JR & TWA; The Times & Chimes Are Changing

     After doing a successful summer concert tour, we
find the band back in Philadelphia @ their private
residential street.  The band was throwing a farewell
party for their organist, Ralph Andretti.  Ralph
decided to have him & his family move to Anaheim,
California for warmer climate & to be the official
stadium organist for The Mighty Ducks.  Since Ralph
wasn't a White Angel, he had to leave the private
     A few days after Ralph moved, Ray Walters called
the band to their rehearsal studio for a meeting.
     "Band," Ray stated, "I know it's hard that we
lost Ralph & will be missed.  Some good news, we're
going to record a Christmas album & negotiating with
HTV to have our own Christmas special.  Meanwhile, I
found Ralph's replacement."
     Suddenly, the band started hearing a synthisizer
playing.  Then the band looked in & saw a young man
wearing cool sneakers, parachute pants, a t-shirt & a
leather cap on backwards.  Then he messed on the organ
playing funky.  Then he grabbed some mallets & played
the portavibes (vibes in a suitcase; Ben disliked
that).  Then he grabbed his keytar (a keyboard that
has a guitar neck with a keyboard body which is held
like a guitar), played & rapped,
     "Yo, David Lubbock Brian's in the house you know,
      The actor & musician from 35410!
      My keytar & my rappin will make the girls hearts
      I hope Ray Walters will let me have the job."
     The band huddled about what they thought about
David.  Ben wanted him not to take over the vibes,
Jason thought David would make a great rappin partner.
 Joe & the others thought he was cool, but Eric felt
threatened that he would be the new hunk of the band. 
So Ray had a talk with his co-star.
     "You're a talented kid." said Ray, "However, Ben
feels uncomfortable of the portavibes, Ben's the
vibist.  However, you'll be playing the keytar &
organ.  I also require that you sing in the band."
     "Sing?" asked David, "I haven't sang since my
early 35410 days."
     Moments later as the band welcomed David into the
band, a delivery man came with a covered instrument
that he wheeled into the studio.  Ray told Ben & Fred
to come in the studio.  After Ray signed for it, he
took off the cover to reveal that they are...
     "Chimes!  Cool!" said Ben & Fred.
     "That's right." said Ray, "For the Christmas
album, you'll be taking turns playing the chimes. 
Most Christmas songs require chimes.  You use a wooden
hammer to play the chimes."
     "Ray?" asked Fred, "Are there two hammers?  Maybe
Ben & I could play a chimes solo."
     "Go for it." said Ray, "Write another Tropical
     So they flipped a coin & Fred won the toss, so he
messed on the chimes first.  Ben joined in playing the
vibes, the combo sound of the vibes & chimes were
cool.  Then Ben took his try on the chimes with Fred
playing marimba, that combo was ok.  After jammin,
Fred & Ben discussed about the chimes.
     "Ben," Fred said, "I think it would be best if I
played the chimes.  The combo sound of chimes & vibes
works, not chimes & marimba."
     "I like playing the chimes as well." said Ben,
"Ray told us to share this instrument."
     "All right, when you play chimes, I'll play your
vibes." said Fred.
     "Hey!" gruffed Ben, "You're the marimba player,
not the vibist.  You only play my vibes on Tropical
     Fred & Ben were about to get into a fight until
they realized it was a trick.
     "Wait." Fred said, "Ray wants us to fight over
the chimes.  He always dislikes us because we play
marimba & vibes, he wants us to quit the band.  Let's
show him we can work our arrangements on the chimes. 
He's not going to break us up."
     Fred & Ben shook hands.
     Days later, Eric rushed Tina to the hospital
because she was in labor expecting a child.  Not like
Joe, Eric stayed with his wife coaching her through
the delivery room.  About an hour later, Eric & Tina
were proud parents of a new baby boy.
     The band visited Tina's hospital room to see the
new baby.  Eric & Tina named their new son Derek
Friedle Hunter.
