We find our heroes, The Super Cool Brothers relaxing @ Joey's penthouse until the SC Phone rang.
Joey answered it & said, "Yeah, Sarge?"
"There's a crime in progress. Check it out boys."
They hung up the phone & changed into The SC Brothers. Then we find Super Cool Joe driving a convertible, Super Cool Matt driving a jeep & Super Cool Andy driving a go cart!
"Wait a minute!" I yelled, "What happened to the motorcycles?" Two guys who looked like Men In Black approached me & grabbed me by the shoulders.
"Larry J. Hall, we're with the FIB!"
"You mean the FBI!"
"No, FIB; Fanfic Internet Bureau!" explaiend the first agent, "As new owners of The SC Brothers, we feel that there should be major changes in your story. We don't want to encourage kids & teens to drive motorcycles. We discourage motorcycles!"
"I can't believe you're saying this!" I screamed, "What's next?" "I can answer that question." said the second agent, "You abusively used the boys. According to the rules of the Lawrence Brothers contract, Joey can only sing with a microphone in his hand.
Every time he's played the guitar, we fined him $5,000! And Matthew's never allowed to show his musical talents, you have him playing the guitar & singing. Not only did we slap him with a $10,000 fine, his next musical performance is set for the year 2017!"
"2017?" I screamed, "Why did you do this to me? Fans like the stories the way they are."
"Afraid not." said the 1st agent, "The new owners have a message for you. Having these changes in The SC Bros. is like The NFL on CBS's motto, 'The Way It's Meant To Be!' I suggest you take this like a man or we'll slam you in the slammer!"
In the next scene, our heroes were giving a concert. SC Joe sang with a microphone in his hand, SC Andy was in the background shaking his tambourine while SC Matt was locke in the penalty box until the year 2017! For the first time, I started booing @ my own act. SC Joe dropped his microphone as SC Andy released SC Matt & they started chasing me. I ran for miles until I was cornered in an alley. Then the unthinkable happened!
"Larry," gruffed SC Joe, "We're sick & tired of being your little puppets telling us what to do! Our partnership's through!" (tearing up the contract).
"I'm glad we got new owners who made all those changes!" gruffed SC Andy, "I hate playing the drums, especially the tympani!"
"And don't you go crying to a computer @ the library! Lori & Marquarita don't want your stories anymore!" gruffed SC Matt.
"You mean?" I asked as all three yelled @ my face, "YOU'RE FIRED!"
I stood there crying as the trio cheered, "We're free of Larry J. Hall!"
So I decided to head to the library. When I looked up Lori's website, all my fanfics were gone with a message saying, "Get off my website you bum! PS: And Marquarita's too!"
So I clicked back to the search engine & said quietly, "I'll teach them a lesson! I'll go to The I Hate Joey Webpage!"
When I clicked on that infamous website, the computer started crackling & smoking. Kathy, the librarian got after me good!
"Larry, you could either be banished from the library for life or pay a $3,000 fine!"
So the security guards kicked me out a la Chicken Boo as the chorus sang, "You wear a disguise to look like human guys. But you're not a man, you're a Chicken Boo!"
"Shut up!" I yelled.
The scene switches over to a small park in the downtown area.
There I was, on a park bench, crying my eyes out with a woman who was in black & white!
"I lost The SC Bros & The Lawrence Brothers hate me!" I cried as the black & white woman cried, "My husband won't let me perform @ the club!"
You guessed it, Lucy Ricardo!
Then Lucy & I cried together in a double bawl, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"
A bum came up to me & said, "HA HA!" a bad Nelson Muntz impersonation, asking, "What have you got planned for tomorrow night? Trying to take over the world?"
Lucy & I cried over that Pinky & The Brain gag!
Just then, an old geezer in a trench coat, hat & long beard came up to me & said, "If you want to get the ownership back from the FIB, take the Blue Train to the end of the line. That's the F Rail Loop. Instructions will follow!"
So I left & gave Lucy a hug. Little did I know that in that disguise was the police sarge. I boarded the Blue Train headed northbound until reaching the end of the line, the F Rail Loop.
When I reached the station, a policeman spotted me & told me to go to 5924 North Main, all my questions will be answered. So I walked down N. Main for 4 blocks & when I reached the 5900 block, I discovered that 5924 N. Main was a porno place that used to be a respectable pizza parlour. So I bravely walked in that filthy place & it turned out it was still a pizza parlour. Then I heard rock music hearing the familiar SC Bros. theme song. I was shocked to find them playing their normal instruments & singing together.
"Larry," said SC Matt, "You use to watch Caesar's Challenge, the anagram game show. There's a message in your story title."
Then it suddenly dawned on me. Unscramble F RAIL LOOP, "APRIL FOOL!"
I couldn't believe The SC Bros. played a cruel prank on their author. I was still crying as SC Joe explained, "Larry, we apologize for our beahvior with you. You knew you had it coming. Those FIB agents were actors. The contract was a phony deed to The Brooklyn Bridge. Matt & I weren't really fined, they made that up to scare you!"
Then Kathy came by & said, "We @ the library set up a prank computer. It wasn't a real computer @ all. You can come back any time you wish. Check out a real computer."
So, I paid $1 to use an internet machine. It was a relief to find my fanfics back on Lori's & Marquarita's sites with another message, APRIL FOOL!
So, after the boys treated me to a pizza after that April Fool's prank, The SC Bros. did another song as Lucy started dancing to their music.
After the song, I got to sing "When You Wish Upon A Star!" that made SC Joe cry! I stopped in the middle of the song & said, "April Fool! I got revenge!"
"Next time, take out revenge in The Game of Life!" quipped SC Matt.
What a relief to see the super hero trio back to normal, cruisin on their motorcycles!