The White Angels had a sold out concert in Chicago & had a fine performance. While in Chicago, Bart got to be interviewed & have a photo session with Black Jazz Magazine. Pics included him driving & posing on his motorcycle, holding a sax in one hand & the guitar in the other hand. The coolest sexiest pic the magazine shot was Bart being shirtless wearing a leather cap backwards & playing his electric guitar. On the magazine's website, they had a download of Bart's guitar solo for fans to listen. But this fanfic actually began @ Fargo, North Dakota where a young man named Quincy Madison is playing bingo @ U.S. 81 Bingo. Quincy also likes to play the guitar, sing & square dance call. At the bingo parlour, they are playing the Letter X (No Ns called) for $400. Quincy always sat in the non-smoking section & would spend the least amount of money for cards possible. That day, he told his friends, "If I win big, I'm going to meet Matt Roman!" "Sure you are," said a doubter, "You said the same thing about Mario Lopez!" In the game, Quincy had 6 numbers marked. "G-54!" Then he needed one number for championship point. "I-29!" "Bingo!" yelled Quincy. "After verifying the card, Quincy got his $400, left the place, headed home & started packing his clothes & guitar case. Then when he got his ticket @ the Greyhound station & boarded the next bus to the twin cities, Quincy said, "Matt Roman, here I come!" That day, The White Angels got to visit the Mall of America. The children liked most of the shops, but especially liked the indoor amusement park. Jason spotted a Guts Swim Store. Not only were athletes pictured in swimwear, but the band playing as well. There were 4 posters available for sale; a Band Pic, Ben & Fred playing vibes & marimba, Joe playing guitar & Eric playing tympani (all wearing Guts). At the concert stage, there wasn't enough room for their instruments. So instead, fans were in for a treat. Quincy arrived @ the mall just in time to see Phoebe Dee & Matt Roman in concert. Phoebe sang with her mike in hand while Matt wore a headjack mike singing & playing his red electric guitar. Girls screamed when Matt either sang solo or played a guitar solo. Twenty minutes later, Phoebe announced, "That's our concert. Be sure to buy our CD @ Planet CD. Matt & I will autograph CDs." Quincy & the fans rushed over to Planet CD to get in line for the autograph session. Quincy had his guitar case & took his guitar out. Then a security guard grabbed his case! "What's the big idea?" he asked. "Just checking for weapons." he explained, "Can't take any chances." "I only want Matt to autograph my guitar." explained Quincy. An hour later, Planet CD held a session. Matt & Phoebe autographed CDs. Security guards were there. Girls cried & sighed when they had pictures taken with Matt. One dude flexed his muscles & asked Phoebe to autograph his biceps. A girl took her blouse off & asked Matt to sign her (CUCKOO). "I got the idea from Prince For A Day & Joey signed hers." she explained as Matt signed. Then Quincy got his turn & had has green guitar (same shape as Matt's). Quincy told Phoebe, "I came all the way out from Fargo, North Dakota after winning $400 on bingo just to meet Matt." A sneaky tabloid photographer took a pic of Matt & Quincy. As he was about to snap the shot, Matt thought quick & got into a real mood swing gruffing & yelling, "No boy fans! I got an image to protect! I refuse to sign your guitar!" "But Matt..." cried Quincy. "Security, get this weirdo out of my sight! Now!" yelled Matt. Security grabbed him, took his CD away & escorted him out of the mall, throwing him out. Just as he was crying walking from the parking lot, a security guard on a motorcycle approached him. "Hop on." he said through his helmet. "You're gonna take me back to the bus station?" asked Quincy. "Just hop on!" he said. Quincy strapped his guitar case to his body, hopped on as the security guard drove out heading north on I-35W. When they arrived, the biker pulled over @ The Minnesota Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. He had Quincy follow him to the 18th floor. There he saw The White Angels in a suite. The biker took off his helmet & it was... "Joe Roman!" cried Quincy, "You, a security