     "Isn't he handsome." said Eric, "Once we put him
in the toddler capsule, we'll fit him in the fanfics."
     "Eric Hunter!" Tina snapped, "Our baby's not
going to change from a newborn to a toddler like Liz &
Scott were.  TV shows may mess with Mother Nature, but
we're not going to let them touch our child."
     "Aww man!" cried Eric.
     Eric & Tina were in their bedroom sleeping.  Eric
has a smile on his face because he's dreaming of
Derek's future.  Eric's in his 40's still having that
he-man figure while his 16 year old son was pumpin
iron wearing Guts.  Derek had the teen bodybuilder
look.  Then Eric started playing the drums.
     "Dad." groaned Derek, "Do I have to play the
     "It's what made me a star." said Eric.
     Derek played a tympani solo as Eric played the
drums.  Just then, a baby was crying.  Eric broke out
of his dream, got up from bed & changed his diaper. 
After doing so, Tina wanted to handle the baby & rock
him to sleep.  As she sat on a rocking chair holding
Derek, Tina softly said,
     "My son's not going to be a heartthrob musician
like Dad.  You are going to be an astronaut if you
study real hard."
     For days, Tina had henpecked Eric of staying
home, settling down & being a new father.  Tina made
him give up the motorcycle & only drive the
convertible, having band members over & playing in the
band, missing band practice for their Christmas album.
 Then a knock came on the door (Tina disconnected the
doorbell).  It was Ray Walters & a couple of moving
     "Why haven't you come to band practice?" asked
Ray to Eric.
     "Eric needs to grow up!  Get a real job, not
showing off that body of his playing the
drums/tympani." snapped Tina.
     "I thought that's why you liked me?" asked Eric.
     "Shut up!" yelled Tina, then the baby started
crying, "Look what you did!" as she went to the
nursery, picked up Derek & held him in her arms.
     "Tina," Ray stated, "Eric signed a contract to
join The White Angels.  If he's not part of the band,
he's evicted from living in the house as well as his
family.  If Eric doesn't come to band practice, I'll
have to ask you, Eric & the baby to move."
     "You made that up!" snapped Tina as Ray showed
her the contract agreements.  Then after reading it,
she cried,
     "I want my husband by my side instead of him
being a playboy.  Eric's the husband who never grows
up like Peter Pan."
     "I prefer Jif." said Eric.
     "See what I mean, Eric has to be a responsible
dad.  I don't want to be left holding the baby.  What
can I do?  Complain on Larry Stinger?" she asked.
     "I could hire a live in domestic." said Ray,
"Have an Alice in the family.  I know a woman who
might be interested in the job."
     Days later, another knock on the door happened @
the Hunters.  Eric & Tina met a middle-aged lady who
had a British accent, the domestic Ray talked about.
     "Hello, I'm Mrs. Enid from Northline, Virginia. 
A small town 25 miles northwest of Richmond."
     Eric & Tina interviewed Mrs. Enid about her past
employment.  Then the baby woke up crying & Mrs. Enid
went over to feed the baby his bottle while sitting on
a rocking chair.  Eric & Tina hired her to be their
live-in domestic.
     Tina then started apologizing to Eric about her
behavior.  Eric realized that he could balance being a
daddy & musician.  Eric got to drive his motorcycle
again going to Super Music.
     While coming home from school, Liz & Scott saw a
stray dog living in the streets.  The dog had a sign
saying, "TV family dog in hiatus needs work
     "They canceled Doug!" cried Liz, "Poor Porkchop!"
     "Do I look like Porkchop?" asked the dog, "I'm
Brian of Family Guy."
     "Never heard of that show." said Scott.
     "No wonder the ratings were low." quipped Brian
as Liz laughed.
     "He's a funny talking dog!"
     "Please take me into your family." pleaded Brian
as he begged like a dog.
