JR & TWA in Meet Your Idol

          At the band's studio, The White Angels were resting after their Rose Bowl concert. Manager Ray Walters enters & tells the band some news.

          "Band, we're going to be on a tv show." said Ray asking, "Are you familiar with a series called 'Meet Your Idol'?"

          "The show that's on Saturday mornings on TQBC?" asked Ranny.

          "You mean QBC." corrected Ray.

          "No," Danny says, "QBC has a block of E/I shows on Saturday mornings for teens, so they call it TQBC or Teen QBC."

          "Anyway," explained Ray, "Teens send snail mail, video tapes or e-mail to the show sending an essay on why they like to meet their idol, how their idol influences them on what they do. The show has teens meeting their favorite stars of music, tv, movie & sports, even unusual occupations like ice cream makers which is classified as potpourri."

          "So who's the teen that wants to have an adventure?" asked Frank.

          "Actually," Ray said, "There will be three. Band, I'd like for you to meet the host of that teen series, Mark Aaron."

          Mark entered the studio & shook hands with the band. But Ranny & Danny didn't want to shake his hand.

          "You're nothing but a self-centered vain egotist!" snapped Ranny.

          "Ranny! Apologize!" snapped Ray.

          "It's OK." said Mark, "I'm use to getting razzed because I played that type of character on a past TQBC show, Colorado Hopes."

          "I bet you faked your instrument playing on the show, Milli Vanilli!" stated Danny.

          "No." said Mark, "I played for real. In fact, beside playing the drums on the show, I also play keys, sax, trumpet, guitar, bass & vibes. And I also sing & rap."

          Ranny & Danny did shake Mark's hand after that & realized that he's not like his character. Then Mark told the band about the show.

          "Meet Your Idol's having a White Angels episode. Three teens will get to meet with their favorite band members in person. Teen #1's Clifton, a 12-year old gifted vibist who'd like to meet the Sanders. Teen #2's George, a 16-year old who plays the guitar in his father's jazz combo. Bart & Joe are his favorites. And teen #3's Malcolm, a 15-year old who likes to play basketball & the drums. Like to hang out with Ranny & Danny. Each of those teens will get to jam with their idols & play in the band."

          Then he goes over to Vicki & says,

          "If you weren't married to Frank, I'd ask you out on a date!"

          Vicki tells him, "How cute. But your girlfriend would be furious over that. Remember the tennis star episode?"

          "Touche." quipped Mark.

          Days later, a camera crew's setting up to shoot the tv show @ their studio. The band were in their white tuxedoes getting ready to play. Then Mark enters wearing a white tux of his own & goes over to the tympanis. Mark tells the band that this intro's his fantasy because he always wanted to be a White Angel himself.

          The show opens with the band playing an instrumental finish with Mark playing a tympani drumroll. Then Mark addreses the camera,

          "I always wanted to be a White Angel! Today on Meet Your Idol, it's a White Angels episode as three teens who are budding musicians themselves will get to meet their favorite band members." plays tympani drumroll, "Let's get this show kickin!"

          Mark stops. Ranny plays a funky drum beat followed by Jason's funky bass solo. Then Mark plays funky tympani & raps his theme song,

          "Yo! Mark Aaron here.
      The dude who provides goodwill & cheer.
            Want to meet a role model, have a wish fufill?
    Then give it a shot & Meet Your Idol!"

          Ranny plays a drum solo end with Mark tympani drum rolling.

          After commercial, Mark tells viewers about how the band works together & dedicates their efforts into their songwriting.

          The first segment had Mark with Clifton escorting him to the studio. Clifton's surprised when he saw the Sanders busy playing their instruments.

          "Man this is so cool! Ben & Fred Sanders!" exclaimed Clifton as they went over to shake his hand.

  Then Ben reads his e-mail,

          "Meet Your Idol, I play the vibes in a summer jazz program. I picked up the instrument when I was 10 & learned how to be creative playing soloes. I would like to meet my idols who influenced me more, Ben & Fred Sanders of TWA."

          The Sanders watched as Clifton played a funky vibes solo. As he played, Fred joined in chord rolling on the marimba while Ben banged on the chimes.

  After the jam, Clifton talked to the Sanders.

CLIFTON: What made you decide on the vibes, Ben?

BEN: I was in high school jazz band & wanted to play      the drums. Since they had a drummer, I got stuck playing the vibes.

CLIFTON: What about Fred?

FRED: My instrument's the marimba. I only play the        vibes on some tunes like Tropical Breezes.

CLIFTON: You wrote that tune?

BEN & FRED: Yes.

BEN: Ben & I write our own soloes on that song. We also write our own arrangements since there's no vibes & marimba arrangements for that song. We want to fit in playing with the band.

FRED: It's kind of cool that we play three different        instruments & sing.

CLIFTON: You guys are awesome!

BEN: So are you Clifton. You put a lot of effort & work on the vibes, you might be the next Ben or Fred Sanders.

