(Synd. 1973-77/1981/82)

One of four wacky game shows Chuck Barris is known for (next to Dating Game/Newlywed Game/Gong Show). When he bought the rights from Jan Murray (who owned & hosted the original Treasure Hunt back in the 50's), he dropped the quiz segment & male contestants. The set was even designed in a woman's touch.

Geoff Edwards hosted as female contestants played this Let's Make A Deal spoof. Three (two) ladies picked a jack in the box & the one that popped up got to go on a Treasure Hunt. Then she picked a box from 1-30 (or 1-66).

After the box was selected & a commercial break, Geoff would present her a cash option ($500-$2,000). She could either take the money or the box.

Either way, Geoff would start a skit that would lead her to believing she had been "Klunked" (a booby prize) when she really won (or passed up) a prize, or the other way around believing she would win (or passed up) a prize, bot got "Klunked". Prizes ranged from cars, trips, living room furniture, kitchen packages, furs & checks from $5,000-$14,000 (70's only).

One box had the grand prize check for $25,000 (or $20,000-$50,000). If she chose that box, Geoff would have a lengthy conversation with her & then quickly open the box & yell "IS A CHECK FOR $25,000!" Confetti & balloons would fall & shrilled sirens sounded along with whoop-Whoop-WHOOOOOOOOOOP! That's why The Game Show Witch likes Treasure Hunt my pretty! (CACKLING)

MEMORIES: Back in 1974, a big fat lady chose Box #7 & won $25,000! she started strutting around the stage parading her check to the viewers.

And in 1981, lightning strikes twice when Rose chose Box #8 & won $50,000! She picked up Geoff six times & then destroyed the box!

This lady won A CHECK FOR $25,000! She would strut all around the stage parading her winnings! That's the strutter I'm talking about.

Geoff informs Rose that she's won...FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

Rose picks up Geoff 5 times!!!

Rose rolls around the confetti as her family celebrates!

In the process, Rose destroys box #8!

(Vidcaps done by David Fagin)