Joe Roman & The White Angels in Band Practice

(This fanfic's about a ROCK-TV series called Band Practice, simular to MTV's Real World. This story will be written in script form).

(Music's heard outside a studio)
Hi, I'm Ray Walters, Pacific recording artist & star of Florida Beach 35410. Welcome to Band Practice. Tonight, you'll meet the hottest combo rock/jazz/pop band, The White Angels.
You'll learn about this 9 piece combo & follow them through their lives. Follow me, camera crew.

(The camera crew follows Ray into the studio where they are practicing. The band's finishing a song with Eric playing tympani.)

Hold it! (Music stops) Eric, you think we could have one number without a tympani piece?
No, I like to play because my muscles get
stronger. (Eric shows off his muscles, then
plays tympani drum roll). I bet you girls who
are watching are screaming right now.
(The band argues over the arrangement.)
These guys really get along, though Eric's the Homer Simpson of the band. Let's follow the band members.
(We find Ralph Andretti with wife Heather & son Ranny,
watching a hockey game between the Philadelphia Flyers
& the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.)
My family enjoys going to hockey games. I find
the game exciting to watch. One of the coolest
honors was getting to play the stadium organ
in an intermission set.
(Ushers come to tell Ralph something & Ralph leaves his seat to go with them. They take Ralph to where the stadium organ is & finds the organist going @ it.)
RALPH: This is really cool!
(The end of the 1st period comes as Ralph sits down on the organ.)
The Philadelphia Flyers now present for your 1st intermission entertainment.
From The White Angels, organist Ralph Andretti.

(Fans cheer as Ralph plays a funky organ solo & fans see Ralph playing on the monitor.)
(Thinking) (Fans ask me why I don't play piano.
I tell them I'm use to double keys & that I can do many things on the organ.)
(Ralph plays another song & this time sings.)
(The next scene's @ Jason's apartment where he's
sitting on his balcony playing bass guitar.)
This is my quiet time when I'm not with the band.
Being married & having 2 girls made me a family man.
(Jason & his 2 daughters are in the apartment pool swimming.)
(I love my two girls very much. They adore me even though I only play bass.)
(Jason's in the girls' bedroom as he plays his bass & raps them to sleep.)
The girls love to hear me rap & sometimes sing.
But I was really hurt about losing that high school talent show, just because of my color.
(Shows footage of Jason's high school performance rapping & playing bass.)
(Next scene has Bart jogging @ a park.)
When I'm not with the band, I like to keep my
body in shape. I jog, swim & workout all I
can. Joe & I are the hunks of the band.
(At band practice)
Hey Frank, who's the Mr. Universe of The White Angels?
(Bart & Joe flex their muscles comparing their bodies.
Eric butts in playing a snare drum roll.)
Hey, I could be part of this too! (Eric flexes his muscles.)
(Bart's in the studio playing his tenor sax.)
(I've always believed in myself & knew that I would get somewhere with music. Playing the sax relaxes me.)
Why I also play the guitar? When I was in high school jazz band, I had to double on 2 instruments. So my brother taught me how to play the guitar.
(Bart plays the guitar & sings a song during band practice.)
In the band, I only play rhythm guitar because I respect Joe Roman's talent as a guitarist.
But Joe lets me get one guitar solo in a set.
To my loyal fan Johnny Austin, enjoy.
(Bart plays a super guitar solo.)
(Eric's in the studio wearing Guts while playing tympani.)
ERIC: (I may be crazy, but I'm cool!)
ERIC: I'm often asked why I like playing tympani.
For fans out there, The Beach Dudes inspired me.
I'm friends with their drummer-tympanist. A lot of people also remember me as a teen male model. This is my favorite cover, me in Guts surrounded by bikini babes giving me kisses.
(Eric plays a drum solo.)
Frank realized I had potential when he saw me playing the drums @ the park. He really turned my life around. Everyone in the band has their creative turn. On the upcoming CD, I play a song I wrote entitled Eric's Power.
(Eric plays a tympani solo with Joe playing heroic music on his electric guitar.)
(On the streets of Philadelphia, we find Joe driving a ninja motorcycle. As Joe drives, he thinks...)
JOE: (When I'm not playing guitar, I drive my motorcycle to relax. A long time ago, my brother Matt & his band Triple Pepperoni, did a cool song.)
(Shows clip of Joe & Matt singing Motorcycle Brothers.)
I'm considered the rebel of the band. I'm the lead singer & have a 5:00 shadow beard.
However, Ben & Fred also drive motorcycles as well.
(At home, he practices his guitar with his kid, Scott Roman, jams with him by strumming along.)
SCOTT: You're great, Daddy!
JOE: Folks, 10 years from now, meet the future guitarist, Scott Roman.
(Joe in the studio.)
Fans notice my Washborn guitar. One asked me if I was inspired by Scott Bayer & I was.
(Shows clip of Scott Bayer playing the same guitar in his 80's sitcom.)
JOE: Frank & I have been best friends & share our love for jazz.
(Joe plays a cool guitar solo.)
I'm also the lead singer of the band. Frank prefers me playing guitar while singing instead of holding a mike. He tells me I'm part of the team that way. Frank also had the guys take singing lessons so they could lead sing. I guess Frank could never play the trumpet & sing @ the same time.
(Ben & Fred are in the studio. Ben playing vibes, Fred on marimba.)
(Fred & I have to fight for attention to play with the band. There's hardly any songs that call for the vibes &/or marimba. So Fred & I play our own arrangements.)
(Our big moment is when we play our original tune, Tropical Breezes. Ben & I each get to solo, Ben joins me playing marimba, we switch instruments, then Ben comes back to his vibes & we both play vibes.)
When I was in high school & the director introduced me to the vibes, he showed me that it could be a cool instrument to play. At one point, I wore my Guts playing vibes on the beach shore just to attract babes. I can play jazz, pop & rock on the vibes. Check this pic out of Fred I got.
(Shows a pic of Fred in basketball uniform playing marimba.)
The marimba's a pretty awesome instrument. I even wrote a song that won me a percussion contest. Back in San Antonio, I played marimba in various mariachi bands.
(Shows clip of Fred in a band @ the Riverwalk.)
FRED: When I saved enough money, I moved to Philly to play in my cousin's band. I won a place in the band & Ben's heart as well as Frank's ear. Check this pic of Ben I got.
(Shows pic of Ben in football uniform playing the vibes.)
(Franks plays trumpet.)
(I like being the leader. All my musical life, I've was placed in the horn section, unimportant to the band. But now, I'm a leader.)
(Joe joins in playing guitar.)
FRANK: Joe's been my best friend since we were 14.
(At Frank's house, he helps his son on a school project.)
When we were doing an orphans' show educating them about music as a super hero band, Michael melted my heart when he called me Daddy. I ended up adopting Michael. He gets along with Joe's son Scott. When Michael gets good on trumpet, we'll have another generation of musicians.
(Frank plays a duet with Victoria & after the song, they kissed.)
(Frank's a hunk! He's really a gentleman who lets me play trumpet as well.)
(Victoria plays trumpet solo.)
Right now, I'm attending college to finish my senior year. Then I'll join Frank's band. We hit it off when we first met @ Jersey Beach. I've played trumpet since high school.
(Back @ the studio, the band plays a pop number. Frank & Victoria play a trumpet duet, Bart a sax solo, Ben a vibes solo, Fred a marimba solo, Ralph an organ solo, Joe a guitar solo, Jason a bass solo & Eric a drums solo. The band puts a finish as Band Practice ends.)