The concert tour had reached the halfway point as the motorcycle band continued driving down I-35 South in Kansas. While in Kansas, they saw a cyclone coming. "A twister, a twister!" shouted Ben. "Right foot green!" shouted Eric as the band groaned over that corny joke! And to their amazement, they saw a witch flying along the cyclone, chasing after Eric! "Mommy!" cried Eric in panic. "I'll give you Mommy you beefcake drummer, my pretty!" cried the witch, "And your tympanis too! (CACKLING)!" The cyclone came closer & closer until Eric woke up from the rest area where the band had a small picnic. "What a nightmare, there's no place like home!" he sighed. "I knew Larry would write a Wizard of Oz gag!" quipped Frank. When reaching Oklahoma City, they passed by the Washborn Guitar Factory. The plant had invited Joe, Bart & Jason for a tour & photo shoot. When they arrived @ the hotel, fans were cheering for the band, begging for autographs. Most girls surrounded Joe & Eric, some fans asked Bart & other fans wanted autographs from Fred, Ben, Victoria & Frank. No one approached Jason or Ralph. "Here we go again." complained Jason, "Everybody always likes every member of the band, except you & me. Maybe we ought to go to The Land of Misfit Fanfic Musicians." "You'll get your day someday." said Ralph, "Let's take our families up to our rooms." When Jason & Ralph went up on the elevator, Jason saw a teen reading a guitar magazine & an ad for Washborn. The slogan said, "I play Washborn or nothing." with a naked dude having his guitar @ the waist. "This gives me an idea." thought Jason, "I'll teach Joe & Bart a lesson." Hours later, Joe, Bart & Jason drove their motorcycles to the Washborn plant. They were greeted by a woman named Candace. "Hi!" she said with a perky tone, "Welcome to Washborn, fellow endorsers. My name's Candace & I'll be your tour guide. At the end, you'll be a part of our new catalog for a photo shoot." The guys got to tour the plant to see how guitars are made. First they saw a person working on the fret board smoothing it out, another making the body of the guitar. Then another worked on connecting the wires for electric guitars & one spray painting the colors for various guitars. When the tour was over, Candace directed them to the studio for the photo shoot. There, a PR gave the guys sweatpants, t-shirts & caps bearing the Washborn logo. The PR asked them to change into those outfits. Bart & Joe changed in dressing rooms, but Jason didn't. Bart & Joe were in their Washborn clothing when they heard bass guitar music. They were shocked to find Jason playing his bass nude! "Surprised?" asked Jason saying, "I play Washborn or nothing!" "Jason, are you trying to ruin our image?" asked Joe as Jason stopped playing. "I'm sick & tired of being nothing in the band." Jason complained, "Joe's the star of the band & Bart's the cover dude in Black Jazz Magazine." "Can we help it if you play bass guitar?" asked Bart, "Get dressed for the photo shoot." "Jason," Joe reasoned, "There's something you do that we let you do. Rap. You're the coolest rapper of the band, even though you can sing a little. So maybe bass guitarists aren't important to the band. Frank started out playing for a horn section & took a chance to become a leader starting The White Angels." "For someone who's not black, you sure can rap." complimented Bart. "All right, I'll change. Just let me get this bass off me." said Jason. Bart & Joe told him not to, but Jason took off his bass. Joe & Bart then saw that Jason was wearing his Guts all along. "Had you fooled, didn't I!" quipped Jason. Jason changed into his Washborn clothing & was in the studio. The PR handed each of them guitar cases & told them to open them. Jason saw a white bass guitar with his name on it. Bart opened his case & saw Bart on his new white electric guitar. Joe opened his case to find his favorite brown sunburst electric guitar that read "Joe Roman" on it. "Joe," the PR said, "This model will now be known as the Joe Roman model from Washborn." "Cool!" said Joe. So the 3 had their photo shoot wearing the Washborn clothing playing their new guitars. They even made a video that featured concert footage of them & having them play live on the video. Jason got to rap & play, Bart sang & played a solo himself & Joe got to sing & play, then played a cool guitar solo. At the waterpark concert, the band let Jason have the stage rapping & playing his bass guitar. Girls were screaming over Jason. After the song, Jason had Ralph play an organ solo & sing.