     So they took Brian to his new home.  But when Joe
& Lou found that the kids adopted that dog, they had
their doubts.
     "Can't we keep this cute little family dog?"
asked Scott.
     "I love his big black nose." said Liz touching it
as a horn sound was heard.
     "Very low comedy." Brian groaned.
     "Kids," Lou reasoned, "That dog came from a very
weird cartoon series geared for adults.  He wouldn't
feel comfortable in a fanfic series like this."
     Brian saw Joe practicing on his guitar & quipped,
     "Whoa!  This is what happened to the Blossom
moron?  A jazz guitarist singing in the band."
     "Watch it Brian." said Joe, "You howl while I'm
playing & singing, you're unemployed."
     "I'll be good." said Brian.
     That night, Scott was fast asleep in his bed with
Brian next to him, both tucked in.  Joe & Lou looked
in & thought it was cute.
     "That dog loves to drink." said Lou, "He asked me
for a martini, so I gave him some Mexico Wet Ginger
Ale in a martini glass."
     "He thinks he's people." said Joe.
     At Super Music, Eric had bought himself some
metal drumsticks, wire brushes & some cymbal polish. 
In the drums section, amongst the many drum sets, one
set was named the Eric Hunter set, complete with two
tympanis.  The set cost $15,000.  Then he saw a dude
trying out snare drums playing drum rolls.  He was
testing the sound of the snare drum.
     "Man," he said, "I wonder which snare Eric
     Eric came up to him & showed him what snare drum
he plays.  Eric couldn't believe who he was,
     "You're Cody, the dude in the swim briefs who
played @ the diving exhibition @ Tropicalo Park!  What
are you doing here in Philly?"
     "Job hunting." said Cody, "And the name's Cody
Mitchell.  I'm giving up my swimming & music to get a
real job.  So I moved to Philly since I have
     "Maybe I could get you a job & never give up
those dreams." said Eric, "Play."
     Cody played a drum roll on the same snare drum
Eric plays.  The clerk arrived & asked,
     "Are you going to buy that drum or practicing up
for when the circus comes to town?"
     The clerk was amazed to find Eric @ his shop.  So
Eric used his charge card & bought the snare drum for
Cody.  Then he took Cody to his motorcycle as Cody
held on to Eric.
     "You're going to be lucky that you left Lafayette
& moved to Philly.  Hang on!" said Eric as he drove
his motorcycle down the freeway.
     They arrived @ the rehearsal studio.  In their
gym, we find Eric & Cody pumpin iron wearing their
Guts.  Then they worked out on dumbbells showing off
their muscles.
     "You & I are going to be the envy of all
drummers!" said Eric pumping iron.
     "Girls will love me, not you, family man!" said
Cody also pumping.
     They were alone in the studio.  Cody was flexing
his muscles while Eric played a tympani drum roll
     "Get ready to scream girls!  Meet the 10th member
of The White Angels & 2nd drummer/tympanist, Cody
     Eric went over to the drums & started playing a
snare drum roll, followed by a cool drum solo, with
Eric playing along on his tympani.  Cody drummed good,
played a bass drum solo using his feet & crashing
cymbals left & right.  Then as he was drumming on the
tom toms, Eric came over & played a snare drum roll. 
Cody got off the drums as Eric continued playing. 
Then Eric stopped when Cody played a tympani fanfare
solo.  Then he played a hard fast drum roll, Cody was
better then Eric.
     Ray Walters & the rest of the band couldn't
believe that Eric found Cody from the Lafayette stop. 
Then Frank told Cody,
     "We like to have you in the band, but there's no
room for two drummers.  Then we'd have a symphony
orchestra, instead of a pop band."
     "I want him in the band!" said Eric, "The dude's
cool!  You let Ben have Fred in the band & you fell in
love with Victoria & had her in the band.  Maybe it's
Eric Hunter's turn to discover someone."
