Super Cool Matt in Teacher's Pet

It's mid afternoon in Metropolitan City. Matt Nicholson & his wife Six are @ Vic's Diner having dinner (Six had chicken fried steak & Matt had a hamburger platter). Waitress Beth brought their drinks & gave Six iced tea & Matt a chocolate shake. "Miss," Matt said, "I ordered a strawberry shake." "I'm sorry," she said, "I must be a dingy!" Waitress Linda came by their table & got Matt's strawberry shake. Just then, Linda's 10 year old son, Marcos, arrived with guitar case in hand. He just returned from his weekly guitar lesson. "Hey Marcos!" said Carol Jean Canterbury, another waitress, "How about playing us a song. Do 'The Yellow Rose of Texas'!" "No!" snapped Vic, the cook, "Don't allow no music in the diner, not even a jukebox. So cram it!" "Vic," snapped Carol, "Kiss my oatmeal!" "I have the feeling were in another Mel's Diner." quipped Matt. "What did you learn in guitar class?" asked Linda to Marcos. But he wouldn't talk, so she complained, "I can't believe that I spent $200 for an electric guitar & amp he saw on sale @ Quarter Note Music, now he's taking guitar lessons for $25 a month." "Mom, I don't want to talk about it. I don't feel like it." said Marcos asking, "Will you excuse me?" He went to the gentlemen's room. Minutes later, Matt had to use the gentlemen's room. Unsuspectingly, he heard Marcos crying to himself outside the diner. "Mr. Studewood will set the diner on fire if I ever tell anybody what happened in guitar class." Matt left the bathroom quietly. Then he & Six left the diner. At the penthouse, Matt told Six that Marcos is Super Cool Matt's #1 fan & friend. Then he told Six what he learned that if Marcos spilled the beans, his guitar teacher would set the diner on fire. "Matt," Six suggested, "I think Marcos is taking lessons from a child molester." "No way!" said Matt. "Matt," Six explained, "People like that would often trick them into doing things that's wrong & then threaten to do something harmful to their loved ones if they tell on them. Maybe Marcos needs another visit from SC Matt." "You're right." he said, "I'll talk to him the day before his next guitar lesson." The day before his guitar lesson, Marcos was walking home from school to his apartment building. There he saw SC Matt on The Super Cool 4000. "Hey Marcos, let's go for a ride." said SC Matt handing a helmet for him to wear. One of the neighbors complained & told Marcos not to go off with a stranger. SC Matt showed the neighbor his badge for proof he's real. Since the sidecar was full, Marcos rode behind SC Matt as he drove the SC 4000. They speeded down U.S. 287 North & went 15 miles outside Metropolitan City to the next rest area. SC Matt pulled over & had a talk with his friend. "You're taking guitar lessons, aren't you?" asked SC Matt, "Is your teacher causing you trouble?" "No." "The word on the street is that if you squeal, he'll set Vic's Diner on fore." "Take me home SC Matt!" yelled Marcos angrily, "Someone told!" Marcos got all panicky as he got off the bike & ran to a picnic table. SC Matt caught him & said, "What's going on Marcos, I need to know! You're my friend & #1 fan, but I'm also a cop." Marcos started crying loudly, then he asked, "Does your guitar teacher ever touch you?" Marcos was crying, "Yes! Happy! Now he'll burn my mom's diner down!" SC Matt grabbed Marcos & had him cry on his shoulder. "Marcos," he said in a nice tone, "I'm very proud of you for telling me this. Your mother would be proud as well." "No she wouldn't!" he cried, "She'd blame me, take my guitar & amp to a pawn shop & ground me for life!" "Marcos, you didn't do anything wrong!" explained SC Matt. Then he went to the sidecar & got out a guitar case with his acoustic guitar in it. Then he strummed as he sang, "There are strangers who trick kids to do something that's wrong. If they want to hurt you badly, then listen to this song. You got to run, scream & yell. Say no, go & tell!" SC Matt played a small guitar solo. Marcos felt a little better. Then he told him about a plan how to trap Mr. Studewood & wants him to act like nothing happened. After putting the guitar up back in the case & in the sidecar, SC Matt drove Marcos home. The next day, Marcos went to his guitar lesson @ Mr. Studewood's. Marcos played what he learned while Mr. Studewood was impressed. "Cool, you learn fast." complimented Mr. Studewood, "I wanna show you something." Mr. Studewood placed a vcr tape in & showed Marcos a video about an infamous rap/rock star. "That's Marxy Marx." he explained, "Coolest performer ever. He can rap, sing, play tympani, percussion & guitar. Marxy's famous for performing in his underwear, with practice, you could be the next Marxy Marx! Take off your pants while I get the camcorder." "NO!" exclaimed Marcos, "I won't do it!" Mr. Studewood was going to his closet to get the camcorder until someone grabbed him from the closet. "The kid said NO!" "SC Matt!" he said fearfully asking, "But how? Never mind, I'm going to burn the diner down!" "I don't think so!" he said. SC Matt started fighting Mr. Studewood telling him he saw evidence from the other students. SC Matt knocked him down, cuffed him as the police arrived to take away the child molester. "Great job setting up that sting, SC Matt!" said Sarge O'Ryan. That evening @ the diner when it was closing, SC Matt was watching Marcos explaining to his mother what was going on with his guitar lessons. "I can't believe that happened!" she screamed, "Of all the rotten people, why did this have to happen to my son?" "He got his just desserts." said SC Matt, "It wasn't easy for Marcos to come out telling the truth. He was scared enough that his teacher would set the diner on fire if he told." "Marcos," she said as he went to her, she gave him a hug, "You did the right thing. I'm very proud of you & that you might have helped other people out by telling. I'm not angry @ you, only @ that teacher. However, I think I'll suspend guitar lessons for a while since I was had." SC Matt gave his mother the money back she spent for those guitar lessons. "I still can't afford lessons of what I make @ Vic's." "Watch it Linda!" snapped Vic. "I think I got an idea." said SC Matt. A month later, Marcos checked his mailbox & saw a package from SC Matt. It was a videotape. Marcos played the tape on the vcr & saw SC Matt play a cool guitar solo & sang the SC Bros. theme song. Then he said, "Marcos, grab your guitar. It's time for your monthly guitar lessons. Remember, every month for the next year, I'll send you a new tape. Then you & I can jam together." Marcos took guitar lessons from SC Matt via video tape.