guard?" "Chill." said Joe, "I was only there to watch my brother doing his 1st autograph session. he had no right to treat you like that." "I guess he snapped because of that photographer." he guessed, "Matt must have a big star ego." Joe had Quincy hang out with the band, he'll straighten Matt out. The band was watching the QWJN News for their story. After the weather, newscaster Gavin Slaughter said, "And now to put her 2 cents in, editorial reporter Emily Baxter." Emily commented, "A new music band has the country tapping. The White Angels are your potpourri band. You got two guys playing instruments that don't belong, the marimba & vibes. A hottie drummer who bangs his tympani like a gorilla. And a muscle-bound hunk who plays the guitar & sings like Joey Lawrence. Their taste in band uniforms really went nuts when they try to be Tarzan wannabes in those Guts swim briefs! That swimwear should be banished in public pools & beaches, America's a trunks country (except for swim teams & Olympians). So I ask all you decent people not to attend the concert @ Minne Paul Waterpark. Ban The White Angels!" "Emily," interrupted Gavin, "Your Uncle Ted taught you well. You act just like him, a jerk!" "Why don't you change your hairpiece, baldy!" quipped Emily, "If I wanna see swimwear like that, I'd go to France!" "Quiet!" yelled Gavin, "First off, the waterpark's closed for repairs & the concert's being held @ St. Paul Plaza. The band will be in their traditional white tuxedoes!" Emily was embarrassed as Gavin shook his head, she knew he was telling the truth. So she sheepless said, "Never mind! Enjoy the concert, that's my 2 cents." When Matt & Phoebe arrived @ their hotel room, Joe grabbed Matt by the shoulders, pushed him down & said, "What a superstar you are! Telling a fan NO & calling security!" "How did you know?" asked Matt getting up. "I disguised myself as a security guard." explained Joe. "He's a loser!" said Matt. Then he imitated Quincy, "I came from Fargo, North Dakota to have Matt sign my guitar. I won $400 on bingo." Then in his normal voice, "He sounds like a nerd! And I won't stand it!" "Matt you may think he's bonkers, but he had the guts to ask you in front of girls to sign his guitar. Did he ask you to marry him? NO!" Then Joe said, "I get Joe Roman wannabes myself asking to autograph guitars, encouraging them. I don't tell them to beat it, female fans only!" "Joe," Matt sighed, "Before you ever came to Philly, I was 13 when my Mom took me to see a football player. I asked him to autograph my football, but he ignored me & went to the cheerleaders." Matt continued, "I guess I was upset by that photographer from that sleazy magazine. I don't want people thinking the wrong way. I bet he's crying all the way to Fargo, North Dakota. I'd do anything to make it up to him." Joe took Matt next door & they heard country square dance music. Frank & Vicki, Ben & Velma, Fred & Danielle & Eric & Tina were square dancing as Quincy played the guitar & sang the calls. "Honor & bow to the partner, do-see-do. Let us do the 35 Hoedown. Now swing the gal next door & swing the gal next door & swing the gal next door & now you're back home. Honor & bow to the partner, give her a twirl. Spin her round & round like a top. 35E, 35W is in Texas & Minnesota, you can stop!" The people clapped as Matt said, "That was good!" "Stay away from me!" Quincy snapped, "I'm very embarrassed that you treated me that way." "Qunicy, that photographer was from a tabloid magazine." explained Matt, "Im sorry for what I did, I'd be happy to sign your guitar." So Quincy forgave & forgot as he handed his guitar for Matt to autograph. Frank had an instant camera & took a pic of them for Quincy to keep. That night, Quincy got a backstage pass to see the concert. Before the show, Emily Baxter came with the band poster & admitted she liked them in the Guts after all. Quincy saw Matt play guitar & sing with Phoebe. He also liked Motorcycle Brothers. Then he saw TWA rock Minneapolis/St. Paul. The next day, the band drove their motorcycles down I-35W. When it junctioned with I-35E to become I-35, Eric took a pic of I-35W & I-35E. And along I-94 West on a Greyhound, Quincy headed back to Fargo, North Dakota happy as a lark.