JR & TWA In Football Hero

     Next to playing the guitar & singing in the band,
Joe's other favorite thing is watching football on tv.
 He was such a Philadelphia Eagles fan, he even wore a
football uniform (#45) watching the games on tv. 
Joe's favorite player is the quarterback (#15) Danny
     Danny also had his local weekly talk show.  The
black quarterback would talk football & the upcoming
game the Eagles had.  The show was set in a sports bar
complete with a house band.
     One episode had Danny with the house band.  Danny
had his own electric guitar as he jammed & sang with
the band.  Danny had a fine voice & was an awesome
guitarist!  After the song, fans had mixed emotions as
some cheered & some booed!  Then Danny went back to
his hosting desk, sat down & said,
     "I don't care what football fans think about what
I just did.  Next to football, I like doing my music. 
If you think that playing the guitar makes me a sissy
& singing's for canaries, you watch too much Brady
Bunch!  My favorite group's The White Angels.  Joe &
Bart really put their hearts when they play the
guitar.  I wouldn't mind if I wanted the band to come
& work on a project with me."
     Back to the story, when Joe watched a game in his
football uniform, Brian came to him & said,
     "You really need therapy!"
     "Scott!" Joe yelled as he came to him, "Take the
wisecracking dog out in the backyard & give him a
     "Will you play the guitar in your football gear?"
asked Scott.
     "After the game."
     "I'll need more than a bath after this!" quipped
     In the backyard, Scott grabbed & placed the baby
swimming pool in the middle of the yard.  Then he
filled it with water from the garden hose.  Liz
brought out some rubber toys for him to play with,
including a baby duck.
     "I'm not a puppy!" said Brian, "I can bathe
myself."  As Scott sat on a lawn chair watching Brian
bathing, he asked what he was like when he was a
     "No comment." said Brian, then he sighed
remembering his days @ the puppy mill.
     When Brian got out of the pool, he grabbed a
towel to dry himself off.  Then he asked Liz for his
flea powder, but Liz started sneezing he she brought
it to him.
     "Get rid of that!" he snapped, "I don't want to
leave this family over flea powder just like the
Bradys did with Tiger until Jan discovered the flea
powder made her allergic."
     Liz laughed @ that & then she & Brian cried,
     "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"
     Around 4:30, Scott & Brian were in Joe's bedroom
watching him playing his electric guitar in his
football uniform.  He was messing on a song as Brian
     "How degrading!"
     After the song, Joe unstrapped his guitar saying,
     "That's the last time you'll see me play the
guitar in my football uniform." 
     "Dad," Scott suggested, "Remember that super hero
program you had?  The episode where Frank adopts
Michael.  Why not have the band wear football uniforms
& teach kids that a band's like a football team!"
     "That'll be the day." quipped Brian.
     "For once, I agree with the dog!" said Joe.
     "X gets the square & $1,000!" quipped Brian.
     Days later @ the recording studio where the band
practices, manager Ray Walters arrived & told the band
they had a video gig with Danny Brown.
     "Danny Brown?" asked Bart, "The brother can play
football, but he tries so hard with his music."
     "Danny's a White Angels fan." explained Ray,
"Thinks Joe & Bart are awesome guitarists.  He has a
great idea for a video program, just hear him out."
     Danny Brown entered the studio & shook hand with
all the band members.
     "If your band had one more member, you'd have a
football team." quipped Danny, then got down to
business, "Band, after my away game, the Eagles have
an open date.  I was thinking about having the band
doing a video that would educate as well as entertain.
 It's called 'A Band's A Team, Too'."
     "We did something like that @ Super Music wearing
super hero outfits." said Frank, "Fred, Victoria,
David & Cody weren't in the band then.  It was the
episode I adopted Michael."
     "All I'm asking is that you appear with me & wear
football uniforms sporting the Eagles' green jerseys."
said Danny.
     "Cool!" said Jason.
     "Awesome!" said Eric & Cody slapping hands.
     "I won't do it!" snapped Victoria, "I would look
pretty ridiculous in a football uniform!"
     "Why not wear a cheerleader outfit & look like a
babe?" said Cody as he & Eric howled & slapped hands.
     "Cool it, Dufus & Drumhead!" snapped Frank as he
told his wife, "You wouldn't look bad as a
cheerleader.  You do this for me & we could score a
touchdown in bed."
     The band howls.
     "Oh grow up!" snapped Victoria, then kissed
Frank.  Vicki agreed to be a cheerleader.  Danny had a
camera crew with him & wanted to film the band
rehearsing as part of the show.  So ignoring the
cameras, the band had their normal band practice.
     During the Eagles bye-week, the band filmed their
video @ the indoor practice facility field the Eagles
used.  We find the band in huddle as Danny spoke,
     "Team, let's show then we can work as a team. 
Take it in #24."
     They clapped hands & broke huddle as they lined
up against the Eagles' defense.  Jason snapped the
ball to Frank, then he handed it to Ben who fought the
defense to score a touchdown!  The team went over to
Ben to congratulate him.  Then Danny said,
     "What you just saw takes total teamwork.  But
these guys aren't Philadelphia Eagles that you just
saw..."  the band takes their helmets off, "They're
The White Angels.  Like football players, they work
together as a team to bring you slammin sounds.  A
Band's A Team Too!"
