roman." explained Jamal, "Your community service consists of being our newest member of The Biker Dudes. You'll be Super Cool Joe, lead vocals & guitar. You could be a Philadlephia legend. Report to my house for band practice nightly at 7:00. And wear the costume." as Jamal wrote his address down.
That evening, Joe had his guitar case strapped on his trench coat as he drove his motorcycle to Jamal's house. He found four other motorcycles parked at his driveway. He got off and went to the garage where Jamal was playing the drums.
"Joe!" Jamal said as he stopped playing as the other three came to the garage. Then Jamal started playing a timpani drum roll.
"Presenting our newest member of The Biker Dudes!" Then Joe pulled off his trench coat, "Super Cool Joe!" Jamal stopped as the band looked at him as Joe posed.
"Super Cool Joe's the defender of our children's future. He's super cool because his body & mind's drug free."
Then as Joe strapped on his electric guitar, Jamal introduced him to the other band members. "On bass guitar, Jack Milam."
"Cool costume." Jack asked, "Made it yourself?"
"Ballet tights & swim briefs!" Joe explained.
"On guitar, Mark Donavan."
Mark noticed that Joe played the same electric guitar he has, except Mark has a brown sunburst & Joe's was red.
"Awesome!" exclaimed Mark, "Were totally brothers with our hollowed bodied guitars!" "And on vibes, Michael Baldwin." "Vibes?" asked Joe, "Don't you play keyboards? Or is this a jazz band."
"Chill." Michael explained, "I like percussion keyboards & the vibes are slammin. Check it out, hit it!"
The band played a hip hop beat as Michael played a cool vibraphone solo. Joe was impressed.
"Awesome!" Joe replied.
For 90 minutes, Super Cool Joe & The Biker Dudes played a jam session. Afterwards, Jamal went to his kitchen to get some drinks. He handed each member a brown bottle. Joe drank his & was surprised, "Root beer!" Joe exclaimed, "I thought it was beer!"
"Biker Dudes Rules; a member's alcohol free, drug free & smoke free." said Jamal, "We're role models for kids."
"Joe," Michael said, "When I played in a jazz band, I smoked because I wanted to go along with the guys in the band. After the band folded, I became a motorcycle cop & met Jamal.
He told me I could join The Biker Dudes if I quit smoking. Joe, I feel better about my smoke free body. Jamal not only gave me a second chance at music, but a second chance at life."
"Tomorrow we're going to practice our songs for our act." said Jamal, "Joe, you can ditch the super hero outfit for band practice, wear it only for concerts & other endorsements. Why don't you get some sheet music & write a couple of songs. See you guys tomorrow."
As Joe put his trench coat on & strapped his guitar case, Mark came over to him.
"You're not a bad guitarist, Joe." as Mark asked, "Do you have a wah-wah pedal like mine?" Joe nodded "Cool! Maybe you & I could double the sound & sing together."
A few days later, Matt heard Joe play his guitar in his bedroom as Joe sang silently to himself.
"Writing a song for Lou?" he asked.
"Can you keep a secret, Matt?" asked Joe as Matt nodded.
"What I'm going to say to you, I don't want Andy to know about this until later. Ever heard of The Biker Dudes?"
Matt rushed out as Joe followed him to his bedroom. Matt then showed Joe an old poster of the original gang on motorcycles (Jamal & Mark were in at the time). Then Matt showed Joe their first CD made five years ago.
"I didn't think cops can play music, but they can kick rock!" said Matt.
Joe then told Matt about his community service.
"You're driving a motorcycle, playing guitar & singing, all in a super hero outfit you made?" Matt asked, "Grow up!"
"Shh!" Joe whispered, "Andy would swarm over me if he knew I was Super Cool Joe. Keep this a secret for now!"
Joe then telled Claire, Lou & Lloyd his secret as well.

Part 2
The weeks past as Joe Roman not only fixed cars, but also practiced with The Biker Dudes.
