Things were going well musically for our crime fightin' motorcycle super heroes. Burb Records signed The Super Cool Brothers to a recording contract & released their first album on CD & cassette.
Even though it failed to impact the charts, Parents Entertainment gave their album their seal of approval! The super hero band even made their first music video. They drove their motorcycles on the road & performed in an alley.
Super Cool Andy played a tympani drum roll. Then Super Cool Matt & Joe played rhythm riffs on their electric guitars. Then SC Andy joined in playing the drums as they took turns being the lead singer (again to please every Lawrence Fan).
SC ANDY: Taking drugs is not that cool.
They don't make you strong, Don't be a fool.
You wanna be strong, let me set you straight.
Get your body pumpin & lift those weights.
Believe in yourself, achieve your goal.
Playing sports or even rock & roll.
Just say No & you will see.
That you can really be drug free.
SC Joe played guitar solo #1, SC Andy played a drum solo & SC Matt played guitar solo #2.
We find our super heroes cruisin on their motorcycles. Where are they headed? To ROCK-TV! They were invited to appear on veejay Bill Todson's show for an interview. When they arrived, they sang the anthem,
"Give us our ROCK-TV!"
Now we pick up the fanfic as Bill Todson interviews The SC Bros.
Except for The Flash who played a guitar lick to beat a drug dealer or a Ninja Turtles concert, no comic book super hero would have the guts to play a musical instrument in a super hero outfit. But this super hero trio not only are motorcycle crimefighters, they play as a band. Why?
We wanted to spread our beliefs through music.
How did it start?
We were @ a music store. As SC Andy was taking drum lessons, there was a robbery @ the store. So we fought some crime.
Afterwards, a friend named Larry showed us some song lyrics he wrote.
Then he had me play the guitar & sing in my super hero outfit. I thought he was weird, but then made me realize that it was a cool idea. So we made him a silent partner.
We write music, he writes lyrics.
Why do you sing together or take turns lead singing in a song?
Equality. However, when SC Andy's voice changes, our next album will have each of us sing lead on one song. Joe has a strong voice, he taught me how to sing like him.
SC Andy, how did you get started playing the drums?
My brothers had a drum set when they were kids. They gave it up, so I started playing the drums. I like playing soloes & they let me solo a lot. I also like playing snare drum rolls.
Now you added a tympani. Why?
Because it was a gift from my friend, Pool Watch's AC Lopez. Once I grow bigger, I'll add another tympani.
Who played the guitar first?
I started playing when I was 6. I had a baby Strat. Joe took up guitar when he was 14.
Who's the super guitarist?
Matt. He can play rock guitar great!
Joe's also a cool jazz guitarist as well as a rock guitarist. That's why he plays that red hollowed-bodied guitar.
Matt & I teach each other guitar licks.
We want our fans to think we're both equally talented guitarists!
I got a surprise for you. Although it's part of the non-telecast Granny awards, you have been nominated for Best Children's Album! Thanks for coming & good luck!
As The SC Bros. left ROCK-TV, they meet another band, the infamous Kitch N'Sink! (Any resemblance to this punful title band to a popular singing group is purely coincidental & for parody!).
"Waht a joke you are to the music world!" snapped the lead singer, "Playing 6 string guitar's lame, wearing those sorry super hero outfits bites, & doing message driven song stinks!"
"At least were up for a Granny." said SC Joe, "Parents, teachers & our fans do care!"
"You don't stand a chance!" he said, "You'll lose to Betty The Cave-Girl; 'I like you, you like me, dinosaurs just makes me sick!'" the gang laughed.
Outside the station, they find a guy sitting on SC Joe's bike.
"Get off!" he exclaimed.
"SC Joe, Kitch N'Sink's a bunch of phonys & I can prove it. My name's Greg Lucas. Please take me to your hideout!"
So he handed Greg a blindfold & helmet as they drove back to the penthouse.
At the penthouse, They were @ their private music studio as Greg played SC Joe's guitar & sang. Greg's singing voice sounded exactly like the lead singer's. When he was through, Greg explained,
"They stole my song & voice. They kicked me out because I play 6 string guitar. They're not teen idols, they're pirates!"
"Prove it!" said SC Matt.
Greg got their CD & on track #4, his voice matches Greg's.
That Saturday, we find Kitch N'Sink @ a pizza parlour as the SC Bros arrived.
"I didn't know super heroes eat." quipped one.
"How about you sing one of your songs, please?" begged SC Andy.
One of the members sneaked over to a jukebox. There were no Kitch N'Sink CDs in the jukebox, but a whole lot of Hamson & Super Cool Brothers.
"We don't feel like it." he said. Then they heard Greg playing guitar & singing outside the restaurant.
"You stole our voice!" he yelled.
"You stole his song!" exclaimed SC Joe as they got into a fight!
SC Joe & Matt fought with their fists & SC Andy used his karate.
The manager broke up the fight & then pulled out a gun.
"FIB, investigative police! Kitch N'Sink, you're under arrest for plagiarizing, Milli Vanilling & impersonating a teenybopper band!"
The FIB took them away & Greg thanked them for pulling that sting operation. Greg got credit for his work & became a rock star himself.
The music world was shocked that Kitch N'Sink were phonies! The Granny telecast was ruined now that their scheuled performance was canceled. Host Eli Galveston had an idea to fill the time.
The night of the 44th Grannys came. QBC had the 3 hour telecast live. We find host Eli Galveston on stage.
"Normally, our jazz portion would occur after family hour. We're making an exception tonight because of this performance. Tonight, old & young will come together. Legendary jazz vibist Michael Hampton will jam with a youth, from 'Boy Conquers America', Kevin Matthews!"
The audience cheered as Kevin & Michael shook hands. Then they got to their vibraphones & jammed. Michael played a jazz solo & Kevin played his jazz part. Then Kevin played a hip-hop rock vibes solo & Michael played a small solo. Michael respected Kevin playing rock on the vibes.
About 20 minutes later, Eli Galveston said,
"I want you to meet some fine boys who have principles. Their music reaches out to our youth. Here they are, The Super Cool Brothers!"
Fans screamed as they performed their theme song, with respectable soloes from each brother. After their performances, Eli went to them.
"Because you were too busy crimefighting & couldn't make the earlier awards, I decided to tell you live on QBC that you boys won your Granny for Best Children's Album!"
Fans screamed when our heroes got their award; an old lady in her rocking chair listening to the radio. SC Joe made a speech.
"We want to thank our parents (rest in peace), our fans, parents & teachers in believing in us & to our silent partner Larry!"
"Thanks!" they all said as they left the stage with their fans screaming!