The tour continues with our motorcycle band going down I-35 South to Kansas City. But along I-70 West, we spot a minivan also heading to Kansas City. In it driving was Duncan Fletcher, teen magician & his girlfriend, Hallie Richmond (YES; the characters from My Date With The President's Daughter). "Duncan," Hallie said, "Why don't you get into politics like my former President Daddy did. Give up the magic stuff, grow up!" "Hallie, doing magic always makes me happy & is my talent." said Duncan, "There's a Magician's Convention in Kansas City. If I could put on a cool show, I could win a job working @ Las Vegas. I can see my name in lights, Teen Magician Duncan Fletcher!" "I wish that magic wand was real so I could make you disappear." quipped Hallie, "Or better yet, make you look like dreamy Eric Hunter of The White Angels!" "Hallie," Duncan snapped, "I started working out & playing the snare drum in my magic act to be more like Eric." They arrived in Kansas City & stayed @ the Arrow Royal Hotel, the same place the band was staying. Hours later @ the indoor pool, Frank & Victoria saw Eric already swimming in the pool as they got into the hot tub & relaxed. "Eric always has to show off." complained Frank, "Him & his Guts!" "Frank," reasoned Victoria, "Eric's one of the reasons for the band's popularity." When he got out of the pool, they saw him in swim trunks (but it was Duncan!). "He finally came to his senses." quipped Frank. Duncan headed to the weight room when he heard guitar-tympani music going on a boombox. He saw Eric pumping iron to his song, "Eric's Power". "You look just like me!" said Duncan as Eric dropped the weights & turned off the boombox. They stared @ each other! "I'm Duncan Fletcher, teen magician. You must be Eric Hunter." Eric nodded. "My girlfriend's crazy about you, why do you wear Guts swim briefs to play the tympani?" he asked. Eric explained, "I sit behind a set of drums & the only time fans see me is when I play the tympani! Girls like it & that's one reason why the band's popular." Eric thought of a cool idea, "You're a magician, how about we pull some hocus pocus & switch places. Fool people." "No!" said Duncan, "I got a better idea." Duncan whispered into Eric's ear his plan. The next day, the children wanted to see the magic shows @ The Magician's Convention. Everybody went, except Eric. They saw various magicians doing many magic tricks. Then they caught the act of Duncan Fletcher, Teen Magician! He appeared from a puff of smoke, then played a snare drum roll. The band thought Eric's making a fool of himself again. Duncan wore a black tuxedo. Then Duncan did his magic act with assistance from Hallie. "For my next trick, I'll need a volunteer!" said Duncan. Frank got up & told Joe he's going to teach him a lesson. Frank's up on stage. "What's your name?" "You know who I am, moron!" said Frank softly, "I'm getting Andy Roman to replace you!" "Would you please cuff me?" asked Duncan handing the handcuffs to Frank. "This is for having us wear Guts on stage, show off!" Frank said softly as he cuffed him. Then Duncan concentrated & escaped from the handcuffs. The people applauded. Frank went back to his seat as Hallie brought out a disappearing cabinet. "I shall ask my assistant to step in the cabinet!" he said. Hallie got in & Duncan shut the cabinet door. "I'm about to turn my girlfriend into a man!" Duncan played a snare drum roll, then grabbed his wand, waved it! Then he opened the cabinet & out came ERIC HUNTER in his white tuxedo! The band was stunned that Will Friedle had two roles! Eric opened the cabinet & out came Hallie! After the show, Frank apologized to Duncan after Eric's trick. The band's children thought he's a cool magician. Then the owner of Carnival Hotel @ Las Vegas offered Duncan a job to be a part of the highlight teen entertainment @ the hotel. Hallie & Duncan signed. That night @ Bow Head Stadium, Matt & Phoebe Dee rocked KC. 45 minutes later, Duncan Fletcher came out on stage wearing a white tuxedo with top hat. Girls screamed because they thought he was Eric. Duncan took his hat off & pulled out a bunny! Hallie came by & took the hat from Duncan. Then he pulled out a magic wand. "My name is Duncan Fletcher! I shall now attempt to clone myself!" Then he waved his magic wand chanting, "Abracadabra, make a clone of me. Have my twin play the tympani!" Smoke bombs went off as Eric appeared playing a tympani fanfare. Then Duncan went over to him & played the same fanfare! Eric played another tympani piece & Duncan played the same piece. Then they both played powerful drum rolls as Duncan shouted, "Ladies & gentlemen, my twin, Eric Hunter!" Fans went nuts! Eric then said, "And now, teen magician Duncan Fletcher will now make hottie musicians appear!" (Eric plays tympani drum roll as Duncan waved his wand), "Here they are, The White Angels!" A big puff of smoke happened & the band appeared playing their instruments! Duncan & Hallie were enjoying the concert backstage. After the show in their dressing room, Duncan & Hallie chilled out with the band. Hallie took a picture of Duncan & Eric together. Eric even gave Hallie a kiss. Eric grabbed Duncan's wand & said, "If this thing's real, I'd turn my build into a He-Man bod!" "ERIC!" yelled the band. Eric pointed the wand to Duncan's pants pocket. Duncan got to his wallet & found a check for $20,000 from Eric. "But how?" asked Duncan. "Magician's secret." said Eric, "You & Hallie should have something to start your new life in Vegas."