     The next clip showed each band individual in
their football uniform (cheerleader outfit for Vicki)
introducing themselves & a clip of them playing their
     "Frank Brandis, #8, Leader & Trumpet!" (trumpet
     "Vicki L. Brandis, 2nd Trumpet!" (trumpet solo).
     "Bart Smith, #67, Tenor Sax & Guitar!" (tenor
sax, followed by guitar solo).
     "Jason Herkimer, #53, Bass Guitar!" (bass solo).
     "David L. Brian, #14, Keys!" (organ solo).
     "Joe Roman, #45, Guitar!" (guitar solo).
     "Ben Sanders, #24, Vibes!" (vibes solo).
     "Fred Sanders, #76, Marimba!" (marimba solo).
     "Cody Mitchell, #30, Drums & Tympani!" (Drum
     "Eric Hunter, #98, also Drums & Tympani!"
(Tympani  drum roll).
     "And guest Danny Brown, #15, Guitar!" (guitar
     When they showed the band in their studio, Danny
     "These 10 talented musicians work hard & have
real dedication to be a player.  They write their own
songs, go over arrangements & really work hard to make
a song work.  The band plays rock, jazz. pop & rap on
10 different musical instruments.  Let's explore the
different areas of the band."
     The first segment; HORN SECTION.  The band backed
up while Bart, Frank & Vicki played.  First Vicki
played trumpet solo #1 as Frank played with a mute
attached.  The Bart played a tenor sax solo.  Finally
Frank played his trumpet solo still having his mute
attached.  Then he took off the mute & played a cool
     Before we show you the rest, let's switch the
scene @ the Romans' house.  As Lou's watching her soap
opera, Brian looked & sighed, 
     "Whatever happened to game shows on network tv in
the afternoon?"
     "Extinct like a dinosaur." said Lou.
     "Or like U.S. 75 from Galveston-Dallas, Texas."
quipped Brian.  Then he turns to the readers
     "Before there was Interstate 45, U.S. 75 went
along that way.  But in 1987, the Texas Highway
Department decided to remove U.S. 75 signings south of
Dallas starting below I-30.  The road's now known as
TEXAS 75 from Streetman-Conroe & it's green signed
Business Loop 45 in Ferris, Palmer, Ennis &
     "You're a very smart dog, Brian." exclaimed Lou.
     "No, I'm reading that from the script.  That's
another piece of geography trivia that Larry sneaked
into the fanfic.  Good day!" quipped Brian.
     Brian went to get the mail.  Other than bills & a
music magazine for Joe, he saw a small package
forwarded from Rhode Island addressed to him.  Brian
opened it & he suddenly started crying.  Lou went over
to Brian & asked what was wrong.  But Brian ran
upstairs to Scott's bedroom & cried on his bed.
     When Liz & Scott came home from school, Scott
went to his bedroom & found that his bed was wet.
     "Bad dog, Brian!"
     Brian was crying like a puppy.  Lou came to the
bedroom & told Scott he was crying over a letter he
     "Don't tell me you have to leave the fanfic
series!" cried Liz, "I like having a funny dog in our
family even if you aren't Snoopy or Porkchop."
     Brian then realized that he had to show the
envelope.  Inside the envelope were long lost pictures
of Brian as a baby puppy.  A few had him with his
mother taking care of him.
     "These pictures brought back memories." he cried,
"I love you people, though you're a G-Rated family."
     Lou, Liz & Scott looked @ all his baby puppy
pictures.  Scott took one of the pics & posted it on
his bulletin board.  
     "You'll always be my best friend." said Scott
hugging Brian.
     "Sure, but when you're a teenager, you'll ditch
me & start playing in your own band just like your
Dad's." quipped Brian.
     Back to the video, the 2nd segment; RAP.  The
band backed up Jason & David as they played their
instruments & rapped.
     The 3rd segment; GUITAR & DRUM CORP.  Eric & Cody
each played on a set of drums while Joe, Bart & Danny
played their electric guitars.  And along with them,
the Eagles Cheerleaders danced to their music.  The
guitarists sang "Football Hero".  Then Bart got to
open with guitar solo #1 for the first time in his
life.  Then Danny played guitar solo #2 & Joe played
guitar solo #3.  Danny got to live out his fantasy
when he played along with Joe & Bart.  Then Eric &
Cody were in heaven as the cheerleaders danced in
front of them.  Then Eric had a drum solo, then Cody
took his turn on a drum solo.
     The 4th segment; THE PIT.  A marching band has a
percussion pit section consisting of tympanis, vibes,
marimbas & other percussion.  First, Eric & Cody
played a super tympani piece where they played their
own soloes.  After finishing with a drum roll, they
played rhythm as Ben & Fred joined in.  In between
their instruments, the chimes they shared.
     Ben & Fred played a real cool song they messed
around with.  Fred played a marimba solo as Ben played
chord progressions on the vibes.  Then Ben went over
to play a chimes solo as Fred rolled chords on
marimba.  Then Fred left the marimba, grabbed some
hammers & took over playing a chimes solo.  Ben went
back to his vibes & played a super solo while Fred
banged on the chimes.  Then Fred went back to the
marimba & they both soloed together.
     The last segment had the band together with Danny
playing Bart's guitar.  After the song, Danny thanked
the band for helping him out & appearing on the video.