It's been months since Joe Roman & Lou Davis were engaged. The wedding was coming in a few weeks. Joe Roman was working in the garage until he saw Matt driving home on his blue motorcycle.
"How did it go @ the tuxedo shop?" he asked as Matt got off.
"Bad news & good news." explained Matt, "Bad news, most tuxes were already rented for other weddings & proms. Good news, I rented some cool white tuxedoes for 50% off sale."
"White!" yelled Joe as he was about to punch Matt out when Lou entered.
"Joe, Matt made a good choice." she said as he let go of him, "If the bride can wear white, why not the groom?"
"Man, I can't do anything right to please Joe." said Matt in disgust, "I'm going upstairs to practice on my guitar."
Joe impersonated Ricky Ricardo, "No Luthy, you're not performing @ my wedding!" as Matt cried like Lucy,
"Don't forget Joe, you're coming over to my house for dinner."
said Lou, "I want my parents to know you. My kid brother Danny's the biggest Super Cool Joe & The Biker Dudes fan, that his bedroom's more like a museum."
That night @ the Davis' household, Joe & her family had meatloaf for dinner as Lou's dad grilled him just like a hamburger.
"So you & Lou work together." said Dad, "I want my daughter to have a husband with a future. Are you planning to get a suit & tie job?"
"No sir, I'm happy fixing cars." said Joe.
"At least you gave up your motorcycle for a car." Mom pointed out.
"Louisa, what do you see in Joe?" asked Dad.
"Joe's muscular, sensitive & talented with his hands."
"What?" they yelled as they stared @ Joe.
Lou explained, "Joe's talented hands are used when he fixes cars or plays the guitar."
"I hope you don't try to be a musician or I'll disown you." said Dad as it was an insult to Joe.
After dinner, Joe visited Danny's bedroom as he was impressed with all the Super Cool Joe items he had.
"I can't believe Super Cool Joe's marrying my sister." said Danny.
"So what's your favorite songs?" he asked.
"'Be Safe'" Danny replied, "A cool video where the band drove motorcycles, then they sat on theri bikes & sang the song in unison.
Also that music video where you & Mark play the same guitar & both sing."
"'Stick Together'"
"Yeah!" said Danny, "But 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycyle' rocks! Mike's vibes solo's cool, he made a jazz instrument fit into rock music.
Jamal's drum solo's awesome! Why did you quit the band?"
"Growing up." he said, "Besides, Jamal drafted me into the band as part of my community service."
"He found a talented dude!" Danny complimented, "Good voice, radical songwriter, cool rapper & super guitarist. Joe, I don't care what Dad says, you should play in another band."
Lou entered the bedroom & asked,
"Has Danny been talking your ear off?"
"Yeah, your brother thinks I should play in another band." kidded Joe.
How right he would be. The next day @ Roman Garage, Joe was bench pressing his body as he flexed muscles afterwards. Then as he worked on the dumbbells, he heard someone playing the trumpet. Joe got up & discovered who's playing the trumpet.
"Frank Brandis!" exclaimed Joe as he shook hands with him, "What are you doing here in Philly?"
Frank explained, "I lost my cruise ship gig to a saxophonist. So I'm settled in Philly forming another cool band. I want your lightning fingers in the band."
"No." Joe said firmly, "I'm giving up the guitar because I'm getting married."
"Congratulations!" said Frank, "Three members of my band are married. Joe, you gave up your dreams to be a motorcycle racer to be a mechanic. Don't do the same for music. You deserve it."
"Have you ever had a real 9-5 job?" asked Joe.
"Yeah, when I was a teenager working @ Pizza Man Pizza. I entertained kids with that super hero outfit I wore." said Frank, "I only got that job so I could buy that white trumpet for $1,000. I remember you visited me & surprised me wearing that Batman costume.
Then you had the nerve to play the electric guitar as Batman & when I went to your table, I saw that white trumpet. I was so glad, I jammed with you playing trumpet as Pizza Man. The manager kicked you out & I got fired!"
"And you told him, you can't fire me, I quit!"
"Joe, I never quit music. I had persaverance! Come to my studio around 8:00 & we'll have a jam session."
Lou entered as she saw them talking,
"How have you been Frank?" she asked as she hugged him.
"You must be Joe's bride." he said, "Nice catch, Joe."
"What are you doing in Philly?" she asked.
"I'm getting a band of Philadelphia musicians together." he said,
"I call my new band The White Angels cause we wear white tuxedoes."
"How about a gig playing @ our reception. It's held @ the North Banquet Room of The Park Place Hotel." she said as she wrote down the date for him, "I think Joe would make a great White Angel."
"No Lou," he said, "I'm giving up music." winking @ Frank.
That night, Joe drove his convertible to the music studio where The White Angels practiced. Frank came & helped him carry his guitar & amplifier to the studio, meeting the rest of the band.
