The Sanders (Ben & Fred); Seduction Island

          Ben & Fred had released their solo album, Percussion Paradise. The album cover had them wearing a loud tropical shirt, sandals & Guts swim briefs holding their mallets. With only back-up musicians on bass & drums, this album featured their percussion talents.

          Most cuts had Ben playing the vibes & Fred playing marimba. One cut had Ben playing vibes with Fred playing chimes, another cut had Ben playing chimes with Fred playing marimba. One cut had Ben playing marimba while another cut had Fred playing the vibes. Fred & Ben got to sing together & each got to sing solo.

          At Fred's house, we find his wife Danielle, watching something interesting on tv called "Seduction Island". A reality tv series that had dating couples trying to stay together from being attracted by other people.

          "I can't believe you watch that trash." said Fred.

          "Shh!" Danielle snapped, "I love seeing the girls & guys they hire for the show try to break up the dating couples. If the dating couple can survive without heartbreak, they win $500,000. Otherwise, the seducer wins!"

          The show continued having bikini babes flirting with the dudes on tv. Their dates were informed by host Larry Stinger.

          "Larry Stinger hosting a game show?" asked Fred, "Now I've seen everything! It wasn't bad enough that he has that sleazy talk show where people act more like professional wrestling stars."

          Fred left the house & saw that Ben was out too. Ben mentioned that Velma also likes that sleazy show & he hates Larry Stinger. So they cooled down by driving their motorcycles going for a ride.

          The next day, the postal carrier brings a registered letter for both Sanders residents. They each found out that they're invited to fly out to The Virgin Islands for a week & they got to stay @ a cool hotel. The hotel wanted the Sanders cousins to put on a show & that they'll provide instruments. Ben & Velma were thrilled, but Fred had his doubts.

          "Why would someone give us a free trip to The Virgin Islands?" asked Fred, "There has to be a catch.   Look @ housing projects?"

          Danielle showed the letter to Fred pointing out that the trip was legit.

          A few days later, the foursome are on a plane headed to St. Thomas in The Virgin Islands. After getting their luggage from the airport, they hail a taxi which takes them to their hotel.

          When they arrived, they saw that the hotel lobby decor was real decorative. Then they went to the front desk to check in with the manager.

          "Good afternoon," in his British voice, "I'm F. Fleese, the manager of this hotel. Please sign the register."

          After signing the guestbook, Mr. Fleese reads,  

  "Ben & Velma Sanders with Fred & Danielle Sanders. You're The White Angels' percussionists. I got good vibes about you (laughing). This hotel has a restaurant, fitness room, swimming pool with bar, indoor bar & casino. Here are your room numbers, #824 & #825. You choose your room." (Rings bell), "Bellboy, take this luggage up to the 8th floor."

          When the four with the bellboy got on the elevator, Mr. Fleese uses the telephone, dials some numbers & then says,

          "Larry Stinger, Mr. Fleese. I got the Sanders as you requested."

          "Great." said Larry, "I got an idea to keep the wives busy."

          Fred got #825 while Ben stayed in #824. In #825, Danielle had changed into her swimwear & she saw Fred wearing swim trunks.

          "Where's your Guts?" asked Danielle.

          "Just this once, I want to wear trunks." said Fred, "I wear that stupid swimwear in those waterpark concerts, I felt embarrassed playing the marimba in those. This time, Fred Sanders goes trunks."

          "You looked very cool when you wore Guts playing the marimba, you & Ben were hottie percussionists." said Danielle.

          When they left their hotel room, they bump into Ben & Velma. Ben also wore trunks.

          "I'm taking a break from Guts as well." said Ben.     The foursome decided to go horseback riding along the beach. Fred rode a white horse with Danielle holding on while Ben rode a brown horse with Velma holding on. As they rode, they spot two more couples on horses with muscular dudes in Guts. Velma & Danielle drooled while Ben & Fred were jealous.

          After returning the horses, they took a swim in the beach. Fred & Ben drooled when they saw two bikini babes rubbing suntan oil. Of course, Danielle & Velma were ticked off.

