Eric Hunter's Big Break

          At the Hunter house, we find Eric in the living room watching himself on a vcr tape he produced entitled "Eric Hunter's Power Workout Video".

          The video featured Eric @ a gym wearing a muscle shirt & sweatpants. Eric did various exercises & pumped some iron lifting weights. Then he sported some Guts Swim Briefs swimming laps around the pool, then he did some bodybuilder poses. A couple of times in the video, Eric would play the drums & play a tympani solo.

          "Eric, are you watching that stupid video again?" asked a voice. It's his wife, Tina, "It's bad enough you have to be the show-off of the band, now you made it worse by doing that stupid workout video."

          Eric turns off the video & tv saying,

          "Tina, this body brings home the bacon for this family. You're worse than Frank always dissin me about this beefcake body."

          "Eric," Tina asked, "What woman would find someone attractive who has a He-Man build & uses it to play the tympani with? That's weird!"

          "You did. You married me." said Eric.

          Suddenly, they heard the video coming from another room. They went upstairs & spied to find Mrs. Enid watching the video tape.

          "I'm so glad I work for him." she sighed. "Mrs. Enid!" they both said as she turned it off.

    "You got to admit Mrs. Hunter, Eric's very cool pumpin iron."

     "Oh shut up!" snapped Tina. "Excuse me, I got to get back to the nursery."  

  In the nursery, baby Derek was in his crib playing with his stuffed baby puppy Matty. Derek liked that toy so much, he wouldn't part with it. Mrs. Enid picked Derek up from the crib, sat on a rocking chair & fed him a bottle of milk.

          After feeding, she burped him, then laid him back down on his crib.

          "Now you take a nap for Nana Enid." she said softly. As she left, she heard baby Derek cry,

          "Na-na. Na-na!"

          Mrs. Enid was crying for joy, she rushed over to fetch Eric & Tina. When they reached the nursery, they heard Derek say,


          "He can talk! Those are his first words!" cried Tina for joy, "How about saying Ma-Ma? Or Da-Da."

     But Derek kept saying nana. They were broken-hearted that their son's first word was Nana for Mrs. Enid.

          In the living room, Mrs. Enid came from the kitchen with some food saying,

          "Cheer up, it'll be ok. I'm sure Derek will get to saying mama & dada soon."

          In the computer room, Eric loved to surf the net. His favorite webpage was an Eric Hunter webpage ran by a webmaster from Texas. She's crazy over Eric that her webpage contained tons of Eric pics. Then he went to check his e-mail & read one he couldn't believe. He printed the e-mail out & then said,

          "Tina, Mrs. Enid! Check this out."

     Eric read the letter to the girls;


          Eric was excited that he's getting an acting job. But Mrs. Enid pointed out,

          "That means you'll have to leave The White Angels."

          Eric was saddened, but when he looked out of the window to see Frank Brandis @ his house, Eric imagined that when he told the news to him, Frank would react,

          "Horray! I'm rid of the moron drummer, forever!"

    But news did spread like wildfire as Eric went over to all the band members houses to spread his good news. When he reached Frank's house last, Eric expected some kind of insult from him. But Frank opened his door & told Eric,

          "I heard you're going to be an actor. Good going, Eric, I'm gonna miss you. Eric, I always called you the moron of the band because of what you pulled over the years. But you're really cool. Tonight, be @ the studio for something way cool. And wear your Guts."

          That night @ the studio, Eric came in wearing his Guts while the other band members wore regular clothing. Jason entered the studio wheeling in a tv-vcr unit.

          "Tonight, we say good-bye to the dude responsible for having us wear Guts, Eric Hunter." said Frank. Then he had a vcr tape in his hand & then explained,

          "The first time I ever met Eric was when we were a part of a series of 49er Jeans commercials. There were 8 commercials made that featured unknown Philadelphia musicians. They would wear the jeans while playing music."

          Frank inserted the tape into the vcr & it started playing. The 1st commercial featured a dude playing the sousaphone. Each commercial ended with the jingle "Get into the jeans" whether it's sung &/or played instrumentally.

          The 2nd ad featured a jazz guitarist, Bart & Joe liked that ad. The 3rd ad featured a girl flautist playing classical music.

          The 4th ad featured a teenaged boy playing a black Strat electric guitar & singing,

          "I sing this jingle wearing 49er Jeans,
      I do this ad for all the young teens.
      Get a cool poster to hang on your wall,
            When you buy 49er Jeans down @ the mall."

    The teen plays a guitar solo & Jason notices that he looks like Josh Byrne (Step By Step). Then he sings & plays the jingle.

          The 5th ad, the band was surprised to find Ben Sanders playing the vibes.

          The 6th ad featured a jazz saxophonist.

          The 7th ad had Frank Brandis playing a cool trumpet solo.

          The 8th & final ad had Eric not only playing the drums, but also playing the tympani. Eric ended the commercial saying the tag line while playing a tympani drumroll. Frank turned off the tape & said,

          "Eric had a lot of spunk in that commercial that the company let him have the tympanis. I also invited him to be in my new band, which I would grow by discovering each member."

          Then the band went to their instruments, except Jason got to play the sousaphone, instead of bass guitar.

          "I thought we'd do your favorite goofy marching band tune." said Frank, "Hey Joe, show Eric your surprise."

          Joe went behind his amplifier & Eric was surprised when Joe wore a Homer Simpson head mask over his head.

          "D-oh!" said Joe, "Hope you appreciate this, Eric."

          The song opens with Eric playing a snare drum intro, then the band joined in playing together with Cody playing tympani. First, the horn section (Frank, Vicki & Bart) played a solo together. Then David played an organ solo followed by him playing a solo on the portavibes. Then Ben plays an answering solo on his vibes what David played, then they played a vibes duet.

          Then Joe (in his Homer Simpson mask) played part of The Simpsons theme song when strumming the theme playing guitar chords. Then Joe played a cool guitar solo, Eric was pleased.

          Then for the first time, Jason got to play a sousaphone solo. Jason got to enjoy playing a brass instrument. Then Fred played a sprightly marimba solo. During his solo, Ben went over & played chord rolls on the left side of the marimba. Fred left & let Ben solo on the marimba while Fred went over to the vibes to play a vibes solo.

          After switching back to their instruments, the band played together to finish the song. Eric got off his drums & went to the tympani. The band played a fanfare finish & Eric played a tympani drum roll. When Eric played, the band walked away from their instruments leaving Eric hanging.

          "Finish it, Eric!" said Frank.

          Eric played a cool two minute tympani solo with fanfares & drum rolls!

          Days passed as the band helped Eric load his belongings in a U-Hall moving van. Eric & the family was going to miss the band. After the house was empty, David decided to move in since he shared a house with Cody.

          Then the band watched as the movers drove off with Eric driving his motorcycle while Tina drove the car with Derek & Mrs. Enid aboard.