"Joe, meet the rest of The White Angels. Bart on sax, Jason on bass guitar, Eric on drums/tympani, Benjamin on vibes & Ralph on organ. Guys, meet my high school friend, Joe Roman on guitar." (Bart, Ralph & Jason were the other married members).
Joe was impressed with the band as he plugged his amp & strapped on his electric guitar. Then Eric played a tympani drum roll shouting, "JAM SESSION!" Eric played a tympani solo as Frank cooled him down.
"Chill Eric." he said, "Let's jam!" as Eric played the drums & the band played a jazz number in unison. Then Frank told Joe,
"Feel the power, Joe."
Joe played a guitar solo. After playing, Frank played a trumpet solo, then Ralph's organ solo, Bart's sax solo, Ben's vibes solo, Jason's bass guitar solo, & Eric's drum solo. Than Frank told Joe to play another guitar solo. Joe was electrified when playing & felt the power playing another guitar solo. Then the band put a finish as Eric played the tympani with Joe accompaning hin on guitar. The band liked their new guitarist.
"Welcome to The White Angels, Joe Roman!" said Frank.
"COOL!" exclaimed Joe, "How about letting me sing? Can you guys play rock?" he asked as Joe played a guitar solo, followed by a rhythm riff as the band played & Joe sang "You Really Got Me!" When he finished, Frank said,
"Looks like we got a new lead vocalist as well!"
Days past as the Romans were preparing for the wedding. Claire handled the guest list while Lloyd handled catering arrangements. Joe & Lou were discussing wedding plans when they heard Matt play the guitar & sing.
"How many time do I have to tell you Luthy? No singin' @ my wedding!" 'splained Joe soing Ricky Ricardo.
"But Joe, I got a good voice." pleaded Matt as he cried,
"WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Then Andy passed by as Matt went to scheme with Andy.
"Don't look @ me!" gruffed Andy, "I'm Fred, not Ethel! Pay up your rent or I'll evict you!" as they left.
"Quit doing 'I Love Lucy' & let Matt perform @ the wedding."
"Matt, sing?" quipped Joe, then doing his Ricky Ricardo laugh!
"Shut up!" she snapped, "At least you don't have the guts to play in a band."
"Loe," said Joe, "I'm gonna quit being a mechanic & gonna play guitar for The White Angels."
"Did Danny or Frank brainwash you?" she asked.
"Frank." said Joe, "I gave up my dreams as a motorcycle racer, only winning one race, winning that cruise ship prize. I wanna do something that will make me happy & music's it. This time, no super hero-police band. I'll be Joe Roman, guitarist & singer for The White Angels. If you wanna call off the wedding, fine!"
"Joe," said Lou hugging him, "I'm glad you told the truth. I don't care what kind of job you have, I'll stand by you. If I want to marry a musician, I'll do it. I'll still marry you, Joe Roman!" as they kissed.

That evening, Joe was in his mechanic outfit getting ready to go to his bachelor party. He found Matt sitting on his blue motorcycle.
"Off the bike, Matt." Joe ordered, "I'm gonna ride for the last time as a swingin' single."
"I'm going with you." said Matt, "I got permission from Mom."
Joe insulted Matt saying, "Matt, this bachelor party's for men who adore girls. The only girl you adore is that bingo player from Midlothian, Texas. Lots of drinking, strippin, adult stuff too hot to handle. Get off the motorcycle, Matt."
As he got off, he grumbled,
"First I can't sing @ your wedding, now I can't go to your bachelor party."
"You lose both showcases!" kidded Joe, then insulted doing the Whoop-Whoop-WHOOP! That caused Matt to blow his temper & started a fight with Joe. Claire came down & yelled,
"BREAK IT UP!" as they stopped fighting.
"Mom," cried Matt, "Tell Joe you gave me permission to go to your bachelor party!"
"Maybe if he quits whining like a 'White Carlton', he'll grow up!"
"You're no 'Fresh Prince' yourself!" yelled Matt.
"Joe", she said calmly, "Matt has my permisson to go to your party. Like it or not, it's for your own good."
Joe pointed his finger @ Matt saying,
"You better not act like a baby or I'll beat you up for good!" as he & Matt left, with Joe driving Matt's motorcycle.
Joe & Matt arrived @ the sports bar where his bachelor party was held. The bartender questioned Matt,
"What are you here for?"
Matt whispered & explained to the bartender why he's here.
All of Joe's friends were there as they drank beer & had entertainment. Matt was in another section having pretzels & soda, watching a Phillies-Astros baseball game.
Joe had a beautiful babe stripped down to her swimwear as she danced to a funky beat. Then Joe (drunk) took his mechanic's outfit off as he stripped to his Speedos dancing with her. Then he picked up a microphone & started singing the Rod Stewart hit, "If You Want My Body."
