Joe Roman & The White Angels in Beach Nuts

In a board room, Frank Brandis called a meeting with his band members (except Eric).
"Guys," Frank said in a serious tone, "I just got word that Channel 44 joined up as a network affiliate for Hollywood TV (or HTV). This means our monthly series has been canceled. We tape our last show Friday."
The band was shocked. Frank decided that each band member could do their favorite number. Just then, Eric arrived back from his honeymoon with Tina.
"Guess what guys?" asked Eric, "I just got back from my honeymoon and..."
"Big deal." interrupted Frank, "Our show's getting canceled."
"But guys..." pleaded Eric, but the band wouldn't listen to Eric's news.
That Friday night, the band taped their last show. Frank played a trumpet solo on a number. Then Jason got to sing & play a bass solo. Another song had Bart & Ralph playing the blues. Ralph sang & played organ as Bart played tenor sax. Then Bart played a tenor sax solo followed by Ralph's organ solo, & ended with Bart playing a guitar solo. Then the percussion had a turn. Eric, Ben & Fred were featured. Ben played a vibes solo, then Fred a marimba solo. When Eric played a drum solo, Ben & Fred switched instruments. Joe & Frank sang a song about friendship, then Joe played a guitar solo followed by Frank's trumpet solo. The next to last song had Joe playing heroic music on his electric guitar with Eric playing tympani.
Before the final number, Frank made a speech thanking the Channel 44 crew, staff & viewers for tuning in. Then the band played & sang together one last song.
When taping was over, they had a small party.
The band said their good-byes because that would be the end of the band.
"Eric," said Frank, "I'm gonna miss your enthusiasm when you play tympani."
"You mean you're quitting The White Angels?"
asked Eric, "What about our gig @ Jersey Beach?"
"What gig?" they all asked.
"ROCK-TV wants us to appear on their spring break coverage! We're the musical guests on the Hottie Hunk/Coolest Babe Pageant! That's what I was trying to tell you earlier!"
The band was excited about their upcoming gig as Eric continued,
"Just think, bikini babes screaming over our music & seeing us play in Guts Swim Briefs!"
The band turned to Eric & yelled,
"Hey! We'd be too hot wearing our tuxedoes outside." explained Eric.
"Eric Hunter," said Frank, "It may be cool for you to wear Guts, but were a swim trunks band. I'd disown any other member if they played music wearing Guts."
To Frank's disbelief, Ben told the band that when he was a street musician in California, he wore Guts to attract babes while playing the vibes. Ben even met Joe when he & his brothers vacationed one Christmas.
"Guts is paying us $80,000 to shoot an online commercial. The band plays together & we each get a minute solo." explained Eric.
"That's a 9 minute commercial." said Joe.
"No." said Eric, "Guts website will have our names for babes to click to check us out!"
"OK, we'll do it.", said Frank, "But all of us are wearing muscle shirts."
A few days before spring break, the band's loading their instruments & equipment in a U-Hall truck. They packed their clothes & suitcases in the trunk of Eric's sports car. Frank had Michael along while Joe took Scott (both age 7).
Down I-76 East from Philadelphia, Ben, Fred & Joe drove motorcycles (with Scott hanging on to Joe) while Jason, Ralph & Bart rode with Eric driving his sports car & behind was Frank & Michael in the U-Hall truck heading to Jersey Beach.
When they arrived, they stayed @ a nice hotel ROCK-TV arranged for them to stay. Uptown Sally greeted them & Eric introduced the other band members to her.
After rehearsing & relaxing, Joe & Frank took their sons to an amusement park just to spend quality time with them. They rode on bumper cars, a ferris wheel & a log ride. They even played games of skill even though they thought it's for suckers. Michael won a stuffed horse & duckling in a ring toss while Scott got a flamingo Joe won in a skill contest to move the motorcycle racer up. Scott would give his flamingo to Liz when Michael gave Scott the duckling.
The day before Spring Break, the band shot their Guts commercial playing together as a band. Then they sang the slogan,
"It takes a real man to have & wear Guts!"
Then they shot their individual spots as each band member played a minute solo (for Bart, he played tenor sax & guitar 30 seconds each. Eric played a 50 second drum solo & a 10 second tympani solo).
The day of ROCK-TV's Spring Break came. Again,
ROCK-TV had coverage from Jersey Beach, Daytona Beach,
Galveston Island & Malibu. That Saturday, Galveston & Jersey beach had Hottie Hunk/Coolest Babe Pageants,
while Daytona & Malibu had theirs Sunday. Each hunk & babe winner of each location would go to Hawaii for the super finals.
At Jersey Beach, Uptown Sally hosted the Hottie Hunk portion while Ray Walters (Florida Beach 35410) did Coolest Babe & The White Angels were musical guests. Each contest had 10 participants who posed in swimwear & would show their talent. The band had their instruments on stage as they were in a tent getting ready. They had a tv monitor watching the Hottie Hunks go @ it.
One black contestant borrowed Bart's guitar & played a jazz solo, then started singing.
"This is your fault Eric!" said Bart, "You caused a trend for that contest when you borrowed The Beach Dudes' drums!"
"Chill out, the guy is good!" said Eric, "He's probably the only musical contestant."
In fact, three more Hottie Hunks borrowed their instruments. One played on Ben's vibes & Fred's marimba, another played Eric's tympani & the third played Joe's guitar & sang a Ray Walters tune. Ray thought that was cool.