     "Here's an idea." said Ray, "Lose the 15 piece
set & you each play a 5 piece set of drums.  And in
between your drum sets, two tympanis.  You & Cody can
fight over the tympani like I had Ben & Fred fight
over the chimes."
     "A confession!" said Ben & Fred.  Ray put his
foot in his mouth.
     Days later, the 10-piece White Angels were
working on their new Christmas album.  David & Jason
practiced a rap number, Ben & Fred practiced on a
number where they would each take turns playing a
chimes solo.  During practice, Infotainment This Week
filmed them rehearsing & interviewed the band.  Rob
Gowynne reports,
     ROB:  What does Florida Beach 35410 have in
           with The White Angels?  Our Weeza Gibson
           the answer.
     (Band music plays)
     WEEZA:  Since 35410 has been canceled, two of its
             former stars are now with the hottest
             band, The White Angels.  Former guitar
             heartthrob Ray Walters manages the band
             & David Lubbock Brian's their new
             keyboard player.
     (David sings & plays organ)
     DAVID:  Ray asked me to join the band since I
             was an unemployed actor.  Music's my
             love & I play anything with keyboards.
     WEEZA:  Former member Ralph Andretti now plays
             stadium organ for The Mighty Ducks.
     (Cody plays tympani while Eric shows off his
     WEEZA:  The band now has 10 members, including
             drummer Cody Mitchell, a former swimmer
             & diver.
     CODY:  When I saw Eric as a teenager in that
            beach pageant, I took up playing the
            drums as well.
     (Fred's playing chimes & Ben's playing vibes)
     WEEZA:  We find Ben & Fred working on another
             Tropical Breezes, the song that got them
     BEN:  It's amazing that I get e-mails from high
           school vibists saying they look up to me.
     FRED:  I'm thankful that we can work on our own
            arrangements to fit what the rest of the
            band plays.  I'm probably the only full
            time marimbist.
     WEEZA:  So what holds the future of the band?
     FRANK:  Doing a Christmas special on tv, maybe
             win some music awards.
     ROB:  You can catch their new Christmas album to
           be released Thanksgiving week.
     In the Romans' backyard, Liz & Scott are playing
badminton against Brian, who played solo.  Brian loved
to play badminton & was an ace!  Liz & Scott lost to a
     "As long as this solo player's on a hot streak
beating the family pair, let's play Blockbusters. 
I'll dig up Bill Cullen's grave."
     "Brian!" groaned Liz & Scott, "Not a game show
     "Kidding." quipped Brian, "I like getting
     In the studio, David was messing on the
portavibes until he saw Ben entering the studio.
     "Look David," said Ben, "Your portavibes are a
cool instrument, they no longer manufacture them.  But
I'm the vibist of the band.  We got two guitarists,
two trumpeters, now two drummers.  I don't think the
band's ready for two vibists."
     "Ben, my father gave me those vibes after he gave
up his music career." explained David, "You probably
don't even remember them, Sports Jocks."
     "Are you pulling my leg?" asked Ben smiling, "I
use to play like him.  Your father's Robert Brian?"
     David nodded as Ben was excited.  Ben then played
his dad's famous solo as David jammed with him.
     Sports Jocks was an 80's type Village People band
who wore sports uniforms, singing & playing
instruments.  The band consisted of a lead
singer/guitarist in football uniform, another
guitarist in hockey gear, a keyboard whiz in baseball
uniform, a bassist wearing bowling gear, a drummer in
a basketball uniform & David's father who wore Guts as
a swimmer, playing the portavibes.  They had one hit
album & was disbanded after a year later.  They even
made a music video which bombed that ROCK-TV would air
on either April Fool's Day or Friday the 13th as part
of their goofy videos.
     Ben decided that David could double the sound on
the vibes on some songs, but not on Tropical Breezes,
since that was Fred & Ben's song.
     I almost forgot, Cody & David shared the house
Ralph use to live.  They weren't another Felix &