"That's a stupid song!" quipped the stripper as she doused him with water to snap him out, which he never did.
Hours passed & as Matt finished playing pinball, he saw Joe (fully clothed) leave. He rushed out & as Joe was about to drive the motorcycle, Matt saw that Joe was drunk. So he took the keys & had him ride behind him as Matt drove the motorcycle home.
The next morning, Matt was eating waffles for breakfast when Joe entered as he woke up.
"Lloyd told me what you did." he said, "Matt, I wanna apologize for that 'Let's Make A Right Price' insult & starting a fight with you. You acted cool not interfering @ my party, if it wasn't for you,
Lou would've been heartbroken. Thanks for being the designated driver! Matt, you can sing @ my wedding!"
"COOL!" exclaimed Matt, "Apology accepted. Since I saved your life, can I have another wish?"
"Sure." said Joe, "Anything you want." as he shook hands & hugged Matt.
15 minutes later, Matt went into Joe's bedroom as Joe was about to take his mechanic outfit off.
"Leave it on & wear those cool sneakers!" ordered Matt as Joe put on his solid red sneakers. Then Matt got the camcorder as he inserted a new tape in. Then he handed his electric guitar to Joe. Joe then plugged it into the amp.
"Joe, mess on the electric guitar."
"I'll play you a 10 minute song." said Joe as Matt aimed the camcorder @ Joe playing his electric guitar.
Joe played chords & started playing guitar soloes. When Joe chunked chords, Matt got a close up of his right hand strumming the strings. Then he zoomed down & got Joe's right sneaker tapping his foot. Joe stopped the guitar music & continued doing a sneakers solo.
His feet tapped a drum beat, playing a guitar chord every three measures. Then Joe had Matt zoom back up when he played a faster guitar solo. Then he ended the song by rolling chords. After the song was done, Joe asked Matt,
"Did Larry put you up to this again?"
"No," he said, "I read ahead of the script. I wanted to videotape a brother who's going to be a superstat musician. You're gonna make The White Angels a success. I believe in you, Joe Roman."
"Thanks!" said Joe, "How about a 2nd song on me. No sneaker shots!"
Matt had the camcorder as Joe played a 2nd song. Joe played guitar chords & to Matt's surprise, sang;
"I got a brother, his name is Matt.
He's talenetd in music, that's where it's at.
Girls adore his body as you can see,
Keeps his body fit by being drug free.
Helps people out & cares for others,
Matt is a hunk, my favorite brother!"
Joe played a guitar solo. When he finished, he had the camcorder & Matt played the guitar & sang;
"I have a cool brother, his name is Joe,
Drives a motorcycle when he's on the go.
Taught me to drive & stay in control.
Always wear my helmet whenever I roll.
His muscles are huge, he works out so far,
A super cool musician who plays the guitar."
Matt played a small guitar solo. Then when it was finished, Joe hugged Matt getting along better.
Lou had ber bridal shower as she got appliances & other housewares. Since there wasn't a male stripper, I'll continue on.
The morning of the wedding, Joe gathered Lloyd, Claire & the boys as he talked to them.
"I'm giving up being a mechanic & gonna play in The White Angels.
Frank offered me a guitar job. Lloyd, you're the new boss & head mechanic of Roman Customizing."
"Thank you! Thank you!" he cheered as he jumped up & down like a game show contestant.
"Claire, I'm cashing in my share of the business."
"How will you manage?" she asked.
"I still got a few royalty checks left for my Super Cool Joe songs I wrote."
"You mean, you're leaving?" asked Andy.
"Afraid so." said Joe, "That's what you expect in a series finale. Besides, Larry will write my Brotherly Love spinoff, Joe Roman & The White Angels."
Joe hugged the whole gang.
The wedding was held outdoors @ a botanical garden with lots of flowers. Matt was the only one on the altar, setting up his guitar.
In the bride's dressing room, Lou was getting dressed for the wedding when her father enetered.
"Who's that beautiful bride impersonating my girl?" he jokingly asked.
Lou sat down with her father & told him that Joe's gonna be The White Angels' new guitarist.
"Stop the wedding!" he exclaimed, "No daughter of mine's marrying a musical bum!"
"Dad, I approve of that musical bum!" snapped Lou, "He agve up being a motorcycle racer raising Matt & Andy. Now he wants to be a musician in his friend's band. Joe deserves some happiness & goals in his life. Whether he winds up working @ a music store or a superstat musician, I'll be there for him! The wedding's not off!"
"Louisa," he said, "Go ahead, marry a guitarist. Don't let him string you around." as they hugged & laughed @ that punful joke.
The wedding started as Matt played beautiful music on his electric guitar, looking good in his white tuxedo. And as Joe walked the aisle in his white tux, Matt sang a classic from "My Fair Lady",
"On The Street Where You Live".