During commercial, the band went to their instruments. Uptown Sally & a cameraman were in front of Eric's tympanis. ROCK-TV showed a flashback of Eric playing tympani in the contest as Uptown Sally asked,
"Remember this Hottie Hunk years ago? The high school hunk who borrowed The Beach Dudes' tympani?"
Now they show Eric today as Eric plays tympani as Uptown Sally announced,
"Now Eric Hunter plays in a Philadelphia band.
For the 1st time on ROCK-TV, meet The White Angels!"
"White Angels rule!" yelled Eric as he stopped playing & went to his drums. The band did a tropical beach number as the band sang in unison. The girls screamed over the band because they wore muscle shirts & swim briefs.
Frank played a trumpet solo, Ralph an organ solo,
Bart & Joe dueled on a guitar solo, Jason a bass solo,
Fred a marimba solo, Ben a vibes solo & Eric a drum solo. The band was a big hit! When they left, Frank encountered Ray who told him to meet him @ the hotel restaurant that night.
The Hottie Hunk winner's the black dude who played Bart's guitar. The band watched the Coolest Babe Pageant from backstage. 10 babes in bikinis competed. In talent, one babe played Ralph's organ.
Ralph was amazed that a good looking babe could play as he stared @ her & drooled.
"Ralph," said Jason snapping his fingers,
"Remember, you're a married man."
Then, another Cool Babe borrowed Frank's trumpet.
She removed his mouthpiece & inserted her own. Then she played a cool tune.
"Who's playing my trumpet?" yelled Frank coming from the bathroom. Frank went over to look on stage & saw a beautiful girl play his trumpet.
"She's a talented babe!" he sighed, "Man, I like to score with her."
Joe looked @ Frank staring @ her. She finished as she removed her mouthpiece & inserted Frank's back in. Then Joe huddled with the other band members as they chanted,
"Frank's in love!"
"Shut up!" he yelled.
Frank was in love. In their next performance,
they did a jazz instrumental featuring soloes form Frank, Bart (on sax), Ralph & Joe. Ben & Fred played a percussion duet. Then the Coolest Babe winner was crowned. Frank's girl lost to the organist who was Coolest Babe.
Frank went to meet with the contestants. He spotted the girl who played his trumpet & got acquainted with her.
"Sorry you lost." he said, "You're a bodacious babe who can play the trumpet!"
"You're Frank Brandis, leader of The White Angels!" she said excitedly, "I'm Victoria Lufkin."
"Victoria." said Frank asking, "Why that name?"
"My dad's a truck driver in Texas & he named me after that town. In fact U.S. 59 goes to Lufkin & Victoria, Texas 250 miles with Houston in between."
"She's smart." sighed Frank, "How about a dinner date @ the restaurant hotel we're staying at?" she accepted as Frank wrote the address down. She's amazed because she's staying @ that hotel.
That night @ the restaurant, Frank got acquainted with Victoria & talked about how they got started playing trumpet. They learned they had a lot in common. Afterwards, they danced as Ray Walters played the guitar & sang a love song.
Later, they settled down having fried chicken strips & fries for dinner. Ray arrived with a briefcase & sat down with them.
"Frank Brandis." said Ray, "You guys are awesome!
It took a lot of guts to wear Guts playing music."
"Blame Eric." said Frank, "His idea. We normally wear our tuxedoes."
"Frank," Ray explained, "It's not easy doing thing you don't want to do. When 35410 creator Erin Arithmetic asked me to join the show, her daughter Teri insisted that I wear Guts for my 1st episode."
"I remember that episode." said Vicki, "You were @ a beach party trying to win her love. So you went to her pool, wearing Guts & serenaded her with a song playing guitar & singing."
"Right." said Ray, "Her & I were going together,
had a singing career & made a couple of albums. I didn't like what I had to do, but it did keep my acting & singing career alive." then he switched subjects, "You have a unique band. But I don't understand why you have a marimba, vibes & tympani?"
"Eric's trademark is the tympani." explained Frank, "Ben & Fred are really gifted musicians. They write their own soloes & arrangements to fit in playing with the band."
Ray got into his briefcase & took out some papers. Then he said,
"Frank, I have a lot of clout @ Pacific Records.
I had 35410's other musical star, David Lubbock Brian,
cut a CD. And now, I want to sign you guys to a recording contract. I thought your tv show's awesome,
your 1st CD's ok, but you deserve some national exposure."
Frank was surprised, "Ray, I think my 9-piece band would like it." He turns to Victoria saying,
"Will you be my 9th White Angel?"
"Would you excuse us Ray." she said as they left the table.
"Frank Brandis, I got to finish my college education, understand. I want something to fall back on. However, I don't want to break up the band. They would be jealous of having a female in the band. I can't sing either."
"I don't care." he said, "Except for Fred,
everyone's married. I love you & want you in my band.
I'll teach you to sing, then you can be lead singer & I'll knock Joe off."
"No!" said Victoria, "You guys sound good just as you are. Joe's a great lead vocalist & so is everyone else, even you. Please wait till I finish college in May. Then you & I can be together."
"You promise?" asked Frank as he Victoria kissed long & hard.
The next day, Frank & the band gathered @ the restaurant as they signed a recording contract with Pacific Records. Then Frank tells the band that Victoria will be the 9th & 1st female White Angel.
"Looks like you'll have a mommy soon, Michael."
said Scott to Michael.