Our fanfic begins @ the county prison. That night, sirens were heard as a convict made an escape! He ran for miles & miles avoiding the police, going through the woods. He was successful in ditching the police when he took refuge @ a log cabin off U.S. 68 East. Sounds familiar, it's the same cabin that the Phony Super Cool Brothers hid out, except only Jake escaped! Jake turned on the radio & heard a SC Bros. song. He then smashed the radio onto the floor!
"When I get through with you, they'll be no more Super Cool Joe & his sappy, crappy brothers!" he said, laughing an evil laugh!
The next day, we find SC Joe @ the speedway track driving 100 mph on his motorcycle. The Mayor allowed the SC Bros to use the race track any time they felt like racing, except for racing events (car or motorcycle). After he drove, he went to the pit area, making necessary repairs & keeping his bike tuned up.
As he waxed his motorcycle, Jake sneaked up & hit SC Joe with his gun handle. SC Joe fell down & was out cold!
"We meet again, SC Joe!" said Jake, "I got plans for you & your brothers!"
Jake took his costume off & had him wear his clothes. Then he placed him in his car & drove off! Jake went to a parking garage that was about to be torn down!
At the garage, SC Joe gained his conscious back & was tied to a column! SC Joe realized that his super hero outfit was gone.
"What's the big idea?" he asked as he saw Jake in his outfit.
"I'm Evil Super Cool Joe!" he snarled, "When I get through with your brothers, I'll get you! There's one thing SC Joe wouldn't have."
Jake pulled out a gun!
"NO!" he yelled.
"Yes! Once I kill SC Matt & Andy, I'll come back for you, unless they blow up the garage first!" evil laugh as he took a handkerchief & stuffed it in SC Joe's mouth! Then he drove off & out of the parking garage. SC Joe struggled with the ropes & couldn't escape to save his brothers. SC Joe was doomed, The I Hate Joey Webpage cheered!
"Cut that out!" I said.
As luck would have it, Jake saw SC Matt & Andy cruisin on their motorcycles. Jake honked the horn, getting their attention. They didn't know it was Jake, not SC Joe.
"Joe! Where have you been?" asked SC Matt.
"And why you're driving a car?" asked SC Andy.
"I took my bike to the mechanic's shop!" lied Jake, "Let's go home. SC Matt, you lead the way!"
The SC Bros. went back home. They went up to the 24th floor, back to #2424. When they were home, Jake told the boys, "Leave the costumes on. We're having band practice! I wanna do a song."
In their music studio, Jake strapped SC Joe's electric guitar.
He told SC Andy to play a disco beat. As SC Andy drummed, Jake played rhythm, tapping his right foot on a wah-wah pedal. SC Matt did the same on his guitar & Jake shocked them by singing, "Baby If You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine."
In the middle of the song, SC Matt & Andy quit playing as Jake asked,
"Why did you stop?"
"That song's uncool!" explained SC Andy, "The worst mistake Ricky Prince ever made!"
"I'm tired of singing songs with messages in them." said Jake,
"We're gonna do cool love songs."
"I quit the band!" said SC Matt as Jake grabbed his cape & said,
"You don't quit my band!" he yelled, then slapped SC Matt!
"SC Joe would never do that to SC Matt!" yelled SC Andy & as he went from his drums, Jake pulled a gun out & pointed @ SC Matt!
"Surprise!" evil laugh, "Jake's back!" as Andy hid behind his drum set.
"Where's our brother?" asked SC Matt scared.
"I got your brother tied up about to be demolished @ a parking garage! Now that I know your secret identities, I'll kill you! No more SC Bros.!"
SC Andy sceretly undid his hi-hat cymbals & took a cymbal off the cymbal stand! Then he threw it like a frisbee & knocked Jake out unconscious (Cymbal crash)!
"I'm glad you play the drums!" said SC Matt, "I got the gun, I'll take the bullets out & give it to a cop. SC Andy, go rescue our brother!"