One day, he got a call from Jamal asking him to wear the costume for that evening's band practice. When he did, Jamal had a surprise in store for him.
"We have a police auction every year." explained Jamal, "And a used police motorcycle was redone & customed. And now, feast your eyes!"
The guys then wheeled out the used motorcycle, but it looked new with a green finish. On the sadddlebags, it had Biker Dudes & where it said "Police" on the front, now reads SUPER COOL JOE.
"Totally awesome bike!" Joe exclaimed, "I feel like I won on Let's Make A Right Price! Can I drive it for a test run?" Jamal handed the keys to Joe, then handed him a green helmet that he put on.
Joe liked the sound of the engine as he drove around. Then, he speeded down Interstate 287 for a few miles & this time had no trouble. When he came back, Joe was pleased of his new motorcycle.
"It's not yours to keep." said Jamal, "Only ride it on gigs or videos. Speaking of gigs, we got our first concert at Jefferson Elementary."
"Ah, man." Joe groaned, "That's Andy's school!"
"I'm sure Andy will be proud of you now." said Jamal, "Let's load our equipment so the roadies can handle it."
The day of the concert came as Super Cool Joe & The Biker Dudes did their first concert.
The kids looked at him strange because he was an unusual super hero who played music.
Then they did a rap song as he played the guitar and rapped, "Yo! I'm Super Cool Joe. The musically talented super hero.
I don't have super powers like others do, But I got a message from me to you.
Be strong, stay in school, be true you see, Drug free's the way to be!"
Then Joe played a guitar solo, followed by Michael's vibes solo & Jamal's drum solo.
Then Andy showed some encouragement as he chanted "Cool!" and the kids started cheering for the band.
"Thanks!" Joe said, "Our next number features Mark & I. As you probably noticed, we play the same guitar, different colors. Mark & I wrote this song."
Joe & Mark sang their song as the band rocked and Andy danced. At the end of the school day, Andy went backstage to meet his brother & The Biker Dudes.
"Why did you make a fool of yourself at our concert?" asked Joe.
"What are you talking about?" said Jamal, "That brother of yours saved our act! He should be our fan club president!"
"Joe," Andy explained, "My friends didn't like seeing a rockin' super hero. I had to show some encouragement. That's what brothers are for."
"I suppose you want a ride home on my Super Cool Joe motorcycle." said Joe.
"That too!"
Just then, Andy's teacher, Mr. Ennis came.
"I saw your act five years ago! Great idea having a super hero in the band!" said Mr. Ennis as he asked, "How would you like to make a 2nd CD?"
"You still own that recording studio, don't you?" asked Jamal, "We'll do it!" as the band cheered.
Super Cool Joe gave Andy a ride on his motorcycle home. Andy told the gang that Joe & The Biker Dudes are making an album!
The weeks passed as Joe got some endorsements. He did a couple of posters of himself & with The Biker Dudes. Andy ran a website for Super Cool Joe & The Biker Dudes where he was president of his fan club.
One Saturday morning, Joe and the gang were watching a local show called "News 4 Philadelphia Jr."
"Joe, why aren't we watching cartoons?" Andy asked.
"They're showing a cool story about me!" Joe said.
"As long as Belinda Cass didn't interview you!" said Claire, "I hate her!"
"You mean 'The Snooze Lady'!" said Lou impersonating her sophisticated voice.
"Yeah!" said Lloyd, "She & Harvey Swindler are annoying, the ought to get married."
The show started as a reporter talked about today's News 4 Philadelphia Jr.
"Batman, Spider-Man, watch out!" said the reporter, "There's a new super hero in town.
Our Belinda Cass, The Snooze Lady, talks to a rockin' super hero."
The scene switched to a concert as Super Cool Joe played the guitar and sang. Then the camera switched over to her, as she said in her sophisticated voice, "Hi, I'm The Snooze Lady! If it's cool news, it's not worth the snooze! Today, I'm at Grover Cleveland Elementary where I'm about to interview Super Cool Joe!"
