We find Joey, Matt & Andy @ the basement gym. They would swim 4 laps, run 10 laps on a track & would lift weights. Joey & Matt could bench press 250 lbs. while Andy pressed 200 lbs.
When it came time for floor excercises, that was Andy's favorite part. Andy would play his snare drum as Joey & Matt did headstands, tumbles & flips. When they did somersaults, Andy played a snare drum roll.

"Your turn." they said.
When Andy did his flips, Joey played snare drum. Then Matt played snare drum when Andy tumbled. Then Matt played a snare drum roll as Andy somersaulted. Matt then joined Andy as Matt lifted Andy up on his shoulders with Joey snare drum rolling.
Up @ the penthouse, Joey was proud of Matt's muscles growing.
"You sure have a good build." said Joey, "Drug free body pays."
"If you're so strong, why don't you lift Joey!" dared Andy.
"You're on!" said Matt, "In our music room."
In the music room, Matt squatted down as Joey sat on his shoulders. Andy played a soft tympani drum roll. Matt grabbed Joey's ankles & as he lifted to a standing position, Andy played harder & harder. Matt lifted Joey standing & Andy played the hardest! Matt knelt down as Joey got off! But Andy was still playing his hardest on the tympani, so Joey accompanied him playing his electric guitar, played a chord roll & when he stopped, Andy stopped.
"COOL!" said Andy!
That afternoon, Joey was in the SC Bros. website & found some e-mail from comic book king, David Feagan!
"I hope you're reading this, Super Cool Brothers. I would like to sign you boys to your own comic book series. You'll join other heroes, like Bodybuilder Man & our most popular twins, Wonder Babe & Warrior Girl. Please respond, I got a contract waiting. David Feagan!"
When Joey told his brothers that David Feagan was gonna make a SC Bros. comic book, they thought it was cool! Joey responded to the e-mail.
A few days later, the SC Bros. were at the offices of David Feagan Comics as he told the newspaper reporters,
"Hi, I'm David Feagan, President of David Feagan Comics. I'm proud to announce that joining our family's The Super Cool Brothers!
Please sign this contract."
As they signed the contract, David showed drawings of The Super Cool Brothers in comic book form. Their motorcycles, themselves & band pictures.
That night, the SC Bros. were patroling Metropolitan City driving their motorcycles. They saw 2 girls driving a motorcycle/sidecar who looked like Wonder Babe & Warrior Girl. So they followed them down U.S. 57 South, headed toward a cave. The boys got off the bikes & entered the secret cave. SC Joe found a lighted torch as they walked together. When they reached a spot, a trap sprang as the heroes were caught in a net!
"How dare you invade my cave?" a voice asked, "Don't mess with Bocybuilder Man!"
Our heroes saw a hunk who looked like a bodybuilder.
"We're on your side. We're The Super Cool Brothers." said SC Matt.
Bodybuilder Man undid the trap as the boys faced him & said,
"Nice to meet you. Here's my 2 heroines, Wonder Babe & Warrior Girl."
The girls came out as SC Joe & Matt sighed,
"That's a dumb greeting!" quipped Wonder Babe.
SC Andy quipped, "No wonder, Wonder Babe looks like Blossom & Warrior Girl looks like 6!"
"Not a Blossom reunion!" groaned BB Man, "I heard you joined David Feagan comics. You are such a joke to super heroes! Why don't you have any super powers?"
"We don't want to." said SC Joe, "No x-ray vision, super speed, flying over tall buildings. The only super powers we have is making girls scream!"
SC Joe & Matt flexed their drug free muscles as girls reading this fanfic scream!
"Why does an 11 year old boy drive a motorcycle?" asked BB Man.
SC Andy explained, "It teached me to be responsible! The sarge trusted my driving skills & have to fight for the side of good. If I was ever irresponsible, my special driver's license & junior motorcycle would be taken away & would have to wait until I'm 16."
"I see." said BB Man, "There's one other problem I have with you.
Why do you play as a band?"
"Because we got guts!" said SC Matt, "We care about our kids future. So we sing songs with messages in them. Then we rock out on our instruments."
"Bodybuilder Man?" asked Warrior Babe, "We want to hear them perform please?"
Our heroes got to their instruments & sang their theme song (See the Rosie McQuincy fanfic in Lori's website). After they performed, BB Man said,
"If you want to join our family, ditch the music!"
SC Andy reasoned, "I remembered seeing BB Man doing a message about not beating up on others. Take it out on a punching bag, pillow or even the drums. And you played tympani!"
"That's blackmail!" gruffed BB Man as he sighed, "You can keep your music. Welcome to our comic book family!"
BB Man shook hands with each SC Brother & then told them,
"Why not celebrate. SC Joe, take Wonder Babe & SC Matt, take Warrior Girl out on a date. SC Andy & I will jam on the drums."
SC Joe got to drive the girl's motorcycle (with Wonder Babe in sidecar) while SC Matt took off on his bike with Warrior Girl. Then SC Andy played BB Man's drum set as BB Man played a tympani solo!
A month later, Andy came home with a David Feagan comic book.
The boys looked @ the 1st issue of The Super Cool Brothers. David's drawings of the heroes looked cool. The 1st story was how they became the SC Bros. & how they started playing as a band.