The SCB In Guitar Teen

          Our story starts in junior high school as Andy Nicholson's having lunch. Jennifer & a few of her girlfriends were excited & drooling over The N. Main Street Boys upcoming concert @ Metropolitan City a few weekends away.

          "Isn't this awesome?" asked a girl, "David Galaga, the hottest star on HTV, is bringing his band to Metropolitan City for a concert!"

          "I have a thing about Jake Winters," sighed Jennifer, "Motorcycle rebel look, hot body & man, can he play that flying v guitar of his!"

          "Don't let Super Cool Andy hear about this or he'll be jealous!" quipped a girl.

          "SC Andy's yesterday's news." said Jennifer, "I don't like drummers anymore, especially the way he shows off when playing the tympani. Don't you agree, Andy?"

          Andy hesitated to respond, but was a little broken-hearted leaving.

          "What crawled up his shorts?" asked a girl, "Better yet, it be better if he had briefs!"

          After school, Andy glided on his skateboard & went to the library. he didn't feel like surfing the web, instead he checked some books out & a few videos.

  When he arrived home, he saw that the SC 4000 was gone. Andy thought his brothers were out fighting crime.

          When he arrived @ the penthouse suite #2424, Andy's books & video was all to learn to play the guitar.

          "I'll show Jennifer." said Andy.

     He went to the music room where the CB instruments were set up. First he picked up Joey's new Joe Roman Washborn guitar, turned on the amp & started messing around on it. After playing that guitar, Andy looked @ himself with Joey's guitar saying,

          "This guitar's for jazz nuts."

          Then after putting that back on the guitar stand, he grabbed Joey's old red hollowed bodied electric guitar. After turning on the amp & messing on that guitar, he says,

          "This guitar makes me look like a dork. Better not tell Joey & Matt that."

          After putting that guitar back on the stand, he grabbed Matt's black Strat guitar. Andy turned on that amp & started messing on that guitar. Andy had a smile on his face saying,

          "This guitar's just right! Now I sound like Goldilocks!"

          So Andy turned off that amp, unplugged it & carried it into his bedroom. Then he grabbed Matt's Strat & a video about guitar lessons.

          When Joey & Matt came home, they heard beginner's guitar music played. They went to the music room to find their amps are still on by mistake.

          "Somebody's been playing my Washborn! And somebody's been playing my red guitar!" said Joey.

          "Somebody stole my Strat!" said Matt. Joey & Matt peeked in Andy's bedroom. So they sneaked back into the music room. As Andy was playing, he suddenly heard the drums & tympani being played.

          "Somebody's playing my drums & tympani!" said Andy. Then he switched into his SC Andy costume. He was shocked to find Super Cool Matt playing the drums & Super Cool Joe playing a tympani drumroll.

          "Caught you, Goldilocks!" quipped SC Matt as they stopped. Joey & Matt told Andy that they use to play the drums when they were kids.

          "Why all the sudden urge to play the guitar?" asked SC Joe.

          "I'll bet Jennifer has something to do with it." kidded SC Matt.

          "Cool it!" yelled SC Andy, "Maybe I want to go from the drums to the guitar just like Scott Baio & John Stamos did. Got a problem?"

          Andy explained that he wants to play the guitar after Jennifer prefers the N. Main Street Boys over The SC Bros. And she also likes the lead guitarist, Jake Winters.

          Days before the concert, @ Metropolitan City Airport, fans were anxiously waiting for The N. Main Street Boys to arrive. When they did, girls started screaming @ them wanting to touch them. While they boarded a limousine, a boy fan sneaks into the limo. David Galaga boarded his limo & was shocked to find who's the stowaway!

          "Surprise!" he said, "I could've been your bass player in the band, but NOOO!, the producers chose Chad!"

          "Reggie Richardson!" said David asking, "Why are you holding a gun to me?"

          "Because I could've been part of The N. Main Street Boys & got popular like you! Then they wrote me off the show for no reason!" snapped Reggie, "Shut up before I pull the trigger. Try anything, I'll be in a REAL BAD MOOD!"