On the interview, Super Cool Joe told The Snooze Lady how he became a Biker Dude. But you already know this by reading this fanfic already.
"What makes you so super cool?" asked The Snooze Lady.
Joe replied, "Being confident, true to others, having respect for the law, keeping fit & being drug free."
"Keeping fit!" she said as she winked, "Why don't you ditch the guitar & sing with your microphone in your hand so you can show that body of yours?"
"Biker Dudes Rules; everyone plays an instrument." said Joe as The Snooze Lady asked, "A lot of doubting Thomases think you're nothing but a phony full of pads!"
Joe started flexing his muscles.
"This is my real bod! I pump iron & swim every day!" Then The Snooze Lady felt his muscles all over his body & said, "He's quite a catch, girls!"
That's when Super Cool Joe lost his super cool as he pushed her away from his body.
"This is a family show, not Montrose Palace!" he yelled, "That's no way for a reporter to act! This interview's over & oh yes, I have a girl friend!"
The reporter back at the studio reported The Snooze Lady was fired. Then Joe apologized to the viewers.
"That was bad behavior, Joe Roman!" scolded Clare as she turned off the tv & smiled, "The Snooze Lady got hers & I'm proud of you!"
But Joe and Lou were kissing.
More weeks passed as more endorsements followed. The band's album came out, an action figure of Super Cool Joe & his motorcycle, and even a full length video.
In the video, there were four music videos of Super Cool Joe & The Biker Dudes. All five got to drive their motorcycles together on one video. There were also three adventures of Super Cool Joe as well.
The gang got to be in the video. One adventure had him rescuing a professor (Lloyd) & his beautiful assistant (Lou) from a villainess (Claire). The second had Andy being tempted by his friends to shoplift, just to join a club. And Super Cool Joe straightened them out. The third had Matt wearing a football uniform sporting a #24 jersey as he played football.
After football, Matt ran into two strangers.
"You know kid," said one stranger, "I got something here that can get you into the NFL." as the other showed him some drugs.
"I'm not a loser, I'll make the NFL honestly!" said Matt.
Then the second stanger grabbed his arms as the other tried to get him to take drugs.
"Don't mess with athletes!" said a voice. Super Cool Joe entered as he fought those drug dealers. Even Matt punched one out.
"You saved my drug free life." Matt said as he shook his hand.
"Keep saying no to drugs!" said Super Cool Joe, "You want a lift home?"
On the road, Matt got to drive the motorcycle as Super Cool Joe rode behind.
One day at Roman Garage, Jamal came over to talk to Joe.
"Jamal." said Joe, "I think I'll go back to being Average Joe Roman."
"Fine with me." Jamal said, "I was going to tell you your 200 community service hours are done. And I got something for you in this envelope."
Joe opened the envelope to find a check for, "$44,000?" as Joe looked surprised.
"Your royalty share for the songs you wrote." explained Jamal, "But you got one last gig to do."
It was at Downtown Philadelphia for a Philly Fest as the Mayor honored Super Cool Joe.
"Citizens of Philadelphia." the Mayor opened, "Our drug & crime rate gone down. Kids are learning to be drug free with the help of our costumed troubador, Super Cool Joe! So today, we're going to give him the key to our city, a plaque to honor him for a day & are going to name I-287, The Super Cool Joe Expressway!"
Fans cheered as he received his plaque & key, and started to cry as he gave his speech.
"Thank you Philadelphia!" cried SCJ, "What I'm about to say will stun you. I'm giving up the costume & going back to my normal life!"
Fans were stunned, but Andy was proud of his brother.
"Before I retire, one more song." he said as he went to the band. He told them no playing.
Joe played his electric guitar by himself & sang one last song. And when it was over, he heard cheers as another tear fell from his face.
Joe went back to normal, the costume & motorcycle were put in the children's museum & Andy closed his fan club on the website. Oh yes, Harvey married The Snooze Lady.