SC Andy grabbed a skateboard & a suitcase as they left their penthouse. SC Matt saw a policewoman in a squad car & gave the gun to her.
"Officer, I recovered a gun from a convict!"
"You did the right thing, SC Matt!" said the policewoman as SC Matt gave him the gun & bullets that was in a box. They saw SC Andy drive off on his junior motorcycle.
As SC Matt went back, the elevator opened & Jake was in it, grabbing SC Matt!
"We're going for a one way ride!"
Meanwhile, the destruction workers & police were getting ready to blow up the parking garage. The sarge saw SC Andy arrive on his junior motorcycle. When SC Andy went inside the garage, the sarge told the workers to postpone the destruction!
SC Andy found Joe as he got off the bike to ungag & untie him.
He explained the abuse that happened & SC Joe got angry! SC Andy handed a suitcase & hid to change into his spare SC Joe costume.
Since SC Joe was too big to ride on SC Andy's motorcycle, he got a skateboard. SC Andy drove off while SC Joe followed gliding on Andy's skateboard!
When they got out of the garage, Andy saw Jake's car zooming by a few blocks down.
"That green car's phony Joe! And he's got SC Matt!" exclaimed SC Andy.
SC Joe borrowed a police motorcycle & chased him all around town speeding! SC Joe activated the sirens as Jake tried to lose him!
"Go SC Joe! Speed!" yelled SC Matt.
"Shut up!" yelled Jake. Just then, his right tire blew out & had to stop the car. SC Joe slowed down as he got off the bike, grabbing Jake out of the car & started a fight!
"You don't ever slap or threaten me or my brothers!" he yelled as he punched Jake a whole lot of times, "I don't ever wanna see you ever again in a fanfic!" more punches as Jake was knocked down. Then SC Joe took the shirt part of the costume off to reveal Jake's tattoo.
The police arrived & arrested Jake & was transferred to a prison 100 miles away & was banished from this town for life!
"Thanks." said SC Matt.
"Hop on, I got to get my motorcycle back." said SC Joe as SC Matt held on to SC Joe driving the police motorcycle.
At the speedway, SC Joe's motorcycle was unharmed.
"Hey SC Joe, let's race!" said SC Matt, "Police motorcycle vs SC Joe motorcycle."
"Cool!" said SC Joe getting on his motorcycle, "To the police station!"
SC Matt drove the police motorcycle as SC Joe raced him along 287 South to downtown police headquarters. When they reached police headquarters, SC Matt got on SC Joe's bike & headed home!
We find our super heroes in the music room. SC Matt played bass guitar, SC Andy played a disco beat on the drums & SC Joe used his wah-wah pedal, playing his electric guitar & singing, "If You Wanna Get Down!"
After the song,
"HEY!" said SC Andy, "Aren't we gonna do an educational/informative song?"
"SC Andy," said SC Joe, "Since you saved my life, let's do that rock shuffle song, featuring SC Andy on a drum solo."
"Cool!" exclaimed SC Andy, "You & SC Matt can sing. I don't feel like singing. Give something the girls can scream over reading this fanfic."
SC Joe tapped a beat & snapped his fingers saying,
SC Joe played a rhythm riff solo for 4 measures, then his brothers joined in (SC Matt still playing bass guitar). SC Joe & Matt shared a microphone as they sang,
"You don't have to act so grown up by starting to smoke.
It ruins your body & lungs, you'll have a stroke.
The same for beer, alcohol & other booze.
You think drinking's for winners, you're gonna lose!
Don't start now now & act like a fool.
Prove to others, you're super cool!"
After a couple of measures, SC Joe & Matt played the same riff as SC Andy played a long drum solo. As SC Joe & Matt played, they watched their brother playing his tom-toms, crashing cymbals left to right & snare drum rolling.
"Big finish!" yelled SC Joe. He played a guitar solo ending & when he capped the chord ending, SC Andy played a hard tympani drum roll!