We find our super hero trio @ Joey's penthouse playing as a band in their music room.
They play a rock beat as they sing in unison, "Treat others right & always learn to care, Don't be selfish, learn how to share.
The secret of our brotherhood is teamwork you see, But we also strive, in equality!"
SC Matt played the 1st guitar solo, then SC Joe played the 2nd guitar solo & SC Andy played a drum solo, all equal time. Just then, the SC Phone rang as they got off their instruments to answer the phone.
"Boys." it was the Sarge, "Head over to the Police Vehicles Repair Station. It's located 10 miles west down I-44 West. You'll meet a guy named Floyd. We got a surprise for you."
Our super hero trio drove their motorcycles cruisin down I-44 West passing the Metropolitan City limits when they passed I-444 (The Blossom Loop). Then they took the Tidwell Rd. exit heading south. That's where they saw a barn full of police vehicles. When they got off the bikes, they met the head mechanic.
"You're The Super Cool Brothers!"
They couldn't believe the fat guy.
"You're Michael McShane!" said SC Andy, "Lloyd from Brotherly Love!"
"You're mistaken, my name's Floyd." he said, "I admit I'm played by Michael McShane, I just wanted a part in your fanfic!"
So Floyd took the boys inside the barn. They saw some vehicles he repairs for the police & saw a huge cover. Then Floyd handed each hero some drumsticks.
"Boys, I'm about to reveal my biggest work. Will you go over to the snare drums & drum roll?"
"Matt & I play guitars." said SC Joe.
"Joe," said SC Matt, "Let's do what Floyd said."
Our super heroes went over to the 3 snare drums. SC Matt practiced on a drum roll. Then SC Joe practiced on his snare drum. SC Andy's already a pro!
"OK Boys," said Floyd, "Get ready to be amazed! 1-2-3-Roll!"
The SC Bros. played a snare drum roll. Floyd then took the cover & a ZONK! was displayed.
"This isn't Let's Make A Deal! Stick to the script!" said The SC Bros. What was really under that cover was a sporty new electra-glide police type motorcycle-sidecar. Retail value; $40,000!
"The author definately watches too many game shows!" quipped Floyd.
"Cool!" said The SC Bros., looking @ their new motorcycle.
"Boys, this is The Super Cool 4000! The SC 4000 has many features & has a computerized keyboard. It has a top speed of 200 mph! The sidecar doubles as a go-cart & can speed up to 60 mph!"
"Just like Batman's Bat-Cycle!" said SC Andy.
"Yeah!" said Floyd, "This isn't only a land motorcycle, it's also a jet motorcycle! It's top speed is 400 mph. You use the handlebars to pilot it as well. Saves on air travel."
"Just like Goldie Gold & Action Jack's jet motorcycle." said SC Joe.
"Man, this is a plagiarist's bike." said SC Matt.
"I designed this bike myself. But there's one thing I'm forgetting & can't remember it." said Floyd.
For 30 minutes, Floyd explained each 4-digit code to our super heroes. Then they tested out the SC 4000. SC Andy hopped on the driver's seat.
"No Andy, sit in the sidecar!" ordered SC Joe, "You'll have to be 16 to drive this bike."
"Aww, man!" groaned SC Andy going to the sidecar. SC Joe drove & SC Matt held on behind. The motor sounded smooth & built speed. SC Joe drove 200 mph on an open road.
When they reached a rest area, Sc Joe & Matt switched places. SC Matt activated the sidecar as SC Andy drove the go-cart. SC Matt drove & SC Joe held on. They caught up to the go-cart & SC Andy docked it back on the SC 4000. They switched again. SC Matt was in the sidecar, SC Andy held on as SC Joe drove in jet motorcycle mode. The twin jets worked as they flew in the air. The highest altitude it could go was 1,500 feet. SC Joe arrived back @ the barn & landed the bike perfectly.
"This is an awesome motorcycle!" said SC Joe.
"Cool engine, top speed, cruise control." said SC Matt.
"I hate it!" complained SC Andy, "I like my junior motorcycle better."
"Now I remember!" exclaimed Floyd, "SC Andy, get on the driver's seat & punch 1931!"
SC Andy punched 1931 & enter, the foot pedal & rest lifted up to reach SC Andy's feet & the handlebars came closer to SC Andy's reach.
"You sit in the sidecar, SC Joe!" exclaimed SC Andy as he was embarrassed. SC Matt held on as SC Andy took his brothers for a ride.
20 minutes later, the boys liked it.
"What's the JM button for?"" asked SC Andy.
"JM means the handlebars & foot rests goes back to Joe & Matt's height." explained Floyd.
"Floyd, we like this motorcycle." said SC Joe, "But we also like our individual bikes as well. So we'll have 4 bikes!"
"Promise me you'll take turns." said Floyd.
To end this fanfic, here are the computer codes;
8135: Jet motorcycle
3577: Returns to land from jet mode
6720: Super Speed
4066: Sidecar becomes go-cart
7545: Convertible shield for bike/sidecar. Good for rainy days & bullet-proof.