Larry's FANFICS 2000

I've decided to continue writing fanfics.
However, you won't find them on Ingo's or Lori's site,
only on Larry J. Hall's Super Cool Brothers Webpage.

This will only be a monthly project
with one or sometimes 2 a month.

There will be new Super Cool & White Angels fanfics.
To read these stories, click on the title.

Joe Roman & The White Angels in My Cousin Fred

JR & TWA; Brother Bonded

The SCB Meet The Mighty Fine Js

Joe Roman & The White Angels in Beach Nuts

Joe Roman & The White Angels in Band Practice

Joe Roman & The White Angels Hit It Big!

The Super Cool Brothers Face Challenges

Joe Roman & The White Angels; Band On The Go

The SCB in Super Cool Scott

Super Cool Matt in Teacher's Pet

Motorcycle Brothers; The Music Video

Super Cool Andy in A Flash In The Pan

JR & TWA; The Times & Chimes Are Changing

JR & TWA In Football Hero

The SCB Halloween

JR & TWA in Bart's New Addition

JR & TWA on 5 Alive

JR & TWA's Christmas 2

The SCB in Selfish Santa; Starring The 3 Scrooges

JR & TWA @ Walt Disney World