          Back @ the penthouse, Andy was learning to play the guitar on his own without any help from his brothers. Just then, the SC Phone rang. Joey answered the phone saying,

          "What is it, Sarge O'Ryan?"

          "There's chaos @ the Speartree Hotel. Somebody's holding David Galaga hostage!"

          "Who would do such a thing?" asked SC Andy.     "Probably Reggie Richardson." whispered Matt to his brothers.

          So the Nicholsons changed into The Super Cool Brothers! They went down to the secret floor to the SC 4000. SC Andy got to drive with SC Joe holding on & SC Matt in the sidecar.

          "Hey! I was suppose to drive in this scene." said SC Matt, "If I don't get to drive in this fanfic, I'll be in a REAL BAD MOOD!"

          "You watch too much Philly Rich's Thanksgiving Hope." quipped SC Joe.

          As SC Andy drove, he explained,

          "David Galaga was Philly Rich & Reggie Richardson played his nemesis, Jake Tac Dough! When 5 Alive first started, Jake played David's short-lived friend before the producers bumped him off when David started his music career forming the N. Main Street Boys."

          SC Andy was near downtown, he decided to go jet motorcycle mode to land on top of the hotel. There he saw the police & reporters mobbing in front of the hotel of the hostage situation.

          In the band's suite, Reggie tied up the band holding them hostage.   He was on the telephone talking to room service.

          "Hello room service. I want a pizza! Double pepperoni, triple pepperoni! And if I don't get it in 30 minutes or less, I'll be in a REAL BAD MOOD!"

          "Great, Prince For A Day meets Richie Rich's Christmas Wish." quipped David.

          "Shut up!" snapped Reggie hanging up the phone.     Then Reggie got Chad's bass guitar & started jamming on it. He was a mediocre bassist, then he started to sing,

          "Coughing up nails, after eating some snails!"  

  He sang that line over a few times. Then he stopped playing & told David,

          "That could've been me! I could've had girls scream over me! Why did 5 Alive bump me?"

          "Because you got into really BAD MOODS!" quipped David.

          "That's my catch phrase!" said Reggie, then he pulled the trigger & told David,

          "Looks like the new name of the show will be 4 To Adore!"

          Just then, a knock on the door occurred. Reggie looked in the peephole & saw it was his pizza on a tray. He opened the door, wheeled in the tray into the room. Then from underneath the tray, SC Andy came out.

          "Busted!" he said, "I learned that trick from Ricky Schroeder when he met Menudo on Silver Spoons!"

          "You're going down, SC Andy!" threatened Jake.  

  Reggie pulled the trigger & SC Andy used his karate on him & got the gun from his hand. Reggie fought him until he was knocked out. His older super brothers arrived & freed the band while the police arrested Reggie.

          "Looks like he'll be in a REAL BAD MOOD for a long time!" quipped the SCB.

          The band asked if there's anything they could do for them, name it. SC Andy had an idea.

          The night of the concert arrived. Before the N. Main Street Boys performed, David had the SCB as a warm-up act. In the middle of the concert, the stage went pitch dark. Then tympani music was heard, but fans were surprised that SC Matt's playing the tympani!

          Then they heard rhythm rock guitar music going & fans were thrilled that SC Andy played the guitar. Then he played a cool rock tune to impress Jennifer with as SC Matt played the drums. Even though SC Joe played lead guitar, SC Andy was hot. After the song, SC Joe said,

          "Let's hear it, first time on the electric guitar, SC Andy!" fans cheered.

          Then, the N. Main Street Boys gave a fine concert as the SCB watch from back stage. David Galaga played the guitar (sometimes vibes) while singing with Jake playing lead guitar. Then they left home with SC Matt driving the SC 4000 or he'd be in a...

          "Shut up, Larry!"

          At junior high, Jennifer showed pictures of the concert she took. One pic had David playing guitar, another playing the vibes, then one of Jake playing lead guitar along with the other band members. But she was thrilled to get a pic of SC Andy playing the guitar for the first time!