          After swimming in the beach, they head to an open shower to wash off the salt water before going back to the hotel. Mr. Fleese spots them & informs,

          "There you are. You boys are performing tomorrow along the swimming pool bar @ 6:00 pm. You'll find the instruments in the banquet room if you want to practice. And oh yes, wear your Guts when you perform. That's your trademark."

          Ben & Fred tell the girls they're going to rehearse for a while. So as the girls went back up to the hotel rooms, they discover in the banquet room,

          "Awesome!" yelled Ben & Fred.

          There is a solid white marimba, solid white vibes, along with white chimes. As the boys messed on those instruments, Mr. Fleese peeked in & then called Larry Stinger up & told him the bait's all set.

          The next afternoon when Danielle went to get some ice, she heard a tape player playing "If You Wanna Get Down" sung by Joey Lawrence, in one o the hotel rooms.

  When she got closer to the music, she peeked in the vacant hotel room to find Mr. Fleese dancing to that tune in ladies clothes!

          While the boys were getting ready for the show, the girls decided to hit the casino. They find the same two hunks playing @ the blackjack table.

          "Care to join?" asked a hunk, "Room for two more."

          So the girls joined them for a friendly game of blackjack.

          At the hotel pool, a stage was set with vibes, marimba & chimes in between. Then Mr. Fleese addressed the people @ the pool,

          "Ladies & gentlemen. Tonight for the twilight performance, the hotel is proud to present these two hot percussionists who not only are in TWA, but also recently released a solo album. Let's hear it for Benjamin & Fred Sanders!"

          Girls howled when Ben & Fred entered shirtless & wearing Guts swim briefs. Little did they know that there were hidden tv camera watching @ the pool & the casino.

          On the first number, Fred played a chimes solo, then Ben joined playing rhythm vibes. Fred got off the chimes & played a marimba solo. Then Ben played his vibes solo. Afterwards, Fred played rhythm marimba as Ben got off the vibes & played a chimes solo.

          The next number had the boys singing together & solo. While they preformed, two bikini babes noticed that their boyfriends are with the two girls inside the casino.

          In the middle of the concert, one bikini babe went over to Fred & played rhythm marimba with Fred leading. The other bikini babe messed on the chimes to get Ben's attention. Then Ben let her play the vibes while he played the chimes. The boys were impressed that the two gorgeous babes had musical talent. They explained that they were in marching band playing in the pit.

          After the concert, the two girls grabbed Ben & Fred & jumped in the hotel pool. The girls tried to kiss them, but they were trying to escape. One girl kissed Fred passionately while the other tried to take off Ben's Guts.

          And suddenly, the wives arrived with the hunks & were shocked over the behavior.

          "What the (CUCKOO) is going on?" they all yelled. The wives & hunks then jumped into the pool to break up this sexy scene. As the commotion in the pool heated up, out came Larry Stinger with a mike in his hand saying,


          The girls who were after Fred & Ben were really dating those hunks!

          "Congratulations! You each split $500,000 for seducing our guest stars & their wives. Will you ever forgive your mate? I don't think so!"

          The two couples got out of the pool & told Larry,     "This is a dumb contest! We're booting ourselves off the island."

          Then Fred & Ben grabbed Larry's legs & pushed him into the pool, letting go of his mike of course. The foursome got out of the pool & went back to their hotel rooms.

          The two couples apologized & forgave each other because they realized this trip was a set-up!

          The next day when they checked out, Mr. Fleese informs them,

          "It seems your free vacation is null & void. Your hotel bill comes to $3,000 after that Larry Stinger incident. Either you pay or you'll be like Gilligan, stranded on the island."

          The couples were shocked, but Danielle said,     "Too bad we don't have $3,000 on us. But I'm a real big Joey Lawrence fan. And when I heard If You Wanna Get Down, you looked so FABULOUS in that dress & sable coat! And those shoes must be @ least $100 in price. And when the police sees this photo, you'll be off to jail. Maybe you could entertain the prisoners dressing up as a woman!"

          "Congratulations Mrs. Sanders," said Mr. Fleese, "You're definitely a real blackmailer. What can I do to call it even?"

          "I'll tell you." said Fred, "Tear up the bill &..."

          Back in Philadelphia, we find Ben & Fred in the studio playing the same white instruments they used in the Virgin Islands. Their wives were glad that Seduction Island got cancelled.