Lloyd & Andy were next as Andy whispered,
"That's not a wedding song!"
"At least he's not doing 'The Rain In Spain'!" quipped Lloyd as they walked the aisle & stood next to Joe as Matt continued playing guitar & singing that "My Fair Lady" tune.
Then as Lou & her dad walked the aisle, Matt quit singing & played "The Wedding March" as Joe & Lou faced Parson Brown. Matt put up his guitar & stood between Lloyd & Andy.
"Who giveth this bride away?" asked Parson Brown as her dad raised his hand. Then he escorted her to Joe.
"Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today to join Joseph Roman & Louisa Davis in holy matrimony in the presence of God. Do you Joseph, take Louisa to be your lawfully wedded wife? For better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness or health?"
Joe was nervous & scared. Then he remembered an old trick as he pictured Lou in her underwear, as he smiled & said confidentally,
"I do."
"Do you Louisa, take Joseph to be your lawfully wedded husband?
For better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness or health?"
Lou pulled the same gag as she said confidentally,
"I do."
The ceremony went on as Andy handed the rings to Joe & Lou as they said their own vows putting each others ring on. Then Parson Brown asked,
"Other than Joey Lawrence fans, if there's any reason why these two can't get married, speak now or forever hold your peace?" then continued, "By the powers vested in me by the state of Pennsylvania, I now pronounce you man & wife. You may kiss the bride."
The crowd cheered as Joe & Lou kissed as Matt played the guitar.
After the wedding, the photographer shot post wedding pictures of Joe & Lou, Lou's neices as bridesmaids, Joe, Matt, Andy & Lloyd in their tuxedoes. He even took a pic of Matt playing the guitar & singing.
"Gang!" said the photographer, "The pictures should be developed in 24 hours. I take all my business to Prints For A Day!"
The whole gang groaned @ his corny joke.
Claire told the Parson that the wedding was beautiful.
"Glad you enjoyed it." he said looking @ his watch, "I gotta go back to my winter wonderland in the meadow!" More groans as Parson Brown left with more corny jokes.
As Joe & Lou left in a limo, Frank came up to Matt.
"You got a good voice & talent, just like Joe."
"Thanks." said Matt, "I'm only allowed to perform on fanfics. I make it up to my fans since Syber Squad's a show for CHEATERS!"
"Anyhow." Frank said, "How would you like to be a temporary White Angel? I'll pay you $100."
"Cool!" as he shook Frank's hand.
The Park Place Hotal, a quaint setting @ the North Banquet Room where the reception was held. The guests had a fine banquet dinner.
The White Angels performed with temporary member Matt on guitar.
Andy was a little depressed as Lloyd talked to him.
"Joe's married, Matt's in college, what about me?"
"Buck up, Andy." said Lloyd, "You still got me. A few years, you'll be a teenager. Your friends will envy you cause you'll have a bedroom all to yourself & no brothers to tease you."
Matt got into the reception as the guests danced (& Matt sang) "The Hokey Pokey". After the song, Claire started crying as Andy comforted her.
"Don't cry, Mom. Weddings are suppose to be beautiful & a joyous occasion."
"I'm not crying about that." she cried, "I hardly ever got to hear Matt play the guitar & sing." still crying, "A rarity just like two male contestants playing The Big Showcase on Let's Make A Right Price!" bawling as Andy hugged her.
"That's a pointless statement!" he quipped.
Then the reception traditions began. Lou threw her bouquet of flowers as Claire caught it. And Lloyd caught the garter belt when Joe threw it. Then Joe & Lou danced as husband & wife as The White Angels did "It Had To Be You" featuring Ben playing the vibes.
After the song, the crowd cheered as Frank said, "Let's thank our temporary White Angel, Matt Roman for playing guitar & singing."
The crowd applauded, but Claire was still crying as Matt stepped down to comfort her.
"Now let's meet our newest White Angel, on guitar, Joe Roman!"
The crowd cheered as he told Lou,
"Gotta go to work. Gotta get a paycheck." as he went up & grabbed his guitar saying,
"For my first number as a White Angel, I want to dedicate this to my new wife Lou. This song's a Ricky Prince hit."
Joe performed all alone as he played the guitar & sang "Don't Lose Heart". Lou loved it as Matt danced with her.
Finally hours later, Joe & Lou cut the wedding cake. Then he turned to his family to say one last good-bye. He wished Lloyd good luck as the new boss of Roman Customising. Hugged Claire & Andy.
Then he turned to Matt.
"Thanks for being a cool brother." as he shook hands & hugged Matt.
"Thanks for teaching me to drive & giving me your motorcycle." he replied. Then Joe & Lou left in the limo, headed to their honeymoon to The Bahamas!