     The last scene has Clifton playing a solo on Ben's vibes with Ben playing rhythm on David's portavibes. Then Clifton stopped & watched Ben play a cool solo. Then they put a finish on it.

          After commercial, Mark informs the viewers that the next segment goes out on the road to meet the next person.

          At a music studio in Pittsburgh, we find a jazz combo playing soft jazz that featured drums, bass, vibes, trumpet & guitar. George's dad plays trumpet & after his solo, the camera were on his 16-year old son who sported a moustache. As George played his cool guitar solo, he spoke through a voiceover reading his letter.

          "Meet Your Idol, I play the guitar in my Dad's combo. I would like to meet my guitar inspirations, Joe Roman & Bart Smith. I play all their riffs when I practice alone."

          The song ends & George's dad tells the band that they can take a break, except George.

          Mark arrives @ their studio & George couldn't believe it! George was flabbergasted when Joe & Bart arrived with their guitar cases in hand. He went over to shake their hands.

          The next scene had them playing their electric guitars. First, Joe plays solo with the other two chunking, then Bart soloes (Joe & George chunking) & finally Joe & Bart chunk while George plays his guitar solo. Then they all play the same rhythm riff to end the song. After the jam, George talks to his idols.

GEORGE: You fight over who plays guitar soloes?

JOE: Bart & I get along great. We always work out who plays lead in a song.

BART: I'm one of the saxmen in the band, so I play        the guitar on some songs. But Joe lets me        express my abilities playing a couple of lead        soloes.

GEORGE: When did you get your first electric guitar?

JOE: I was 14. Had me a hollowed bodied before this       Washborn.

BART: My brother's guitar was a West Montgomery, he taught me to play it @ 13. But I quit playing the guitar after high school & wouldn't play again until Frank saw me play.

GEORGE: Why do you guys sing? I don't.

BART & JOE: We like to.

BART: Why don't you try to sing, you might impress        girls.

GEORGE: Maybe. Nice talking to you.

     After commercial, a home video tape's shown. The tape shows our 3rd teen, Malcolm, in action playing basketball with his friends, while in the background, a drum solo's played. Then we find that Malcolm's in his bedroom playing that drum solo on his set of drums, watching himself on a vcr tape playing basketball. He stops playing & addresses the camera.

          "Meet Your Idol, when I'm not shooting hoops, I like playing my drums to my b-ball action. What would be really cool is to meet my favorite drummers from TWA, brothers Ranny & Danny Torgerson!"

          The film ends with Malcolm playing a snare drum roll with a cymbal crash!

          Outside the music studio, there's a basketball hoop & court. Mark Aaron escorts Malcolm to find Ranny & Danny shooting hoops. Then Mark challenges the brothers to a game. So they have a game with Mark & Malcolm against the Torgersons.

          The show featured some basketball action from that game & in the background music, Malcolm's playing a drum solo on Danny's drums.

          The next scene has them hanging by the drums as Malcolm talks to the brothers.

DANNY: Cool playing, Malcolm.

MALCOLM: Thanks.

RANNY: Why play drums to basketball action?

MALCOLM: I kind of like beating to my own music. So           I keep a set of drums around. You brothers           double the drum sound. What makes you           different?

DANNY: Since I played in jazz bands, I'm use to         playing with brushes.

(Shows Danny playing the snare with brushes.)

RANNY: And I like playing hard rock. (Shows Ranny playing a super solo.)

MALCOLM: But you brothers have to tolerate with each           other. Ranny has to play brushes & Danny           has to play Ranny's music.

BOTH: Right.

MALCOLM: Why do you still play the tympani?

DANNY: Eric & Cody made it famous for the band, so         we continue using them.

RANNY: Malcolm, you're not a White Angel drummer         until you play tympani.

     The boys go over to the tympanis. Danny hands the mallets to Malcolm & plays a fanfare followed by a drumroll in which the brothers join in.

          After commercial, the three teens are wearing their white tuxedoes jamming with the band. They play a rock riff with Frank, Vicki, Bart & Shaun playing like a horn section, Ben on chimes, Jason on bass, Joe on guitar, David on keys, Fred on marimba, Ranny on drums & Danny on tympani. First, Clifton plays an awesome vibes solo, followed by Goerge doing a guitar solo & then Malcolm playing a drum solo. As the band played again, Malcolm & Danny switch places. The band puts a finish with Malcolm playing a tympani drum roll!

          After the jam, host Mark Aaron wraps it up.     "That's our show. We like to thank TWA for participating on our show & our three teens that got to meet their favorite band members. If you have ever wanted to meet your favorite idol who influences you, send a letter or video tape to the address show here or e-mail us. Only non-threatening submissions will be considered. Until next week, Mark Aaron saying good-bye!"

EPILOGUE: I get an e-mail from a fan going by the name of "Funny_Pages_Dude" saying,

          "Worst episode ever! Your writing ideas are like from Death Valley, dry!"

          "Hey, I had to come up with something!"